Monday, July 18, 2011

ASMR is now on Wikipedia

I was kind of shocked to see this yesterday evening when I was online. I happened to be over on the ASMR Facebook Group, when I read a post on the wall. It appears that at some point recently, a page dedicated to ASMR was put up on Wikipedia.

The subject has come up several times in the past on “when will there be a page about this on Wikipedia?”. I had avoided doing this in the past as I was rather sure that Wikipedia, with its “high” standards and moderation, would probably take anything ASMR-related down, seeing as it hasn’t been thoroughly researched. But it turns out that this hasn’t happened yet. The article is considered as a “stub” however, in its present state, but according to at least one other community member, it’s looking better since the last time he or she visited it.

All we have to hope for is that the article doesn’t get taken down.

I commented on this discovery on Facebook and Twitter, and as I explained before, I’ve been out of the loop, so to speak, and I’m still getting back up to speed with some things after my hiatus back in May and June. For instance, I need to re-subscribe to all the news feeds I was following in the past regarding ASMR. I was much more "on the ball" a while back.

Apparently it was started by an unknown individual, and I've since learned that Envelope, AKA Jenn, actually expanded on the existing Wikipedia page. I don't know long ago it was put up (from my estimate, within the last month and a half). If you are reading this, and are responsible or know something about it, make sure to leave a comment. I’m glad that some within the community are putting in some extra effort. I just need to know the exact details – I’m sure others would too.

For the time being, check out the article, and maybe even pitch in and add something if you think it’s necessary. I’ll be adding the link to my Hotspots section here on the blog, as well as all other appropriate places, like the HubPages article, probably.

From here, I was thinking that we might also start a place on Wikia or something similar, where you can have more than one page - a whole wiki, as it were - and really go more in depth on a lot of things.


  1. So there's a Wikipedia page on "God", shouldn't it too be taken down for "lack of scientific evidence" then? (No, I'm not advocating removing any page on God, just trying to make a point.)

    1. Yes you're right! Mankind always needs something to grab, touch or see. Nothing else exists. Can we ever move away from this dogma? I'm tired always to fight people who only believe in what they see...


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