Saturday, February 13, 2010

Welcome to The Unnamed Feeling, AKA the Tingling Blog

Yes, The Unnamed Feeling was inspired by Metallica's single from their album, St. Anger, called "The Unnamed Feeling". But it only has a little to do with music. This blog is going to become a destination for a sensation that is seemingly unnamed.

Have you ever listened to someone talk or something and you get this tingling sensation in your head? That's what this blog is about. I've come across some places where you can learn a little more about this sensation. Trying to search for this on the internet is difficult, but there are some places, albeit in limited number.

Right now I'm in the process of setting up the blog, and I'll get round to posting more, including some sound clips and videos where you can see if you experience this feeling. It's nearly indescribable, but an incredibly good sensation.


  1. You got brain cancer, bro. Get medical help.

    And stop making pointless blogs.

    1. You have no idea what you're talking about. Stop speaking out about things you clearly do not understand.

  2. I somehow doubt that I have brain cancer - because you're not just addressing me, you're talking to thousands if not millions of people across the globe that have the same experiences.

    And you are far too arrogant for your own good if you - a small, insignificant individual - think that you can diagnose something like this, which not even qualified medical professionals have been able to do.

    As for your other comment, I'll stop doing that... if you stop leaving pointless, ignorant comments.

    Good day, boy.

  3. To Anon and others considering the same: that might be a compelling argument if Andrew was alone, and his experience was recent only. However, he isn't - as he said, there are thousands if not more of us experiencing what he describes throughout this blog. While some form of brain cancer or other physical or mental malady might account for a percentage, many have experienced this sensation since childhood, making it very unlikely that it would continue without other symptoms into late adulthood and further (we have all age ranges in our group). If it was a malignant disease of some form, it would probably demonstrate some other symptoms as it progressed. If it is some sort of unknown *benign* disease, well, you wish had it, *grin* - it's really damn good.

  4. It's not a troll. It's just someone who doesn't have ASMR and thus, like some people do when they don't understand something, feel the need to say we are delusional (or have brain bugs in this case)
    I <3 ASMR!!!

  5. This blog isn't useless at all, really. I spent over a year trying to find some kind of answer for what I was experiencing (because honestly there are VERY few answers out there because there has been almost no research conducted on it) and finally I found this blog, which lead me to discover many other resources. I think you're just jealous that we "suffer" from something so utterly delightful, really. ;)

  6. The ass who said to quit making pointless blogs is an ass. I have this feeling yet i experience it in my upper back and not in my head. It comes from listening to videos on youtube such as watching people write, sounds of cutting paper, or "whisper" videos. Here is a link of each:

  7. It's happened to me since I was a kid and it's exquisite! If you don't experience you should be wishing you do.

  8. I know exactly what you are talking about. I am 56 and have had it from time to time since I was a child. It happened today when I watched my assistant put Diet Cokes into the refrigerator. Carefully, turning the labels, making sure it was just right. I was pretending to be reading but was having the euphoric head tingles. It also has happened when the tuner came to tune my piano. I sat in the next room and just rode the wave, listing to him tink tink tink and had waves and waves of it. I used to get them in a factory I worked in. I operated this huge machine in a textile mill, and when one of the ladies would come to "blow out" the creel (the huge frame holding the bobbins) I would stand at my machine and watch her, and just ride the wave, feeling the tingles go in waves, mainly across my head. It comes as a surprise to me, and goes away much too easily. Pure euphoria. If I try to focus on it and prolong it, it fades away. I have to relax and "let" it happen. For me, it happens mostly when someone is doing something for me. Purely non-sexual, but the nicest feeling you could ever have. And it's nice to know other people have this too.

    1. Yes!I get the feeling, too! and had never thought to find out if anybody else does! Came across an article on FB today. I get it when someone is doing something very lovingly or respectfully, not even directly to me.

      The one time I can remember getting it when I was a child, my aunt was lovingly brushing my stuffed animal's fur. Just the careful love of something that I loved gave me that feeling.

      If someone pets my dogs in a very loving way, I get that feeling.

  9. I experience the same thing, and I think it has to do with a heightened sense of learning/memory.

    I first experienced it at the doctor's while getting a checkup. As my glands are checked and while my breathing is monitored by a stethoscope are the two most heightened points. I have experienced the feeling two times in class during lectures in which I was very interested. I say it is linked with learning, because I often feel as if I am being taught while the experience arises, and I never forget what I was told during an experience. Whether it's solely the emotion connected to the feeling that makes things memorable or something about the physiology of the feeling itself, im not certain, but i'd like to think the latter.

    I have discovered one way to evoke the feeling instantly, watching massage instructionals on youtube. It will always occur, and sometimes can come and go several minutes at a time. I have had the feeling spread over my whole body a handful of times, and it was quite amazing. In my opinion, it is the greatest pleasure one can experience. The relaxed euphoria is so intense I seek it every night before sleep by watching these massage videos. I could probably get my massage licence!

  10. My sister and I have experienced this since we were young and whispered nonsense to each other to reproduce the effect. I love it and always hope I will hear a voice or sound that will trigger it. I've found that Dianne Wiest's voice and similar soft spoken voices have that affect on me. Kinda nice to know other people have the same thing.

  11. Wonderful to know this happens with other people. I mentioned it to some friends and was laughed out of the place. I've experienced it since I was about 5 years old when I watched a classmate drawing, something about his gentle hand movements. The next time I recall was when I had my first eye test and from then on it's been soothing voices. I can watch tv and totally zone out. I only discovered the syndrome yesterday and I'm really pleased I'm not alone. And what do I say to those who think this is mad? Well I say I feel very, very sorry for them indeed.

  12. Until, yesterday I thought this happened to everyone! when I searched on yahoo there were only 33k results, nothing really for the net. My wife is going to think I'm weird when I try and explain it to her!

  13. I just found out today that this has a name and I have it. Thank you Mashable. I have literally called 1-800 Dentist to listen to their patient questions to reproduce the same feeling. Am I weird? I also own several Bob Ross DVD's, bought them because of the way they make me feel and to help sleep at night. I never knew this was a "thing". I'm about to start a ASMR support group in LA.


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