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If you have any files that you have uploaded to the internet, then send me a link via comments or e-mail, and it could end up here in the archive. Just please don't send the file by e-mail. The link will do fine, thanks. MediaFire is pretty good for keeping files, so I'll likely download it, and depending on how big the file is, I'll add it to the public or shared folder there.

If you've recorded a video clip, then upload it to YouTube, and then send me the link so I can find it, or else you could also send it to a filehost. Just make sure you own the copyright to the sample or have permission to use/upload it online.




    Any of these whisper videos are Head Tingles! wow


    When he is showing the violin before playing it


  4. This video was great for me:

  5. I used to think I was the only one with this. I thought I was a freak of nature or something. I'm glad to see I'm not. I'm not sure if everyone gets the reaction the same way I do, but I figured I'd share a video that works for me.


    This video did it for me. Never heard of ASMR before. Now I search video's like these every day.

  7. I have always had ASMR. And until various months ago, I merely thought I was simply odd. Thankfully, many people have it and dedicate time to it. Including delicious videos I can watch and get tingly from. As well as helping me sleep when I suffer from Insomania. Thanks to those above, and some of the commenters, for the work they put into it all.


    Its the robo-rainbow vid. a man makes a machine that spray can's a rainbow on wallks. Its a bike and you watch him put it all together with just the natural clicking sounds. Lovely.


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