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"Ask not what we can do for you; ask what you can do for the community!" 

- We need volunteers for the video trials

Soon we will be launching video experiments over at the ASMR Research and Support website, and we need volunteers to help us with the study.

Whether you experience Type A ASMR, Type B, both, or don't experience at all but know what it's about, and are interested in forwarding the research effort, then go over to the main site, and click on the "Research" tab. Here there is a write-up explaining what will be required of you, and below that is a form. I've outlined this in a post here on the blog. Fill in your details if you wish to participate and then await further instruction from the team.

The trials are scheduled to take place by the end of the month. No word on an end date yet though.

Basically these experiments just consist of watching YouTube videos and answering a bunch of questions relating to it afterwards. Sounds easy? Well, then what are you waiting for?

Thanks for your help.

Update: The second trial has yet to commence, but keep your applications coming in. Fingers crossed we get it up and running some time in the near future!

- We're recruiting for new team members

As I referred to in this post, we currently need some team members to fill positions in the "Outreach Agent" and the newly created "Advisor" roles.

In short, for Advisors: if you have a medical or scientific background, then leave a comment or email me with your details such as name, website URL or email so we can reach you somehow. Allow me some time to check my email, and to confer with my colleagues too, please.

Outreach Agents are needed on continents such as South America, North America (US and Canada), Australia, Asia, and so on. Their tasks are to look for interested people on the net such as in forums and so on and inform them of the various websites in the ASMR Network, as well as generally interact with the community and other such PR-related duties. You don't need any professional qualifications, but it would help if you have some basic internet savvy.

Only serious applications will be considered. If you're willing to invest some time and effort into the community and projects that revolve around the ASMR Network, then we'd like to hear from you. Otherwise, you're very welcome to be apart of the community as a whole.

- Participation in the ASMR forums

If you haven't heard, last month the new ASMR forums over at the ASMR Research and; Support website were started up. Okay, so it's been only a week or so, and there are a few posts up there, but with only four people posting so far, myself included.

We know there are more of you out there registering on the forums, because it's visible in the statistics, so don't be shy: stop ghosting, and join in! Nobody's going to snap at you. We're going to do our best to make sure this doesn't turn into your average online forum where it turns in to a place for trolls, elitists, or spammers to congregate. There's a separate forum thread there for them.

We know that there's the Facebook ASMR group with the discussion threads and so on, but this one is more your run of the mill forum, and all we ask is that you stop by, register if you haven't all ready done so, and just start a thread, or post in an existing one.


- Contribute to the ASMR Wikipedia page

The Wikipedia page was put up again not too long ago and has been significantly updated by Devon King. All I ask is that if you have anything relevant that you can add, please do so. Please don't edit the Wikipedia page for the sake of vandalism, however.

- Contribute to ASMR Radio

The newly launched website ASMR Radio needs people to submit material. So if you have podcasts, songs, or anything you think may be of interest to the ASMR community, then please be sure to upload it. Note that uploads are restricted to 10 MB per file, and will be screened before they are put on air, so no offensive content or copyrighted material that you don't have the right to use, please. Files must be compatible with the service and must be audio files, not video. I would suggest mp3. That should be fine. The audio quality is up to you to decide on, but you'll likely get a longer audio duration with something like 128 kbps than 320 kbps, keeping in mind that 10 MB is your limit.

If you wish to be a host on the show, then make sure to contact the webmaster via email, or drop in at the ASMR Radio Facebook group and talk with Whispering Weaver in particular.

Update: ASMR Radio has been closed. In its place is ASMR Island.

- Enter the Logo and Research contests over at ASMR Research and Support

ASMR Research and Support is hosting two competitions. You can help aid us with our Kickstarter project and future research by submitting images for the logo competitions and an essay for the research competition.

For the rules of both competitions, make sure to head on over to ASMR Research and Support’s contest page for more details, or our Facebook page.

- Apply for a volunteer spot in the ASMR fMRI study

An fMRI study is taking place in Feb/Mar of 2013, and volunteers who experience ASMR are needed. Read this post and then contact Bryson at bryson(dot)c(dot)lochte(at)dartmouth(dot)edu for more details.

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