Tuesday, September 3, 2013

ASMR Community Update: August 2013

Welcome to the August edition of the ASMR Community Update. It was quiet for the first half of the month, but in this last week or two, there has been a sudden surge of articles appearing.

Lauren Fenton, a well known ASMArtist has been working on a huge resource of information titled “The Genesis of a Subculture of ASMR”, mainly dedicated to covering the ASMR Youtube/ ASMR Whisper community. If you have any suggestions for pioneers in said community, she welcomes you to inform her and she’ll add your suggestions.

An article popped up on rue89.com. It’s written in French so Google Translate will likely be needed for those of you who don’t speak it as a first language.

Another article was featured over on Canada.com.

Wyso.org also had a post up about finding the ASMR community.

GayStarNews interviewed Toni Bomboni, an ASMArtist, on his thoughts regarding YouTube trolls, and how he copes with them. My personal thoughts risk getting involved here, but seeing as this is very common among YouTube video makers, I feel I should say something. The most important thing I think one can do is to not let their voices be heard. People who run YouTube channels can always disable comments (people who really care and want to provide feedback can send a private message, email, or contact them on Facebook or Twitter), and report trolls for their behaviour. And on the topic of death threats – report this to the authorities who specialise in cybercrime, because that is no doubt very serious and the same goes for hacking of accounts. That goes beyond trolling and in to the realm of criminality. Don’t engage trolls, because that’s what they want. They win if you do. And they also win if nobody does anything. I also understand that trigger videos end up getting flagged as inappropriate or get a number of dislikes – these are anonymous unfortunately, and I think in the interests of transparency, YouTube should actually change this, because it is very obviously open to abuse.

Electric Feast conducted a live interview with Heather Feather, a well known ASMArtist. A video clip of this is available on YouTube. Heather also wrote about the experience on her blog.

There was an ASMR survey that was launched on Survey Monkey and linked to on Reddit this month.

Just thought I would pop this in, while we’re on the subject: Reddit has without a doubt one of the most active ASMR communities around, and recently they celebrated exceeding 50 000 subscribers! They came up with a mascot for the occasion – and if you thought that it was inspired by one favourite fuzzy-haired artist, well, then you are in fact correct!

Edentech Solutions announced on Twitter that the latest version of the popular RelaxTube app for iOS, v 2.0.8 is now available.

There haven’t been any updates as far as I’m aware about the results of the ASMR study conducted at Dartmouth earlier this year, but I did come across an interesting story elsewhere. It seems that another unrelated study that has the aim of investigating Goosebumps is under way. Now in the past Goosebumps has caused a bit of controversy, because many people assume that ASMR is simply Goosebumps. But a lot of people who experience ASMR will tell you that although Goosebumps may accompany ASMR events, they aren’t technically the same thing. It’s only one of the possible physical reactions (and perhaps some don’t experience it at all). Generally Goosebumps is linked to cold or negative emotions which result as a reaction to scary or thrilling situations, such as fear, which doesn’t really describe ASMR at all. Still, it would be interesting to know more about it, seeing as nobody has really gone in-depth when it comes to Goosebumps before. Sound familiar? Here’s the official website for more info.

Lastly, I’d like to make all ASMArtists aware of the strong possibility that your videos have been downloaded and uploaded elsewhere, most likely to other YouTube channels. Now sometimes this is done by someone in all innocence who isn’t aware of the fact that it is copyright infringement and against YouTube TOS. Other times it most definitely is done in the hopes of attracting subscribers and possibly monetizing these videos. Now even though others might spot your videos on these channels, it is your responsibility in the end to file DMCA take down notices. Flagging the video most likely won’t be enough, while reporting people for displaying ads on copyrighted content might well do the trick. This rampant theft has grown exponentially over time to the point where I am seeing stolen content almost every day while searching for ASMR videos – and not just on YouTube. People often discuss this in a number of ASMR groups, most prominently in a group called ASMR Technical Exchange – which would be the right place to talk about it if you need help with how to approach this situation if it has indeed happened to you.


  1. Hi I've had these sensations all my life. Can anyone tell me if they to can have these waves of asmr by just thinking? It's taken me awhile but I can make these tingling sensation go from my left side or right, half way down or all the way to my legs and how strong the sensation is. its like a electric wave one after the other and I can hold the sensation in one part of the body for awhile till I let go, it always starts at the head. it helps me to relax or helps me when im at threat to calm down. Can someone tell me if others control it and if it is used for meditation?

    1. Yes. It can be controlled, and is known as ASMR type A. I have found (and others have noted) that practicing meditation helps with being able to control these "sensations." I actually consider controlling these sensations as a form of meditation. Several years after I realized I could control this "energy," I searched the internet and came across this thread where many people report being able to control it: http://soulpancake.com/conversations/view/24759/can-you-give-yourself-goosebumps.html. Many people also describe controlling it here: http://www.thenakedscientists.com/forum/index.php?topic=428.0.

      I can corroborate that this is a real phenomenon, as it's not just normal goosebumps from being cold or someone scratching a chalk board. ASMR is likely the same as Chi, Kundalini, Prana, etc (different names for the same phenomenon). If it is the same, that would mean that many believe that meditation is the means to be able to access and control this energy and is a part of spiritual development.

      Indeed, feels like waves of energy passing throughout the body, normally originating from the brainstem area, as many people describe in the latter thread, but others say they can focus and have it originate wherever they focus. The energy can also be passed throughout different parts of the body or kept in a certain area with intent and by focusing (perhaps mentally or spiritually).

      I personally feel that there is something deeper to it (spiritual) than just a physical response from something and learning to be able to control an autonomous bodily function (like lowering your heartbeat). I doubt science will ever be able to confirm this, since they would just be chasing effects/byproducts of the energy, not the cause, i.e. some physical brain function/synapses firing that causes the nervous system to respond in a way to create the symptoms/effects of this energy - the materialist reductionist approach. Would be interesting to have a full body type EEG to see if it can pick up the "wave(s)" passing throughout the body; still not sure what type of vibration it is, e.g. kinetic, electromagnetic, biological responses (maybe metabolism related?). I agree that it would be nice if more reputable research would be done on ASMR type A...

      Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have been able to trigger an same by visualizing someonebraiding or playing with my hair...doesnt always work but sometimes


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