Wednesday, July 31, 2013

ASMR Community Update: July 2013

Welcome to the July edition of the ASMR Community Update. This month may or may not have been a little more sparse than we’ve been used to for most of this year so far, but at least one or two big things happened. So let’s get to it!

Among the articles I came upon, was one over on a blog at the Houston Press. This tended to focus more on music-induced ASMR.

Lifehack had a piece which delved in to using ASMR to reduce stress.

The ASMR Film Project, now titled Tingly Sensation: The ASMR Story, landed on Kickstarter this month, and in just a few weeks it has reached its target amount of  $9800! So it looks like it’s going to be that much closer to being finished and released now that it has the funding. A bigger teaser trailer was released this month to coincide with the Kickstarter launch.

Whispering Weaver and TheWaterwhispers Ilse are in the UK as part of the ASMR World Tour, and would love to invite all those interested to participate in two documentaries, which will be preceded by a meet and greet. A public event page was launched on Facebook, stating that the meetup will take place on Monday, August 5, and the film shoot at the YouTube Studios in London on Tuesday, August 6. A mini-documentary about the ASMR community from the perspective of ASMRtists will be filmed, as well as a shoot for the Braingasm documentary, directed by Lindsey Ragone. This may be followed by a video collaboration if time allows.

Be sure to visit the event page linked to above or contact Whispering Weaver on Facebook if you’d like more information on the event and if you’d like to attend. It’s RSVP only, so not just anyone can attend. You have to book a place (it’s free to do so) and only then will you be given exact details as far as location, times, and itinerary go.

A national publicly-funded TV station in Sydney, Australia (SBS TV) wants to get in contact with anyone in said city who would be interested in participating in an interview to be used in an ASMR documentary. I’m not quite certain what the progress is on the documentary, but if you’re in Sydney, and willing to talk about ASMR, then contact for more information.

A survey was created that delves in to not only ASMR, but Frisson and Synaesthesia. It has been translated in to several languages, and last I checked it had a few hundred respondents. When the survey reaches its goal of 1000 respondents, then the results of the survey will be released. Remember that all answers are anonymous, so if you can spare a bit of time, try it out.

A new version of the ASMR iOS app was released, by Sassou Studios. Version 3 (now updated to version 3.1) features a new look, and has 25 HD sounds for you to listen to, as well as the ability to record your own. It also allows you to download any video you watch so you can view it in offline, and videos can even be converted to audio files so you can just listen to your favourite trigger videos if you like. The app is about 52 MB and costs $3.99.

And lastly, Heather Feather, an ASMRtist, underwent surgery this month, so if we could all just wish her well, perhaps by way of sending her an email or a private message, I’m sure she’d appreciate it.

On that note, I’d like to wish you all well for the coming month, and see you back here at the end of it.

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