Friday, March 15, 2013

ASMR Poll: ASMR and Insomnia

Insomnia is another long-standing topic of discussion in the community. It turns out, after looking through posts on Twitter, tumblr, Facebook etc., that quite a number of people use trigger videos on YouTube to help them overcome this disorder or other sleep issues and to get some much needed rest.

There are also apps out there, several of them free, that aim to aid in the quest for sleep by reducing the brightness on one’s monitor while watching videos – seeing as the brightness level of the monitor could be partially responsible for the lack of sleep, (it’s somehow tied in to the production of melatonin) – while others have a timer, so that trigger videos or sounds will stop playing after a while so as to prevent you from being woken up after you’ve just drifted off. Anyone who has ever had a relaxing session interrupted by a loud ad on YouTube should know what I’m on about!

It wasn’t too long ago that I was contacted by a journalist who wanted to do a story on ASMR and its potential use as a treatment for certain ailments including insomnia. I thought it would be interesting to have this as the subject for this new poll. So let’s look at the options that will be available for you to vote for. This poll will be different from past ones, because you can vote for multiple options.

This poll is open to both ASMR experiencers and non-experiencers. Even if you do not get ASMR, you may still be interested in voting on some of the options here.

And the nominees… erm, I mean options are:

  1. I suffer from insomnia, and do not experience ASMR
  2. I experience ASMR, and do not suffer from insomnia
  3. I experience ASMR and suffer from insomnia
  4. I believe ASMR and insomnia are somehow related – perhaps ASMR is a symptom of insomnia; insomniacs are more likely to experience ASMR or vice versa
  5. I don’t believe ASMR and insomnia are connected at all
  6. I actively use ASMR triggers of any sort to help induce sleep
  7. I do not use ASMR triggers of any sort to help induce sleep
  8. ASMR helps me overcome insomnia and sleep
  9. ASMR does not help my insomnia at all

The poll is available on the sidebar to the right, and will be open until the 14th of June, expiring after approximately 3 months, or 90 days. Any comments you wish to leave to support your choice(s) can of course be left on this post.

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