Thursday, January 31, 2013

ASMR Community Update: January 2013

Hello again and welcome to the end of the month update. So what happened this month? Quite a bit it turns out. Let’s have a look:

A new version of the ASMR mobile app for iOS was released. It’s now up to version 1.3. I received a newsletter from Sassou Studio, the developer, at the beginning of the month confirming this.

ASMR Sounds, another app for iOS which launched last month, now has its own channel on YouTube, with a demonstration video of the app.

Th3HazySea launched a video response contest on YouTube, which received a few entries. The winner should be announced soon, probably by the time you read this. launched a poll, for people to vote for the best ASMR videos of 2012.

A small survey was drafted and put up on Survey Monkey. This survey delves in to ASMR as well as frisson and other possibly related conditions and sensory phenomena.

Whisper Hub started collecting opinions from people after drafting several questions and putting them up online in several places, with the aim of writing an eBook, which aims to answer questions people may have about ASMR, and to raise awareness. The profits will go towards the running costs of

A new meetup group was started, this time in Miami Valley, Ohio. Anybody who is interested can sign up over at

Once again, there were no new articles online that I could find, but Nicholas Tufnell, who published an article on ASMR on the Huffington Post’s website last year, recently published a post about ASMR on his own blog which might be worth a read.

I think the lack of any new articles online was surely put aside after we learnt of the long awaited return of ASMR Island!

And finally, ASMR is recognised as a meme by many people, and this helps to promote its popularity. So say hello to the ASMR Unicorn! The unicorn was chosen as a mascot (besides Bob Ross) for ASMR seeing as both have the same sort of mythical status about them – or at least some people claim ASMR to be a myth. Quite apt, I’d say. Wouldn’t you?

And that is all that took place in January 2013. Judging by what went on this month alone, I think 2013 is going to be yet another eventful year!

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  1. I am a new ASMRtist and looking to get my work out to the community at large. If you would like to check out my work you can view it here:
    It's a soft-spoken tutorial on how to make chainmail. Let me know what you think and if it triggers you. Thank you for your time. ~ASMRsenal


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