Monday, January 7, 2013

ASMR Community Update: December 2012

I’m posting this in early January. I know, but I wasn’t around for the past week or two  over the holidays, as I took some time off. I hope you all had a happy holiday!

This then, is the December edition of the monthly community update.

In the past I’ve spoken about how great the website Soundcloud is. It’s a bit like YouTube, but obviously on Soundcloud it’s audio only. There’s no video. And people who listen to tracks posted to Soundcloud can even mark moments on a track – which can come in handy for marking times where an ASMR event takes place.

The website has risen in popularity over the past while with several users there submitting ASMR relaxation tracks and the like. I saw this month that an ASMR group has been launched on Soundcloud. This could mark the opportunity for a new ASMR presence online, and might become the home of many great things, like podcasts, whisper tracks and even instrumental music tracks that all intend to talk about or trigger ASMR.

Speaking of which, a podcast hosted on Soundcloud was made by ashellinthepit, a sound designer, where he spoke about the results of some studies he conducted, analysing asmrtists’ speech patterns on YouTube. He even went on to release his findings in the form of a Google Doc spread sheet.

David, a sound recording professional, asked people on Reddit and Facebook what sounds they would like to hear recorded so they could then play them back to their hearts’ content, and got a whole lot of requests. He then went about recording these and uploaded the results to his YouTube channel. You can probably still get a hold of him on either Facebook, Reddit, or YouTube, and put in a request.

Ephemeral Rift started his own project to try and get suggestions for sounds to be used in a 60 minute feature for his YouTube channel.

A new ASMR app was just released this month. It’s called ASMR Sounds and will work with iPods, iPhones and iPads, although naturally it’s optimised for the iPhone 5. You can grab it off of iTunes. There’s also this page on Facebook dedicated to the app. This app joins at least one other app on iTunes and not to mention there’s two or three over at the Android marketplace.

The official ASMR Research & Support forum now has a new subforum, which welcomes those with a scientific or medical background.

Research & Support held two contests that ran right from early November until the end of December. The original submission period for both contests is therefore over, although we are thinking of possibly extending it, to get as many entries as we can. We hope to put the logos and essays to good use in determining which direction to take with research, and to bolster the Kickstarter funding project. Thanks to everyone who entered!

Another project that needs funding is a new indie game, with an ASMR twist, in development called Blind Man’s Buff. It aims to explore binaural audio, and the developer wants to market it to both sighted and blind gamers. The project is hosted on Indiegogo, similar to Kickstarter, and is open to receive funds until February 19, 2013. The total amount needed to fund the project is $75 000. If the total is reached, then Evan Morrison, the developer, will hopefully have it ready for release in December, 2013. It will likely be up for purchase on Steam when finished. There are incentives for those who donate. A $25 donation will net you a copy of the game when released; $75 will get you a copy of the game’s soundtrack, and lastly $1000 will grant you a site licence.

There weren’t any news articles that I could find published this month, but there was a blog post over at, written by Joshua Hudelson, a Ph.D. student in the music department at NYU.

Not long to go until the January end of month update! Thanks for reading.

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