Monday, December 17, 2012

Another New ASMR App for iOS Released

No, I’m not referring to the ASMR app that was released a while back that we have up for grabs in our two contests. This one was just released this week.

It’s called ASMR Sounds and will work with iPods, iPhones and iPads, although naturally it’s optimised for the latest iPhone, the iPhone 5.

The app boasts a personalised ASMR experience, with 70 high quality sounds, all in 7 different categories, such as “tapping sounds”, “eating sounds”, “nature sounds”, “crinkling sounds”, and the favourite of many but not all: whispering. You can play sounds on their own, or combine them, and not to mention you can adjust the speed and the volume – presumably without having to alter the volume of the iPhone itself. There’s nothing worse than missing your alarm because you turned down the volume too much!

You can also save and load playlists, set timers (probably so the app stops playing after a while, say after you’ve fallen asleep, and you don’t run down your battery – that would be my guess), and you can use the app in the background while doing other stuff. And ASMR Sounds is a native app, requiring no Wi-Fi connection, meaning no ads whatsoever. For those of you out there who absolutely hate ads interfering with your YouTube experience, this app was seemingly designed with you in mind.

You can grab it off of iTunes. There’s also this page on Facebook dedicated to the app. It’s a bit steeper than the other ASMR apps I’ve seen so far, costing $5.99, but it looks to be a very good quality product. It’s also quite weighty at nearly 70 MB. There's no trial version for the time being, and no word so far on whether there will be one, either. The Android version of this app is still in development according to Oz Halpern, the developer.

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