Saturday, August 18, 2012

ASMR Awareness Music Album to be Released This Year

Towards the end of last year, Hailey Rose released a Christmas themed music album. What makes her new and upcoming album so special is that it is part of an ASMR awareness campaign.

The album is dedicated to the ASMR community, and Hailey has decided to donate partial profits from the album for the specific purpose of researching ASMR, even considering ASMR Research & Support as the donatee. She reckons that seeing as it is a naturally occurring phenomenon, it may be used as a form of alternative medicine or therapy – this may be its potential purpose. I liken it to how cats purr not only because they are content, but for other reasons too, such as to heal themselves.

The album is titled Lucid Dreams (Lucid Dreaming is another topic of discussion that often crops up within the ASMR community), and is scheduled for this Fall, or Q3 2012. Subscribers will receive first access when the album is released. Currently Hailey claims that she wants more community participation in the album. So she wants people to record sounds and send them in, preferably in wav or high quality mp3 format, to be incorporated in some way in to the songs. Or you could stop by her website and give suggestions or feedback on the album or donate.

Seeing as a portion of the profits will go towards funding future ASMR research efforts, which is what most of us want more than anything else, please consider doing one of the three things above in order to contribute in some fashion towards the development of the album. I’ll also add a fourth thing you can all do, and that is to spread the word! Whether you share this blog post by way of a link, or blog about it yourself, tweet about it – let’s get the word out.


  1. I am a music producer (mostly electronic/hip hop/glitch hop), and experience ASMR. I only recently (days ago) discovered it's a 'thing' that is named, and that others experience it. What a revelation! In any case, it answers why I've quite often used 'wet' and 'oily/clicky' sounds in my music. I find most of the ASMR triggers I experience (sound-wise), occur in the 700-1200 Hertz range. That's also where nail-tapping, rain drops, and some whispering occurs.

    I'm at Check out the songs 'how do you make it so wet' and 'fixing wishes,' both of which have many of these sounds in them.

    I actually am going to be doing a song pinted directly at that sound/experience, and I'll see what I come up with!

    I'm at


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