Monday, June 25, 2012

ASMR Radio Closes Down, Revamp Will be up Soon

Over at the ASMR Radio Facebook Group, Whispering Weaver made a somewhat sad announcement: ASMR Radio is closing down this month – just three months after its original launch. Its first official broadcast was on International ASMR Day – the 9th of April, 2012.

ASMR Radio offers live broadcasts, promoting ASMR whisper artists. In addition to its hosts, the service also offers the community a chance to submit their own content which, after review, may be aired online.

Whispering Weaver, otherwise known as The Weave, or Weave for short, cites poor maintenance as the main reason why the project is shutting down. In its three month lifespan it has suffered several technical issues. In the past, Weave said that donations received from the public would ensure that upgrades to the service could be applied. This will take place chiefly, it seems, in the next few weeks while ASMR Radio is offline. The service is moving to a new server, among other changes. A more reliable, stable service is promised with the future incarnation. There will also be a stronger focus on community-submitted content.

So if all goes well, ASMR Radio should be online again in July. Registered members will receive notification via email when everything is good to go. There will of course be progress updates on the ASMR Radio Facebook group, and probably on the other ASMR Facebook groups, and some select ASMR presences online, too.

Monday, June 11, 2012

An ASMR Video-Seeking App Coming Soon

A while back I reported here on the blog that there was an ASMR app for up for grabs. That app was basically a sound generator that helped induce ASMR, particularly in Type B ASMR experiencers. There’s a demo and a full version of the app in question, both over at the Android marketplace.

This new app, called the ASMR Community app, which is in development, and soon to be released, is designed to make finding ASMR videos online easier. The app is geared towards mobile users and the main platform will be Android, just like the first known app spoken of above, but an iPhone version is also on the cards. It is yet to be revealed if there will be a demo version, and how much the paid for version (if there is one) will go for.

The maker of this app has his own YouTube channel, where he currently has a video showcasing a demonstration video of the app at work.

It will be interesting to see how this app works, and how (if at all) it will differentiate from intentional and unintentional trigger videos. From watching the video there seems to be at least a few different options, filters, and the like so you can sort videos by date, most viewed, etc. It seems to rely on keywords or tags, that are in the title.

So perhaps if you have exhausted the resource of all known trigger videos, and are always on the hunt for new and fresh ones to trigger you, this may be the app to own.

I will post updates here as I find out more.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

ASMR TV Group and YouTube Channel Launched

Earlier on this year the subject of an ASMR TV project was discussed. This tied in with the multimedia discussions including podcasts and radio, all on the ASMR Facebook group. It was stated that YouTube would be about the perfect place for a project like this to exist – seeing as most people who create ASMR videos call it home anyway. Everything is set out for you, so a lot of the hard work is done. Just create your videos, edit them, upload them (maybe edit them on YouTube) and release them to the public, and put them in playlists.

Ephemeral Rift, the individual who launched the ASMR Project, which now has its first theme, has also started another group on Facebook, called ASMR TV. There’s a YouTube channel which is linked to this.

The goal of ASMR TV, according to him, is to put every single ASMR video in to categories to showcase on the YouTube channel. This seems to mainly cater to trigger videos made by ASMR artists – so they may gain more exposure. In other words, intentional trigger videos. The possibility of an ASMR TV show, similar to something akin to ASMR Radio is also being debated. Here you could have interviews, news, and others segments all catering to ASMR!

It’s certainly an ambitious project, so if you’re interested in helping out, drop in over at the ASMR TV Facebook group and sign up!

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