Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Let’s be Social: Meetups In Your Area

On the Facebook ASMR Group the other day, I noticed a discussion that started on the wall. Shaun, one of the admins, came up with a Scottish ASMR community meet up idea. Now you may think this a bit odd, but the UK is one of the biggest contributors to the ASMR community, second only to the USA. It seems that even though the group has reached 3000 members, there’s still the need to interact with people in a face-to-face situation. Consider that most of us haven’t even met someone personally who knows what we’re on about when or if  we dare to bring up the subject.

So far, however, most if not all of our communication has been online.

So, what do we do? The answer, which has been pointed out by several of our Facebook group members over time, is to try some meetups. They can take place online initially, where you get to know another member of the group. From there, you could even try meeting in real life. This could start out as a one-on-one meeting – just casual, nothing too formal - and you could even begin to discuss your favourite topic (no points for guessing what that is!).

Rdj meetup june2011

The next step could be a small group meeting (the term need not be restricted to get-togethers for religious purposes), if you can find others in your city or town. You can find out someone’s country and/or city of residence by looking at their Facebook page, or other social networking website profiles (you might have to friend them first depending on their privacy settings). Or else you can ask them by contacting them – but at least introduce yourself before attempting this. Maybe a discussion could be set up on the Facebook wall where people can tell each other where they’re from (you shouldn’t give direct street addresses – a country or city is enough initially). There’s a map in the docs section of the Facebook group where people can pin their approximate location. A thread could also be started on the forum, under “introductions”, perhaps. You only have to leave a post or comment if you wish to participate. Nobody will force you. There are those who wouldn’t ever want to meet up with someone they met online in real life for various reasons. That’s completely understandable. It’s entirely up to you.

Another good method of setting something up would be to use There’s all ready an event for a meetup in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. You could use the service to create a meetup in your area, too.

You’ll obviously need to settle on an agreed meeting place and time – this could be your house, or if you’re not yet that comfortable with the idea, rather try a public place; a coffee shop or some such. This is the recommended route to take, I would think.

There’s very little chance that all 3000 members are ever going to meet up anywhere, all at the same time. That would be chaotic – organizing such an event, the venue and all that. So these small group or one-on-one personal meetings are some nice alternatives. Who knows? You could make some new friends (you all have something in common all ready), or even something more than that.

With any sort of arrangement such as these, just remember to be cautious. I’m sure most, if not all of the ASMR group are nice, decent people (like the personality tests, and the like, carried out in the past would indicate), but just keep personal safety in mind. First meet in a public place. If you don’t like each other, then you don’t know where the other party(s) lives (and they don’t know where you reside either, hopefully), apart from being in the same city or country somewhere – and you don’t have to meet them again. If things go well, then perhaps try another meet, and get comfortable with the other person(s) before actually inviting them to your house.

If you try these meetings out, then make sure to tell us about it on Facebook or one one of our network sites, like the forum. We want to know how things went!

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