Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The ASMR Project: Trigger Video Compilations

Last week I was invited to a new group that was created by Ephemeral Rift. This group is known as The ASMR Project. There’s also a website linked to this group.

What is the ASMR Project all about then, you may ask?

Ephemeral Rift posted a little while back on the ASMR Facebook group about an idea he had: to have people record short video clips which were intended to trigger ASMR in experiencers, and then send them in so that they could be put together in a sort of montage or compilation. So shortly afterwards the Facebook group was set up, and work began on the main website, too.

Currently there’s a poll on the group (which is closed, so you’ll need to apply to join to be able to see what’s going on) where people are voting to determine how long each clip should be. Initially the plan was 15 seconds, but a lot of people are opting for 30 seconds instead, which is the maximum length.

There may be two or three good things about a project like this. First off, everybody likes a compilation, or a collaboration. That’s why when two major whisperers get together and make a video, it grabs everybody’s attention – maybe not everyone, but a lot of people anyway. It’s like a duet with two major artists. Secondly, a person can get more exposure by being involved in a project like this and they’re looking to improve their YouTube channel views and subscriptions, perhaps more. Traffic is a valuable commodity online as we all know.

I can also think of another reason this may well take off: people might like to keep it short and sweet. I’ve read of those online who watch trigger videos, often recommended by others, and complain that a video drags on for too long, the subject matter of the video doesn’t appeal to them, or doesn’t even trigger them by the time they get through it. It might be a good way to sample a trigger video maker’s creations and find the ones you like before committing to some of their larger creations on their YouTube channels or elsewhere. That, and it can apparently take a heck of a long time to upload lengthy trigger videos, particularly if they’re in HD!

Lastly, it might be a bit of fun. In Ephemeral Rifts own words: “Do something because you want to do it”. So go and do it!

You can visit the ASMR Project website (may still be under construction at the time of writing this), and the ASMR Project Facebook group too, for more details.

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