Monday, March 26, 2012

The ASMR Atlanta Event

Last week on the Facebook group wall I saw mention of a Meetup event that had been created: The Atlanta Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response event. This event was created by Roz, a community member, for residents or people who live near the city of Atlanta, Georgia, USA to meet up and I would suppose go for coffee, chat to each other, that sort of thing.

I tweeted about it and posted it on our Facebook page a few days ago, but I’ve only just had the time now to put together a little write-up here on the blog.

It’s a closed event so only those who register and join the group can actually see most of what’s going on. A bit of basic information is displayed in the sidebar.  Members who join are referred to as “euphorians”, which I kind of like, to be honest. So much so that I’ve added it to our ASMR glossary of terms!

So if you’re interested, and think you can make it to a meetup event sometime, then head over to the page, sign up and get to know the others! Otherwise, just sign up and get to know the others anyway!

ASMR Radio now up, First Broadcast on International ASMR Day

Earlier this year I remember there being talk of an ASMR radio or multimedia project, which stemmed off of conversation revolving around the idea for an ASMR podcast, which Ryan expressed some interest in working on. I covered this on the blog a while back.

It’s been quiet for some time, but just last week a new Facebook group was created specifically for ASMR Radio, and the official website was unveiled, too. It turns out that Whispering Weaver, an ASMR community member, has been working on all this in secret for some time. Whispering Weaver also has his own YouTube channel dedicated to ASMR triggering/whisper videos.

Slowly more and more people are joining the Facebook group, which is open to the public, and more people are also registering over at the official site which has a forum among other areas to explore. So far there are hosts who have decided to collaborate and contribute to the live broadcasts – in fact anyone can submit material they’ve created and it may well appear live on air. The first official broadcast will coincide with the newly created International ASMR day, which falls on the 9th of April, 2012. So make sure to tune in if you can. I’m sure an mp3 download will be made available for those who miss the show.

An mp3 demonstration of what to expect was actually uploaded recently. This recording was provided by Whispering Willow. Have a listen!

The topic of funding was the one major concern that was brought up when the subject of a radio broadcast was first mentioned. ASMR Radio is paid for by the hosts, out of their own pockets, but the project is also sponsored by advertisers, and does accept donations from listeners, and those otherwise interested. All the funds collected will go in to keeping the project running.

This is all so sudden and exciting, and will really garner a lot more interest in ASMR from the public. Thanks to Whispering Weaver for setting this up and to the hosts and everyone else who has or will contribute to ASMR Radio!

Monday, March 12, 2012

First International ASMR Day Announced

On Facebook I was notified of an event that was recently created by an experiencer. It’s called International ASMR Day and it’s set for Monday, April 9, 2012. The time is set for 12:00 AM until 3:00 AM – not sure if this is an error or if it’s a time that’s been carefully allocated so that everybody all over the globe can join in. Over here where I am it would be about dawn when it starts. I’m not usually up that early!

Right now it’s in the planning stages and on the wall there’s just talk of what could be done as far as celebrations go – that and there’s a graphic that supporters are encouraged to use on their profiles to show their support. As you can imagine there’s also some optimistic ideas for next year, even involving bringing Oprah out of retirement!

There are two or three YouTube videos for you all to watch that might explain what the event is all about and what the people behind it hope to achieve. You can view those here (I've also added them to the community videos playlist on my YouTube channel):

The event is public, and so anybody can see it and join the event – so you can join straight away and invite your friends to do so as well. I’ve posted about it on the Facebook page, and the Facebook group in addition to this blog post. And it’ll also likely crop up on YouTube, Twitter and tumblr.

There’s only really one concern of mine, and that is that it’s a public event, so you have to decide whether you’re comfortable with that. If you find you can’t live with that, it’s quite near Hug Your Brain day, which is on April 24th, just more than two weeks later. This is a closed event celebrated by the ASMR group on Facebook, which first ran in 2010 and again in 2011 (but in a less official capacity), and can only be seen and joined by members. Everyone is sent a mass invite. We even have a logo for this year’s event!

So we have two days to look forward to in April! Thanks go to the organiser of the event, MsAutumnRed and everyone else involved. We hope to see this event succeed!

Update: The event now has a Facebook Page and a Twitter profile. There are also several people who make YouTube announcements related to the event. You can find out who they are by visiting our Facebook group or following the sources mentioned above.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

ASMR Facebook Group has new Moderators!

While we’re trying to keep the incident that led to this decision quiet, or at least be very scant with the details, I am going to announce that the Facebook group has new moderators. Some have been appointed, some have volunteered, and others were elected by the group – a poll was run with several names to vote for. At the end the winner ended up becoming a mod. Congratulations, Shaun! And also to our other moderators, Ryan and Mary!

The runner up on the poll was also offered a spot, but politely declined. We understand it’s a lot of responsibility and quite a bit of time goes in to it, so we respect that person’s decision.

So that brings the total number of admins on the group to 5 (including me), which makes less work for Envelope who up until now has been trying to manage everything there on her own. This means that in the event of spam or a troll attack, it can be dealt with quickly, with several moderators doing the rounds in different time zones, which is handy when one mod has to sleep, because another one has the night watch… or day watch where they are, I suppose.

I would like to take the opportunity to say that we may also be looking to recruit new moderators to fill positions over at the ASMR forum soon. So if you perhaps didn’t get a look in as far the Facebook group goes, you might be able to nab a spot there. More on that later though, perhaps. And we may go the same route of appointing, accepting volunteers and elected candidates.

So if you haven’t yet, get over to the group and say hello to the new moderators if you wish to!

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