Tuesday, February 28, 2012

UNF is now on tumblr.com

After seeing how many experiencers were on tumblr, I thought it was about time that ASMR Research & Support had a presence on the rising social networking site. It makes sense seeing as we’re on Facebook (a page and a group), Twitter, YouTube and there’s even a very large community on Reddit – and the more exposure we get the better. At first I debated whether or not I should go ahead and do it, seeing as I have so much other stuff going on as regards this entire project, and even outside it, but in the end decided to take the plunge.

You can find me over at tumblr, here. Note that the URL and tumblelog name are subject to change, but I’ll give you all notice if that happens, of course.

Right now I’m still getting used to the website and its tools, and so on. It’s not as advanced as say Blogger or Wordpress (not that I’ve used the latter one yet). It’s quite basic – but it is the place to be nowadays for casual blogging, as it seems to be competing against the likes of Twitter, the microblogging service that’s been around for a bit longer. I’m also still trying to figure out what to use it for, what content to put on there. I know I have plenty of unpublished blog posts that might fit nicely on there. So far I have a page with links to all the other main ASMR presences online.

Anyway, if you happen to visit the blog, you can follow me if you like. The site seems to combine elements of Formspring as well in the form of a questions feature, so perhaps if enough interest is garnered I’ll enable it and you can ask me questions or chat if we happen to be online at the same time.

I’m excited, and looking forward to seeing you there! Hope it turns out to be worth the while.

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  1. This is amazing! I thought I was the only one!!!

    I've had horrible migraines for years but within the last two years I've found using "ASMR" can manage and sometimes stop my migraines altogether (without medication!). In fact I have not taken my prescribed medication in over a year. I want to tell people! I want others with painful migraines to know this is real and can help ease your pain! I have NEVER told a single person about this "feeling", Ive had it and been able to almost control it since I was 10 or so but felt others wouldn't understand. So excited I'm not alone


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