Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Beta Version of an ASMR App has been Released!

Type B ASMR experiencers may be in for a treat.

At one point not too long ago on Reddit I saw someone ask if there would be any interest in an ASMR app for use on select smartphones and tablets. It seems as though there must have been a positive enough response, seeing as the person who asked originally went ahead and started developing one.

This week on Reddit there was another topic brought up supposedly by the same individual who claimed that a beta version of the app would be released soon. He then asked participants on the subreddit to comment and list their favourite sound triggers, some of which would be included in the app. So far requests include the likes of whispering sounds (obviously!), scratching, and tapping fingernails, among several others.

Android robotThen surprisingly in the same week, the app was released! It’s the beta version (v 1.0) and it’s called ASMR EXTREME Relaxation. It weighs in at only 5.6 MB but is only available for devices running Android 1.6 and up. The best part is it’s completely free! So far the beta features sound effects of the following: 3D haircut; nail tapping; cutting paper; white noise; hair brushing; scratching; wood scraping; and pink noise.

So if you haven’t all ready, get over to the Android marketplace and get a hold of this cool little app, try it out, and be sure to tell us what it’s like!

Thanks go to hyperbytex for developing the app.

Update: hyberbytex seems to be a very fast worker, because a full version of this app is all ready available!

Once again it’s hosted over at the Android marketplace. This version differs from the demo or beta version mentioned above in the following ways: you can reportedly make “4 million different ASMR experiences with 22 sound triggers”, and this is a paid-for app. It’s 13 MB in weight this time around. There’s been no confirmation thus far despite some demand whether this app will ever be supported by other operating systems.


  1. I am so excited! Well not because I have a fancy phone and could get this app, but because ASMR is a legit forreal thing! I just had to comment and can't wait to read through your post and find out more about it. For literally years I have tried to find a explanation or someone who could relate to me :D

  2. whats the app about does it have things in it to enduce my brain tingles cuz its like the best feeling ever and i want more of it lols


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