Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Be Aware of Select ASMR Presences Online

It’s come to my attention that there may well exist some “unofficial” ASMR websites or locations on the web – one of the known ones is a Facebook presence claiming to be an official representation, and it is indeed NOT affiliated with ASMR Research and Support in any “official” capacity. Another is a Facebook page named “ASMR” and was started up by a well-meaning community member who may have been unaware of the all ready existing Facebook page. As you may well know, the official ASMR Research and Support Facebook page is here. And our Facebook group is here (closed so you’ll have to join).
When in doubt, check the listing of network sites in the sidebar here on the blog, or in the Hotspots page. If a website’s URL isn’t listed there, use caution. You can always contact me or one of the other research team members for further information.

While we can’t stop anyone from creating their own Facebook profiles, groups, or pages, or any other sites dedicated to ASMR, we just wish to politely ask the creators of these presences on the web that they not intentionally mislead people who are looking for the more established websites and presences online – and by this I’m referring to sites linked to ASMR Research and Support. I’m specifically taking issue here with individuals who are not part of our research team or even the community who might take, without permission, names; logos; graphics, information and other such things associated with Research and Support. And the last thing we want is for anybody to end up being mislead or scammed.

We’re aware of other pages and groups on Facebook and thankfully to date most if not all of them seem harmless. If you wish to join these groups, feel free to do so, but be sure to take in to account privacy issues. One of these groups for example is open and not closed to the public, so anything you post on it could very well end up being available for others to see. Decide whether you’re okay with this before posting anything personal.

We’re doing our best to communicate our concerns with the creators of these web presences, and I thought it best to just make the community aware of the fact.

Thank you.


  1. Are you guys serious? "Lucky you?" (from a previous post). ASMR is not something I would call a particularly privileged mental disorder. It's more like debilitating. Sometimes I wonder how much more information I would absorb if people weren't constantly being drowned out by this fuzzy so-called goodness. Seriously people. It's really not that cool.

  2. As opposed to all of the other things that could just as easily 'drown' us out like depression, intoxication, pains, mood swings, laughter, drugs, phobias, sexual attraction, panic, anxiety, etc.? I'd say this one gets a pass.


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