Tuesday, February 7, 2012

ASMR Multimedia Projects Planned, Podcast Soon

Recently we’ve seen a renewed interest from a former team member, Ryan. Ryan founded the precursor to the ASMR group on the web years ago which is known as SoS, or Society of Sensationalists – a Yahoo Group which still exists to this day.

He was heavily involved in the community up until some time in 2010 when he took a leave of absence to focus on other projects like his budding music career. But different from the occasional wall post in the past, Ryan is now seeking to be apart of the team and community on a more regular basis again, and has been reinstated.

The subject of a radio broadcast was brought up on the Facebook Group, and among those interested was Ryan. Because of his musical background, he no doubt has some technical knowledge in operating the equipment and software necessary to accomplish this. But the only thing holding him back at this point in time is the cost of setting up a radio station. Subscriptions differ, and allow for varying hours of air time depending on the subscription.

What followed in the discussion was a rather impressive solution brought up by one or two community members. It was suggested that the community could pitch in and co-fund the project. Seeing as it’ll benefit the entire community, it would seem an ethical route to take.

I first read of co-funding or community funding years ago when Gabe Newell of Valve Corporation (known for the Half-Life video game series among others) suggested a bold concept – if people wanted to see a particular project get off the ground, developed, and released to the public, particularly if it’s a new intellectual property, they should be willing to fund the development of it. I know there are several ideas swimming around on the ASMR Facebook group alone, but the question always remains the same: who will end up funding it? It ends up being the biggest obstacle. And I’m going to touch on this subject again sometime soon.

We may well have a separate Facebook page for our future ASMR-themed multimedia projects, because there’s also talk of setting up an ASMR TV channel, but those who would accomplish this are planning on using YouTube to do it for now. Apparently it’s not hard to do, and of course YouTube is free.

Mind that this is all in the very early stages; merely just talk for now. But like one member of the group quoted: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

So you might just see these projects realised sooner or later. Soon, Ryan will hopefully have a podcast up and running, which I suggested he do in order to gain some experience and practice for when he actually runs a live radio broadcast, so look out for that in the mean time. I will of course have a write up and a link here on the blog when it’s available.

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