Saturday, January 28, 2012

ASMR YouTube and Soothetube Contests up and Running

I originally saw this on Facebook and tweeted about it – but the details were scant at the time. Now the contest is getting out of the planning stage, and I seem to be a bit more clued up as to what’s going on.
Lauren, an experiencer in the community, who has her own YouTube channel, and celebrated 1000 subscriptions the other day, decided to start up her own ASMR trigger video contest. All one has to do to enter is make their own trigger video and upload it to YouTube and submit it to her to somehow – perhaps by YT message. A prize will be given to two winners – one female and one male. The respective prizes are a Jewelmint bracelet and the other a handmade Winter hat (not so useful to me seeing as it’s Summer, and boiling hot here at the moment). The winner will be determined randomly.

I’d put a link to Lauren’s YouTube channel but unfortunately these types of channels have been subject to a lot of abuse as of late. So if you’re a member of the Facebook group, search the wall (use the search feature and type “contest” or “competition”) a bit, and you should find the details there.

Update: There’s a video that’s been uploaded to tinglesanonymous’ channel which explains the rules of the competition. So it looks like this contest is in full swing.

Update #2: This competition is closed as of 5 March, 2012. Winners will be announced on the channel it took place on.

Speaking of which, Soothetube, renowned within the whisper video community, is having its own contest, which I was notified of via YouTube. Here you also submit your own video and the winner will have their video featured on for a whole month. Soothetube reportedly has over 3000 daily visitors, so the winner will receive rewards in the form of highly sought after traffic – which will most likely lead to subscriptions to the winner’s YouTube channel and from there traffic to your own website if you have a link on your YouTube profile.

Check for the rules of the contest.

It’s great to see some initiative like this taken by the community. Good luck to all who enter and thanks go to Lauren and Soothetube for setting up their respective contests!

Update: It turns out there’s yet another contest running on YouTube, this time over at asmrVids. The person in charge of the channel reached a 500 subscription milestone, and decided to set the competition up to celebrate. To enter all you have to do is visit this particular video and leave a comment. Two people will be chosen, and asmrVids will then do a custom video just for the winners. The contest is only open until early February, so get there quickly!

Update #2: This contest should be closed by now.

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