Saturday, January 28, 2012

ASMR YouTube and Soothetube Contests up and Running

I originally saw this on Facebook and tweeted about it – but the details were scant at the time. Now the contest is getting out of the planning stage, and I seem to be a bit more clued up as to what’s going on.
Lauren, an experiencer in the community, who has her own YouTube channel, and celebrated 1000 subscriptions the other day, decided to start up her own ASMR trigger video contest. All one has to do to enter is make their own trigger video and upload it to YouTube and submit it to her to somehow – perhaps by YT message. A prize will be given to two winners – one female and one male. The respective prizes are a Jewelmint bracelet and the other a handmade Winter hat (not so useful to me seeing as it’s Summer, and boiling hot here at the moment). The winner will be determined randomly.

I’d put a link to Lauren’s YouTube channel but unfortunately these types of channels have been subject to a lot of abuse as of late. So if you’re a member of the Facebook group, search the wall (use the search feature and type “contest” or “competition”) a bit, and you should find the details there.

Update: There’s a video that’s been uploaded to tinglesanonymous’ channel which explains the rules of the competition. So it looks like this contest is in full swing.

Update #2: This competition is closed as of 5 March, 2012. Winners will be announced on the channel it took place on.

Speaking of which, Soothetube, renowned within the whisper video community, is having its own contest, which I was notified of via YouTube. Here you also submit your own video and the winner will have their video featured on for a whole month. Soothetube reportedly has over 3000 daily visitors, so the winner will receive rewards in the form of highly sought after traffic – which will most likely lead to subscriptions to the winner’s YouTube channel and from there traffic to your own website if you have a link on your YouTube profile.

Check for the rules of the contest.

It’s great to see some initiative like this taken by the community. Good luck to all who enter and thanks go to Lauren and Soothetube for setting up their respective contests!

Update: It turns out there’s yet another contest running on YouTube, this time over at asmrVids. The person in charge of the channel reached a 500 subscription milestone, and decided to set the competition up to celebrate. To enter all you have to do is visit this particular video and leave a comment. Two people will be chosen, and asmrVids will then do a custom video just for the winners. The contest is only open until early February, so get there quickly!

Update #2: This contest should be closed by now.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

New ASMR Website up: ASMRelax

On Facebook I received word that a new website dedicated to ASMR videos is up. This was also posted over on Reddit, as well as the ASMR forum. It turns out that one of our community who seems to go by the handle of Livtonoid, started out with his or her own YouTube channel some time ago. But after a while, he noticed that there seemingly weren’t any websites that served to catalogue and even review ASMR trigger videos (although there is

Going over there to have a look, it’s a simple yet functional design with the basics covered, and all ready a few posts up critiquing a few select trigger videos. So hopefully in time we’ll see it evolve in to a bigger and busier site much like its previously mentioned sister-site.

I've as usual added this under dedicated websites and blogs on the Hotspots page (link in sidebar).

Monday, January 16, 2012

New ASMR Poll: Can you Learn to Experience ASMR?

Time for the new poll. This is another interesting topic that I think we should all vote on.

Can you learn or be taught to experience ASMR?

It’s a subject that’s been brought up time and time again. Some say everyone is capable of experiencing ASMR to some degree – that it’s a naturally occurring response and that therefore it’s possible to realise you have it at some point whereas you might not have realised it before. Maybe that describes most of us. This is a theory that seems to be supported by the fact that many within the community claim to remember their earliest ASMR events taking place as a child – around the age of 7. This is probably because as a young child or toddler you generally don’t remember as much – only fragments; certain events. As you get older you remember everything – then again in old age you forget! Don’t take it too seriously. I’m only joking as regards that last bit.

Others will claim that you’re born with the ability to experience – perhaps having inherited it from a parent.

But is it possible to develop it over time? Can you learn or be taught to experience? Would sitting someone down and making them watch trigger videos have a positive result of some sort? Could meditation and other practices that are common among the community actually develop or nurture ASMR – to a point where, as the more spiritual among us would say, you have an awakening of sorts?

The options to cast your votes on are as follows:

a) Yes, it’s possible to initially not possess it, and develop ASMR.

b) Everyone has it. It’s therefore only possible to realise that one has it.

c) It’s not possible. You’re either born with it or you aren’t.

There you have it. In the past I’ve had polls run for 3 months, equalling a total of about 4 polls a year. I’ve debated whether I should change the duration of a poll, but I’ll stick with it for now. The poll will end some time in April this year as a result, allowing for a large number of votes before I tally them all up and make a post out of it. Or else we could wait until a minimum of 50 or so votes is reached and end the poll. You’ll find the poll in the sidebar as usual.

In any case, happy voting!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

ASMR Poll Results: Has your ASMR ever disappeared?

Well, you all had a good few months to vote in the latest poll, and we had quite a big turn out! Over 60 people voted this time around, which makes this the most popular poll to date.

The topic, which is still rather popular to date, was “has your ASMR ever disappeared?”

This refers to what some call ASMR death, where an asmer no longer experiences ASMR events for whatever reason.

And the results are:

4 people (6%) currently don’t experience ASMR, having stopped recently. Another 6% haven’t experienced in some time. 12 people (18%) have experienced their ASMR vanish, only to return at a later date. And the biggest percentage by a landslide was 69%45 out of 65 people have not had this happen to them. Lucky you!
So that’s that. Look out for the next poll soon accompanied by a write-up here on the blog.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

An ASMR Documentary is in the Works

I looked on the Facebook group this week (where else?), and came upon yet another interesting topic that was brought up.

John, a new community member who has joined recently, or so it would seem, spoke of an ASMR documentary that is in the early stages of preproduction. It will cover the people who experience it, as well as the subculture of whisper videos and the like on YouTube that we tend to like, and might also feature some opinions from medical professionals on the subject, too.

John is a film maker, and studied film for 4 years. He’s sold some short films to various broadcasters. He is also an ASMR experiencer.

He’s currently looking for individuals in our community to interview and to get on record their take on ASMR, their own personal experiences and the like. Knowing our perhaps shy, introverted nature in general, John has given the option of an audio recording or a video recording of said interview – but says that video would be preferable seeing as the documentary will be directed in that medium. He adds that it's strictly a non-profit documentary which will be released online.

If you would like to get involved, head over to the Facebook group (link in sidebar) if you’re a member (if not, then please feel free to sign up!). There you can get his contact details and arrange a date, time and place to perhaps meet up with him. John works in the UK, so naturally if you live there this would be very advantageous, needless to say. I merely left out John's surname for privacy reasons. It's easy to search the Facebook group, if you're a member. All you do is find the magnifying glass at the top right, and search for "documentary".

A presence on the web dedicated to this documentary should be up and running very soon, too.

We hope to see this documentary see the light of day some time in the future, so thanks go to John for this idea and to everyone who participates. Good luck!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

I'm back again!

Just popping in for a quick post. Hope you all had a smashing Christmas and New Years!

I took a week or so off my online work and usual ASMR-related duties. I probably should have mentioned beforehand I would do this, but anyway - whoops!

So it's January 1st, 2012 - the beginning of an entire year - and according to some it might be our last at that! I hope we can make ASMR bigger than it all ready is, and that it's a bigger and better year for all. In the mean time, it's back to the old grind stone.

I've had some PC problems once again so it might take some time before I'm running on all cylinders again. Worst time for it to happen actually - right at the beginning of the year!

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