Monday, December 17, 2012

Another New ASMR App for iOS Released

No, I’m not referring to the ASMR app that was released a while back that we have up for grabs in our two contests. This one was just released this week.

It’s called ASMR Sounds and will work with iPods, iPhones and iPads, although naturally it’s optimised for the latest iPhone, the iPhone 5.

The app boasts a personalised ASMR experience, with 70 high quality sounds, all in 7 different categories, such as “tapping sounds”, “eating sounds”, “nature sounds”, “crinkling sounds”, and the favourite of many but not all: whispering. You can play sounds on their own, or combine them, and not to mention you can adjust the speed and the volume – presumably without having to alter the volume of the iPhone itself. There’s nothing worse than missing your alarm because you turned down the volume too much!

You can also save and load playlists, set timers (probably so the app stops playing after a while, say after you’ve fallen asleep, and you don’t run down your battery – that would be my guess), and you can use the app in the background while doing other stuff. And ASMR Sounds is a native app, requiring no Wi-Fi connection, meaning no ads whatsoever. For those of you out there who absolutely hate ads interfering with your YouTube experience, this app was seemingly designed with you in mind.

You can grab it off of iTunes. There’s also this page on Facebook dedicated to the app. It’s a bit steeper than the other ASMR apps I’ve seen so far, costing $5.99, but it looks to be a very good quality product. It’s also quite weighty at nearly 70 MB. There's no trial version for the time being, and no word so far on whether there will be one, either. The Android version of this app is still in development according to Oz Halpern, the developer.

Friday, November 30, 2012

ASMR Community Update: November 2012

Here we go with the second edition of the ASMR community update.

The beginning of November kicked off with mention of another ASMR documentary. The filming is to happen in the UK.

A new website was started, called Lilium, also known as TheOneLilium, launched her new website at

ASMR Research & Support launched two new competitions. One is a logo competition and the other a research competition that will both help aid the research effort. They will run until the end of the year, so you’ve still got a whole month to enter if you haven’t yet!

A new article on ASMR was published by Devon King over at Charged Magazine. Devon went a step further and took it upon himself to bring back the Wikipedia page on ASMR! It’s up for the time being, and it is open to everyone to edit, but there are some things to consider if you do add anything to it. You have to have reliable, reputable sources, such as published news articles. Blogs, forums and so on won’t be accepted. Now that we have several articles on ASMR on the internet though, this means that the page has a better chance of staying up.

Another article popped up over on The Examiner, where the writer chatted to Haiying Yang, whose videos on YouTube are a favourite among many experiencers of ASMR. An interesting article appeared on the gaming and lifestyle blog near the end of the month, with the writer exploring ASMR’s potential to enhance one’s gaming abilities.

I put up a new poll on the blog. This one is about which sense you use most when trying to trigger ASMR. So far the results seem to indicate that hearing is the most dominant sense used.

On November 25th, the Boring Conference took place in the UK. Tickets went on sale in October, and eventually sold out. What was so special about this conference, is that there was a lecture on ASMR that took place. There’s been a resurgence in interest for an ASMR conference to take place, actually. Discussions have taken place on Facebook, where people are suggesting a venue in St. Louis, Missouri, USA for an ASMR conference to take place. Initial plans – and I’m talking way back – were to have such a conference on the 9th of April, 2013 to mark the 2nd ever International ASMR Day.

And speaking of Facebook, we reached 4000 members on the ASMR Facebook group!

So that was November. It’s hard to believe that 2012 is nearly over. Stay tuned for next month’s community update!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

ASMR Poll: Which Sense do you rely on most to Trigger ASMR Events?

This might peeve a few Type A experiences out there seeing as this poll is mainly geared towards Type B experiencers, but that’s not to say that it might not have any relevance to Type As at all. In fact this poll has the most options to vote for. Usually I have three or four – maybe five – but this time it’s seven!

Which sense do you rely on most to trigger ASMR events? Do you rely on sight mostly – watching someone do something? Or is it sound – listening to something, or someone talking, whispering, etc.? Maybe it’s touch, when someone gives you a massage or plays with your hair. It could be smell, or it could be taste. Maybe you don’t rely on any senses at all if you are a Type A experiencer. I was in two minds about putting down “sixth sense” as a choice, but then someone may indeed think it is linked to a sixth sense. So I’ve included it in the interests of getting as wide a spectrum of votes as I can possibly get, and being fair and unbiased as far as the theories people subscribe to goes.

Now while we may rely on more than one sense, or using more than one sense may indeed enhance (or even detract) from the entire experience, I want you try and single out the sense that does it for you the most.

So the options are:

a) Sight (visual) – you rely on sight most, and watch people performing tasks, whether in real life or via digital media (YouTube or the TV for example), and find this is your most reliable sense. Possibly even reading books or brochures may work for you.

b) Hearing/Sound (auditory) – You prefer to rely on sound to trigger ASMR events. You’ll most likely opt for the radio, podcasts, music and perhaps even listening to telemarketers on the phone (talking to them is not required) to get your hourly/daily/weekly ASMR flowing!

c) Touch (somatosensory) – You just love it when someone massages you, strokes your back, plays with your hair, or gives you a haircut. You may be more likely for this reason to hold the belief that ASMR is linked to some sort of evolutionary grooming response.

d) Smell (olfactory) – There are certain odours or aromas that consistently trigger ASMR events for you, whether it be natural or synthetic. It could be the scent of a flower, freshly cut grass, or a fragrance you take a whiff of when somebody passes you by.

e) Taste (gustatory) – There are foodstuffs or objects that actually produce these sensations and psychological effects for you. Maybe it’s an ice cube. Could be that it’s nibbling on a wooden bead. Or perhaps it’s that most reliable foodstuff: chocolate. I don’t know. You tell me!

f) Sixth sense – You believe that ASMR is linked to some sort of a sixth sense, whether that’s the supposed “spidey” sense or intuition that people talk about or something else. Some even rely on tingling sensations produced by ASMR to help tell good people or situations from bad.

g) I don’t rely on any senses – This option is for Type A experiencers just because I didn’t want them feeling too left out. You don’t rely on any senses because you don’t need external stimuli to trigger ASMR events. You might trigger ASMR events from deep thought, or meditation.

As per usual, there are 3 months or 90 days left to vote in this poll, which is on the sidebar to the right, before it closes and the results displayed here on the blog. Please feel free to add comments to this post to help explain your choice and express your opinions.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

The ASMR Logo and Research Competitions

Okay, here’s the deal. I’ve been given some free promotional codes by the developer of this app – the one for Apple iOS, called ASMR Mobile. The developer suggested I could hold a competition of sorts and that the winners would get a code to be able to download the app for free with.

I decided to host a logo/art contest. This ties in with ASMR Research & Support’s newly announced Kickstarter project. We need some material for future that we can use with our media packages, which we will send to donators as part of a gift tier to show our gratitude. And we want to give the budding artists out there a chance to contribute. So we’re looking for logos and art that we might possibly use to put on stickers and other items. Slogans are welcome too, but must be presented in the form of a nicely designed graphic.

This contest will be open for entries until the end of December. When it closes, the judges will choose the winners. There’s a limit of two images that one may submit. The winners will each receive a free promo code to download the ASMR Mobile app for Apple iOS for use with an iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

Then there’s also the essay competition, which was thought up by Envelope. What this calls for is ideas to best research ASMR. So if you’re not much for designing logos, then never fear because your talents are needed here (you may enter both competitions if you like, though). You may only submit one essay, and the winners will also get a free code for the app and perhaps more.

Both competitions are now on, until the end of the year. For the rules of both competitions, make sure to head on over to ASMR Research & Support’s contest page for more details.

If you can’t access the contest page, then head over to our Facebook group (it’s closed so you have to join to enter). We’ll have all the details there at some point too. There’s also our Facebook page, where we have the competition details and rules under the post for November 8, 2012.

Monday, November 5, 2012

ASMR Poll Results: Do You Experience a Tingling Sensation?

This has arguably been the most interesting and definitely the most popular poll I’ve run on this blog so far. 108 people voted, which is the most votes on any poll conducted here on this blog, for sure.

So let’s go through the results:

63 people (58%) – over half of all voters – voted for A, saying that they experience a tingling sensation in or on the head/scalp region.

The second greatest number of votes was for option C, which had 26 people (24%) – just about a quarter of all voters – claiming that they consistently experience a tingling sensation all over their bodies, from head to toe.

12 people (11%) said that they experience a tingling sensation in parts of the body other than the head/scalp region, meaning they voted for option B.

And lastly with the least amount of votes, option D, where 7 people (6%) claimed that even though they may experience a reaction of sorts when exposed to triggers, they don’t experience any tingling sensations whatsoever.

Thanks to all who voted. The next poll should be up soon.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

ASMR Community Update: October 2012

I thought of introducing a new feature on the blog, and that is an end of the month post which covers what went on during the month – sort of like a newsletter of sorts, and I’ll try and include all the little things that I didn’t quite get round to earlier, and to reflect on some other happenings that I managed to cover in some form, whether here on the blog, Twitter, Facebook, tumblr, or somewhere else.

So for this month, quite a few things happened that are noteworthy.

A radio segment on Resonance 104.4 FM took place, called “Urban exploration of ASMR” and there were at least three other radio segments and interviews or podcasts this month. One of them was for McGill Daily’s Unfit to Print podcast, on the topic of “symphony of emotions and ASMR” and there were two interviews with TheWaterwhispers Ilse, one of which took place on Haarlem 105 FM, and the other on WILD FM. Ilse and Relaxingsounds92 also appeared on National TV in the Netherlands on a show called “De Wereld Draait Door”, which translates in to “The World Turns Round/Goes Crazy”.

What prompted this flood of interest in the Netherlands was an article about ASMR that appeared in the Volkskrant (people’s paper). Since then it really seems to have blown up in that part of the world, at least. Ilse even translated that article in to English for the rest of us, too.

Relaxingsounds92 also made her debut on ASMR Island TV. ASMR Island ran a T-Shirt promo this month, which for 24 hours only, had people ordering T-shirts, with a portion of the profits going toward ASMR Research & Support.

There’s the possibility of a Windows 8 ASMR app being developed and released at some point in the near future. This being the first one natively supported by the Windows operating system, and not meant for mobiles, like the other apps for Android and Apple iOS. Speaking of which, two new versions of the ASMR app for Apple iOS, ASMR Mobile, were released. Originally this app came out in late September, but version 1.1 debuted in early October, and 1.2 in mid-October. You can download it and use it with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

The current ASMR Poll, “Do you Experience a Tingling Sensation?” on this blog ended, the results of which should be up soon. A new poll will replace this one soon after that. There was also an ASMR survey conducted via Reddit/SurveyMonkey.

And last but not least, October 29th was Bob Ross’s 70th birthday! Bob Ross has been adopted by many in the ASMR community as a mascot of sorts, due to his uncanny ability to trigger ASMR events in many an experiencer, including me.

So that’s quite a lot, wouldn’t you say? Hope you liked this post, and if it all works out, there will be another one in a month’s time.

Monday, October 22, 2012

ASMR Interview on Netherlands TV This Week

Here’s some rather exciting news I found out about last week.

TheWaterwhispers Ilse and Relaxingsounds92 will appear on national TV this week in the Netherlands. During the program, they will perform a live ASMR session. TheWaterwhispers Ilse announced this on her Facebook profile and the news has spread to all major Facebook groups and more.

The interview was originally scheduled to take place from 7:30 pm until 8:30 PM on Friday, 19 October, but it was cancelled due to some other event that took place. Ilse talks about this on her YouTube channel. The show was moved to Tuesday, 23 October instead, in the same timeslot.

Anyone in the Netherlands will be able to tune in to channel “Nederland 3” at 7:30 pm to watch “De Wereld Draait Door”. For the rest of us, there may be hope, as the channel has a website which will feature this interview in some point online, even with the possibility of a live stream, albeit in Dutch. If not, we’re hoping we can somehow get to watch it, translated so the rest of us can understand just what’s going on!

Prior to this upcoming interview, Relaxingsounds92 reportedly made her debut on ASMR Island TV on Saturday, and TheWaterwhispers Ilse has so far been featured on two radio shows as well. The one is WILD FM which, according to Ilse, will have a recording of the show up soon so we can all have a listen.

We all wish both TheWaterwhispers Ilse and Relaxingsounds92 good luck and we’re sure you’ll do us proud!

Monday, October 8, 2012

ASMR Island T-Shirt Promo on for a Limited Time

I retweeted this from ASMR Island on Twitter last night and posted it on the ASMR Research & Support Facebook page, too. I debated whether I should put a blog post up about it here seeing as it’s very time sensitive, but decided I would so I could reach out to as many people as I possibly can. If you’re member of one of several ASMR groups on Facebook, you would have see it there as well.

Yesterday Whispering Weaver of ASMR Island announced that there is a T-shirt promotion now on, where you can get a T-shirt and ASMR Island will even ship it internationally to you. A portion of the profits will go towards ASMR Research & Support to help fund the research effort. It looks rather cool: a black T-shirt with the ASMR Island logo on it.

Whispering Weaver states that this is temporary. This promotion will only last until some time later today, so if you feel like buying a T-shirt and supporting not only ASMR Island but ASMR Research & Support in the process, then go right ahead. We’d be highly appreciative of those who decide to show a little support. It’s not obligatory for anyone to do so, however. It’s completely up to you.

Based on the success of this promotion, ASMR Island may continue to do this in future.

Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

An ASMR Radio Segment to air on Resonance FM This Friday

I picked up this nugget of information from Twitter earlier. This week will see a radio segment on ASMR appear on Resonance FM.

It’s called “Urban Exploration of ASMR”, and according to the schedule will come on at 8 PM GMT on Friday, 5 October, 2012. You can tune in to 104.4 FM at that time on the radio if you happen to be in the UK, or you can listen to it streaming, in a variety of different ways via Resonance FM’s website. Just make sure to account for differing time zones and the like.

This isn’t a very long news piece, but do make sure to listen in on Friday if you’ve got time, and I’ll be sure to post updates here if there are any. Also feel free to leave a comment and discuss the show, too.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A new ASMR App Released for Apple iOS

While doing a Google search for ASMR, which I do practically every day, to see what comes up, I saw a page on iTunes for a new ASMR app. This was followed a few days later by a YouTube video demonstration.

This app was developed specifically for any product using iOS 5.0 or later by Sandratra of Sassou Studio, and is available off of iTunes for 99 cents. Version 1.0 is small, at about 200 KB.

What it features is direct YouTube browsing, with YouTube videos sorted by category (which seems to have a connection to, favourites management, as well as direct access to The Unnamed Feeling blog. It also sports in-app support by email or comment. There’s also a support page which is listed on the iTunes page mentioned earlier.

As long as you have an iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) or iPad and have iOS 5.0 or later, this app might be worth looking in to.

Update: This app has been updated to v 1.1 as of October 2, 2012. Some bugs were fixed, and the app has been renamed ASMR Mobile.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Announcing the ASMR Kickstarter Funding Project

The topic has cropped up from time to time in various places. I’ve talked about it on the blog briefly once or twice in the past, and it was brought up on the Facebook group earlier on in the year, too. The research team has deliberated over the subject for a while now as well.

ASMR Research and Support needs funding, chiefly for its research project. For the time being this is all independent. So we’re working on getting a platform up where people can donate to our cause and they will receive benefits from doing so, from being credited for donating, being the first to receive information and updates on research (first access) to receiving media packages, and possibly being allowed to participate as a laboratory volunteer – this will all be dependant on community funding in the future.

We’re looking at Kickstarter to help us with funding efforts, and Ryan, our multimedia specialist, has been tasked with coming up with ideas for the media packages or gifts talked about just now – these would include stickers, T-shirts, trigger video compilations, and more. We would would also like to get other people on board to help with the creation of the media packages. So if you are an artist or musician, and wish to collaborate on this project or at least want to know more about what’s involved, then you can contact me (my contact details are listed on my contacts page) or Envelope at temporcanary at gmail dot com (I broke the link intentionally to prevent harvesting by those spammers out there). Artists should be willing to donate their work as part of the gift tiers, as the funds received will go towards the research project, and we all ready have to factor in the potential cost of shipping the benefits to future donators.

We also need people with experience in EEG, MRI, and other lab work who can help us draft the project charter, which is the quote for funding we need, and the design of the research project.

So people who want to see progress on research will have to put something in to get something out. It won’t be obligatory for anybody to do so, but those who donate will have the satisfaction of knowing that they are helping things along. This model of funding might not be permanent – we one day would like to receive a research grant from a medical or scientific institution to continue research, but we need a research portfolio – something to show them in the mean time – so we can be taken seriously and stand a better chance when that day comes.

I’d just like to take the time to say thank you to everybody in the community, no matter where you are or which sites you participate on, for your continued support and participation. Look at how far we’ve come in such a relatively short amount of time, and just think how far we can still go. The power lies with you! We can and we will do it!

I'd also just like to add in response to a concern raised by an individual that we will look in to a worthwhile cause or charity of some sort that we can donate funds to in the case that funds we receive are beyond what we need for the research project. We are not looking to personally profit from this, rest assured.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

There’s a Live Streaming ASMR Roleplay Today

Most people create trigger videos and upload them to YouTube, but I picked this up online a bit earlier: someone who goes by the name of Saoirse has decided rather than do that, he or she would opt for doing a live streaming ASMR roleplay instead. This is his or her first ASMR trigger video to boot. People are encouraged to leave comments and feedback during and after the performance.

The live stream is going to take place today, Thursday, August 23, 2012, at 18:00 PM GMT, and it will continue on until 20:00 PM (although on the Facebook event page, UCT+01 is also stated – not sure if it is in error). Saoirse claims the link to the live stream will be revealed at exactly 18:00 PM.

There are a few web presences online dedicated to this event. First off there’s a Facebook event page, Twitter, tumblr, and a YouTube account which has this video. This announcement was made today on all these sites, and the event was created just today. It does seem a bit last minute, and I’ve done my best to spread the word. Here’s to hoping it all goes smoothly and enough people get to tune in.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

ASMR Awareness Music Album to be Released This Year

Towards the end of last year, Hailey Rose released a Christmas themed music album. What makes her new and upcoming album so special is that it is part of an ASMR awareness campaign.

The album is dedicated to the ASMR community, and Hailey has decided to donate partial profits from the album for the specific purpose of researching ASMR, even considering ASMR Research & Support as the donatee. She reckons that seeing as it is a naturally occurring phenomenon, it may be used as a form of alternative medicine or therapy – this may be its potential purpose. I liken it to how cats purr not only because they are content, but for other reasons too, such as to heal themselves.

The album is titled Lucid Dreams (Lucid Dreaming is another topic of discussion that often crops up within the ASMR community), and is scheduled for this Fall, or Q3 2012. Subscribers will receive first access when the album is released. Currently Hailey claims that she wants more community participation in the album. So she wants people to record sounds and send them in, preferably in wav or high quality mp3 format, to be incorporated in some way in to the songs. Or you could stop by her website and give suggestions or feedback on the album or donate.

Seeing as a portion of the profits will go towards funding future ASMR research efforts, which is what most of us want more than anything else, please consider doing one of the three things above in order to contribute in some fashion towards the development of the album. I’ll also add a fourth thing you can all do, and that is to spread the word! Whether you share this blog post by way of a link, or blog about it yourself, tweet about it – let’s get the word out.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

ASMR Island is now Live

The other day I blogged about ASMR Radio and how a revamped version of it was on its way. On Monday Whispering Weaver announced over at the ASMR Radio Facebook group that something he referred to as “Project: Volcano” would launch soon. This turned out to be ASMR Island, the successor to ASMR Radio, which was unveiled earlier this week.

ASMR Radio is back, but it’s not alone this time – also debuting is ASMR TV (which may or may not be related to another existing ASMR TV project), weekly articles, ASMR Index – which is a database of every known whisperer and “ASMRtist”, user submitted scripts, contests, chat, and of course a forum.

Seeing as ASMR Radio has now been absorbed in to this project, the old ASMR Radio website is no more, and the ASMR Radio Facebook group is closing soon – on Saturday, the 18th of August. In it’s place is the ASMR Island Facebook page. There may or may not be a Facebook group connected with ASMR Island in future.

There’s also an ASMR Island launch compilation video over at YouTube on Whisperhub’s channel that you might want to take a look at.

It’s a very large and ambitious project, and is all ready garnering a bit of scepticism seeing as there were several issues with ASMR Radio, technical and otherwise, but I know the community hopes to see it succeed.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Renewed Effort in Getting ASMR on to Wikipedia

There’s not a week that goes by where I don’t see some mention of Wikipedia. Questions such as “Why isn’t there a Wikipedia article about this?”. “ASMR wiki” is one of the most commonly searched terms that leads people to this blog or my article on HubPages.

Long story short, last year there was an article on Wikipedia about ASMR that was put up by someone. We’re still not quite sure who it was. Envelope seized the opportunity to add most of the content to that page. Then the Wikipedia moderators came along and marked the page for deletion seeing as there was a “lack of scientific evidence” to suggest that such a thing even existed. They weren’t convinced. There was a lengthy discussion and despite our attempts to reason with the moderators, this proved futile.

So the article was taken down, and was archived on our own Research & Support wiki which has yet to be opened to the public.

Recently on Reddit, a topic was started where people decided, after ASMR having received some mainstream media coverage in the last several months, that they would have a crack at getting ASMR back on to Wikipedia. The article is being constructed in sandbox mode, which basically means it can be edited by the public, but isn't published as such. This means it can be carefully crafted to the point where it will be accepted on Wikipedia. All ready one of the moderators has given it his or her approval, saying that the article will qualify as an internet or cultural phenomenon. You decide whether that is a good thing or not.

But for people who want to push to get ASMR on to Wikipedia and get it to stay there, it’s something. It’s a start. There are at least a few recent articles that have been published over at VICE and Independent magazine, as well as the Huffington Post. It seems as though ASMR is becoming too large to just ignore now. We now have a few third party references or sources, which is oh-so-crucial. It might not be accepted for now under the medical conditions category where it was last year, but perhaps in future with sufficient scientific evidence, it may be possible. And how we get to that point is with more mainstream media exposure and an interest from the public at large. Then we might get somewhere, where some scientists who are craving something more important to work on than estimating how far a certain bat-like superhero can glide (seriously) will give this thing the attention it needs with the necessary resources, equipment and funding backing them.

If you head over there and decide to contribute to the article in progress, please just have a look at all the sources listed over on the subreddit topic linked to above before doing so. This will tell you what is acceptable and what you must do to make the article comply with Wikipedia’s standards. Then it has a much better chance of being approved.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

An ASMR Installation Taking Place in London This Week

Word about a live performance installation has been going around for a time. Just this week it was revealed that there will be such an event taking place in London, UK.

It’s called Video Haptics & ASMR and will happen on Friday the 10th of August, at 7:30pm (UTC+01), and will carry on until 9:30 PM at the Bussey building/CLF Art Cafe. This one night performance focuses on ASMR trigger videos, and looks to explore the ability to “perceive video haptically” – this refers to the sense of touch.

There’s limited information beyond that, but anyone looking to find out more, and get directions to the event, should visit the Video Haptics & ASMR event page on Facebook. You may contact Sara, the organiser of this event, for any queries you might have.

If you manage to attend, please let us know how it went and what took place!

Monday, August 6, 2012

ASMR Radio is Coming Back, but on a Whole new Scale

Not too long ago, back in June this year, Whispering Weaver announced that his project, known as ASMR Radio, would be offline for maintenance, and was scheduled to back online in July. July came and went, and people wanted to know where ASMR Radio was. The Weave revealed over the weekend that ASMR Radio is coming back, but on a whole new scale, as this post’s title suggests.

There are plans for a new project – one that will be the successor to ASMR Radio. And Whispering Weaver is currently looking for people to fill positions, which will be voluntary at first, with the possibility of monetary consideration in future. ASMR Radio’s original crop of talent was said to be “hand picked”.

He’s looking for a couple of journalists; a couple of authors (not too sure what the difference is between this and a journalist, but I suspect he may be referring to trigger video makers by way of his description of the position); three live broadcasters for ASMR Radio, and a forum moderator. Amateurs and professionals may apply, and qualifications and experience, although not necessary, would be beneficial. You should also only apply if you have the time to spare for such an undertaking.

Head over to ASMR Radio’s Facebook group for more details, and contact Whispering Weaver, the creator and chief admin of the group, by way of a Facebook message if you wish to apply. No resumes or covering letters, or even referrals are necessary.

The project is still in development for the time being. No word on when it will be unveiled to the public, but just keep checking the ASMR Radio Facebook group for more details when they are released.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

ASMR Poll: Do you Experience a Tingling Sensation?

This has been a popular if not controversial topic that has arisen over the past while in several places online, like Reddit, the forum and even the Facebook group. Is it possible to experience ASMR without a tingling sensation?

This has long been listed as one of the most common (if not the most) sensations to accompany ASMR. We’re still not sure or agreed on what the sensation is or how it is caused – whether it’s in the brain, triggered by events, similar to how we perceive pain, or on the scalp and skin, perhaps caused by the flexing of hair follicles, which is reportedly experienced during bouts of frisson. Others have suggested it is Goosebumps. While these are theories and all possibilities, this tingling sensation is much more pleasant and intense than Goosebumps, which is why perhaps we are not satisfied to just leave it at that.

But not everybody experiences this tingling sensation. More and more people have come forward about this, and it’s hard to judge whether or not someone experiences ASMR because they lack this. Perhaps ASMR experiences are unique to the individual, and not all the same. People tend to experience it in differing levels of intensity. Triggers that will work reliably for some, may not work at all for others. Some have suggested that ASMR lies on a spectrum.

Some have experiences while watching trigger videos or are affected by events in real life, and claim to feel the positive, and sometimes even negative, effects of ASMR. They feel calm, and relaxed. There is a response of some sort – that’s for certain. But is it ASMR?

So this poll isn’t so much about whether one can experience ASMR without tingles. And it isn’t one that is answered with simply “yes” or “no” – that would be too simple. This is a poll to see just how varied and unique ASMR experiences can potentially be. We don’t want to shun people, or tell them they don’t have ASMR. We can’t really know for sure. The community tries to be as accepting as it can be, and welcomes anyone, even people who don’t experience ASMR but support those who do – so why not people who lack some of the “symptoms”? I think we need to approach this with an open mind. There’s nothing wrong with healthy debate, however. Remember that we know nothing for certain for the time being.

So the options for the poll are:

Do you experience a tingling sensation when exposed to triggers?

a) Yes, in or on the head/scalp region – you experience a tingling sensation, but it rarely, if ever, travels past the head and maybe the neck.

b) Yes, but in other parts of the body other than the head – you experience tingling sensations in the stomach or the legs or arms when exposed to triggers, but not the head. It could be one area or several, but it doesn’t include the head.

c) Yes, all over my body, right from the head down to my toes – this could be due to a high level of intensity; a stronger than usual ASMR event, especially for people who mainly experience the sensation in or on the head. So we have to be careful with this option. But perhaps you consistently experience tingling all over the body without fail. If you honestly experience a full body tingling as a standard response, as in at least 99% of the time, then vote for this. If only rarely, or not at all, consider one of the other options.

d) I don’t experience any tingles whatsoever – you may experience some sort of response to triggers, but there is no tingling sensation at all in any part of the body.

As per usual, 3 months or 90 days left to vote in this poll, which is on the sidebar to the right, before it closes and the results displayed here on the blog. Happy voting! Please feel free to add comments to help explain your choice and express your opinions.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

How to Protect Your YouTube Account from Being Hacked

There was an incident that occurred recently where a trigger video maker over on YouTube had their account hacked. And other members may have since been threatened to have their accounts hacked.

TheWaterwhispers even went to all the trouble to make a lengthy video earlier on this month (over 20 minutes long) about the situation and what to do to protect your account from being hacked.

So I finally decided to put up a few pointers even though this post has almost nothing to do with ASMR; things that are most important to take in to account to protect any account online, never mind just YouTube:

  • Always have a firewall and have internet security programs including a trusted and proven anti-virus program or two on your system – only one should have real-time protection enabled. Scan frequently – at the very least once a week.
  • Use a secure browser like Firefox or Chrome.
  • Always keep your operating system and programs on your system up to date.
  • Use program virtualisation tools like Sandboxie, especially with your browser.
  • Don’t click on links if you don’t trust the website being linked to. Try and stick to trusted websites. Avoid questionable or potentially dangerous websites.
  • Don’t download anything or open attachments that are from an unknown source, via email, messages, and the like.

The tips above will help to keep your system free of malware, and will help prevent cyber criminals from gaining access to your account by way of keyloggers or other such malicious software. As for account security, let’s look at the following tips:

  • Keep your passwords stored securely either in a safe if written down or a program on your computer like a password manager. KeePass is one such program.
  • Change your account passwords frequently. Say at least twice a year – preferably 3 or 4 times. Some do it every month!
  • Think about using an anti-keylogger program or a virtual keyboard like Neo’s SafeKeys, particularly if accessing accounts from a friend’s system or an internet cafe.
  • Don’t enter usernames or passwords on apps or third-party websites that are not trusted. Neo’s SafeKeys is trusted.
  • Where available, enable other security features on an account, like security questions, login notifications (applies to Facebook), OTP (one time password) and 2-step verification. Google has a 2-step verification feature – I strongly suggest that you turn this on as far as YouTube is concerned (YouTube is a Google product). Even if a hacker guesses or knows your email address/username and password, they’d still need the numeric password sent to your mobile in order to access your account.
  • Erase cookies, especially when surfing from a public computer, say at an internet cafe. It’s my personal recommendation that you do not access important accounts from internet cafes or other systems that are not your own. Yes, buying a PC or a mobile device may cost you a bit initially, but it’s a worthwhile investment. Also make sure to keep your devices away from others if you do important activities on them.
  • Have a strong password for your administrator and limited accounts.
  • Don’t give out account information to anyone who you have no business with. Don’t fall for phishing scams.

When making a password for an account, also remember the following:

  • The password must be at least 12 characters nowadays, preferably more, in my opinion.
  • It must have lower and upper case letters,
  • numbers,
  • special symbols,
  • punctuation marks,
  • spaces,
  • must not be too short,
  • must not be something easily guessable,
  • must not have characters that are the same consecutively.

There. Hopefully that will help you increase your account security and overall security. TheWaterwhispers specifically wanted to know of ways that a hacker could hack in to a YouTube account – there are so many ways a hacker could gain access to an account. Using malware, including spyware like a keylogger, is one of them. Guessing the password or trying a dictionary attack could also be used. Phishing scams are also to blame for a lot of account compromises – in this case the victim handed over information to person who didn’t have their best interests at heart.

Those are just a few – but the more likely ones in the case of an individual account being hacked. As for entire websites and servers being hacked – there are even more complex methods that I won’t cover here as firstly, I’m not all that knowledgeable on the subject, and secondly, even if I were, it would take too long, and this blog post isn’t really related to ASMR as it is. I’m really just doing it as a service to the community; a public service announcement of sorts.

Stay safe everyone!

Monday, July 23, 2012

ASMR Poll Results: Is There a Negative ASMR?

Well, I’m pleased to see that this latest poll has by far been the most popular, and the results aren’t as mixed as previous polls that have been run on the blog.

All in all, 92 people voted within a time frame of approximately 90 days, or 3 months. A whopping 65 people (70%) voted for option a, which was “ASMR is accompanied by positive sensations and emotions only”.

27 People (30% – even though it reads 29% on the sidebar) voted for “There is a positive and a negative form of ASMR” – which was option c in the poll. So that leaves option b, “ASMR is wholly negative in the sensations and emotions it produces”, completely vacant. Nobody voted there at all. So obviously nobody seems to think that ASMR is totally and utterly bad. Please feel free to leave any more thoughts on this in the comments section.

Thanks to all who voted, and the next poll should be up soon, so watch out for that.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The 30 Day ASMR Challenge

I came upon something interesting the other day over on tumblr. One of the regular ASMR bloggers there, who goes by the username of “violetthebatasmr”, came up with something called the 30 Day ASMR Challenge – as you would have guessed by the post’s title.

There’s a list of 30 questions, and every day you try to answer one of them to the best of your ability. So far, a couple of people are having a go at this from what I can see.

The questions range all the way from what you think ASMR is and what your favourite triggers are, to how you first discovered ASMR and your first memory of it.

As it is, this was created at just about the right time seeing as is it’s early July, so you can spend a little time of each day of the month answering one of these questions. But you can just start at any time – you don’t have to skip the first few questions if you come late to the party, so to speak. Maybe you might even prefer to answer them at your own leisure, instead of day to day. The topics might give you a bit of inspiration on what to write when it comes to talking about ASMR, and generating a bit of conversation; participation – which is always a good thing in a community of any sorts.

In a way, it’s a survey, but one that’s just for a bit of fun.

Monday, June 25, 2012

ASMR Radio Closes Down, Revamp Will be up Soon

Over at the ASMR Radio Facebook Group, Whispering Weaver made a somewhat sad announcement: ASMR Radio is closing down this month – just three months after its original launch. Its first official broadcast was on International ASMR Day – the 9th of April, 2012.

ASMR Radio offers live broadcasts, promoting ASMR whisper artists. In addition to its hosts, the service also offers the community a chance to submit their own content which, after review, may be aired online.

Whispering Weaver, otherwise known as The Weave, or Weave for short, cites poor maintenance as the main reason why the project is shutting down. In its three month lifespan it has suffered several technical issues. In the past, Weave said that donations received from the public would ensure that upgrades to the service could be applied. This will take place chiefly, it seems, in the next few weeks while ASMR Radio is offline. The service is moving to a new server, among other changes. A more reliable, stable service is promised with the future incarnation. There will also be a stronger focus on community-submitted content.

So if all goes well, ASMR Radio should be online again in July. Registered members will receive notification via email when everything is good to go. There will of course be progress updates on the ASMR Radio Facebook group, and probably on the other ASMR Facebook groups, and some select ASMR presences online, too.

Monday, June 11, 2012

An ASMR Video-Seeking App Coming Soon

A while back I reported here on the blog that there was an ASMR app for up for grabs. That app was basically a sound generator that helped induce ASMR, particularly in Type B ASMR experiencers. There’s a demo and a full version of the app in question, both over at the Android marketplace.

This new app, called the ASMR Community app, which is in development, and soon to be released, is designed to make finding ASMR videos online easier. The app is geared towards mobile users and the main platform will be Android, just like the first known app spoken of above, but an iPhone version is also on the cards. It is yet to be revealed if there will be a demo version, and how much the paid for version (if there is one) will go for.

The maker of this app has his own YouTube channel, where he currently has a video showcasing a demonstration video of the app at work.

It will be interesting to see how this app works, and how (if at all) it will differentiate from intentional and unintentional trigger videos. From watching the video there seems to be at least a few different options, filters, and the like so you can sort videos by date, most viewed, etc. It seems to rely on keywords or tags, that are in the title.

So perhaps if you have exhausted the resource of all known trigger videos, and are always on the hunt for new and fresh ones to trigger you, this may be the app to own.

I will post updates here as I find out more.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

ASMR TV Group and YouTube Channel Launched

Earlier on this year the subject of an ASMR TV project was discussed. This tied in with the multimedia discussions including podcasts and radio, all on the ASMR Facebook group. It was stated that YouTube would be about the perfect place for a project like this to exist – seeing as most people who create ASMR videos call it home anyway. Everything is set out for you, so a lot of the hard work is done. Just create your videos, edit them, upload them (maybe edit them on YouTube) and release them to the public, and put them in playlists.

Ephemeral Rift, the individual who launched the ASMR Project, which now has its first theme, has also started another group on Facebook, called ASMR TV. There’s a YouTube channel which is linked to this.

The goal of ASMR TV, according to him, is to put every single ASMR video in to categories to showcase on the YouTube channel. This seems to mainly cater to trigger videos made by ASMR artists – so they may gain more exposure. In other words, intentional trigger videos. The possibility of an ASMR TV show, similar to something akin to ASMR Radio is also being debated. Here you could have interviews, news, and others segments all catering to ASMR!

It’s certainly an ambitious project, so if you’re interested in helping out, drop in over at the ASMR TV Facebook group and sign up!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The ASMR Project: Trigger Video Compilations

Last week I was invited to a new group that was created by Ephemeral Rift. This group is known as The ASMR Project. There’s also a website linked to this group.

What is the ASMR Project all about then, you may ask?

Ephemeral Rift posted a little while back on the ASMR Facebook group about an idea he had: to have people record short video clips which were intended to trigger ASMR in experiencers, and then send them in so that they could be put together in a sort of montage or compilation. So shortly afterwards the Facebook group was set up, and work began on the main website, too.

Currently there’s a poll on the group (which is closed, so you’ll need to apply to join to be able to see what’s going on) where people are voting to determine how long each clip should be. Initially the plan was 15 seconds, but a lot of people are opting for 30 seconds instead, which is the maximum length.

There may be two or three good things about a project like this. First off, everybody likes a compilation, or a collaboration. That’s why when two major whisperers get together and make a video, it grabs everybody’s attention – maybe not everyone, but a lot of people anyway. It’s like a duet with two major artists. Secondly, a person can get more exposure by being involved in a project like this and they’re looking to improve their YouTube channel views and subscriptions, perhaps more. Traffic is a valuable commodity online as we all know.

I can also think of another reason this may well take off: people might like to keep it short and sweet. I’ve read of those online who watch trigger videos, often recommended by others, and complain that a video drags on for too long, the subject matter of the video doesn’t appeal to them, or doesn’t even trigger them by the time they get through it. It might be a good way to sample a trigger video maker’s creations and find the ones you like before committing to some of their larger creations on their YouTube channels or elsewhere. That, and it can apparently take a heck of a long time to upload lengthy trigger videos, particularly if they’re in HD!

Lastly, it might be a bit of fun. In Ephemeral Rifts own words: “Do something because you want to do it”. So go and do it!

You can visit the ASMR Project website (may still be under construction at the time of writing this), and the ASMR Project Facebook group too, for more details.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

An ASMR Themed Television Segment to air Soon

Last year we had an ASMR-themed radio broadcast. This year so far we’ve had talk of an ASMR documentary which has cropped up at least on two separate occasions. There was even word of a dedicated ASMR radio station. That last one happened by the way.

So I found out on ASMR Radio’s Facebook group the other day that there is in fact a member there who has her own TV show. And she gave a few scant details of what she has in mind. She would like people who experience ASMR to appear live as guests on an episode of the TashaTasha show, which will begin airing in June 2012 on Inland Empire's Public Access channel. But if people aren’t willing to do this, she says that callers will also be welcomed. The show will mainly be about people and their experiences with ASMR, how people go about creating trigger videos, and more.

Anybody looking to get a hold of Latasha, the lady in question, should visit ASMR Radio’s Facebook group, and look her up. Then send her a private message using Facebook for details. Otherwise you can also check out her website and send her an email with any questions you might have. She also hosts on ASMR Radio, so expect an announcement of sorts on there at some point if it hasn’t all ready happened.

I do hope that more details about the show will surface over time, and it would be great if we could all tune in to watch. That would be fantastic!

Update: I got in touch with Latasha and she gave me further details on the show. The segment will run for about 15 minutes. In addition to trigger video makers and ASMR experiencers, she also hopes to get a medical professional on the show to, to get his or her opinion on the subject. The end goal is to raise awareness and to drive more traffic to YouTube and ASMR Radio. The show will also be available to watch on YouTube in addition to running live on Latasha’s cable station.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Let’s be Social: Meetups In Your Area

On the Facebook ASMR Group the other day, I noticed a discussion that started on the wall. Shaun, one of the admins, came up with a Scottish ASMR community meet up idea. Now you may think this a bit odd, but the UK is one of the biggest contributors to the ASMR community, second only to the USA. It seems that even though the group has reached 3000 members, there’s still the need to interact with people in a face-to-face situation. Consider that most of us haven’t even met someone personally who knows what we’re on about when or if  we dare to bring up the subject.

So far, however, most if not all of our communication has been online.

So, what do we do? The answer, which has been pointed out by several of our Facebook group members over time, is to try some meetups. They can take place online initially, where you get to know another member of the group. From there, you could even try meeting in real life. This could start out as a one-on-one meeting – just casual, nothing too formal - and you could even begin to discuss your favourite topic (no points for guessing what that is!).

Rdj meetup june2011

The next step could be a small group meeting (the term need not be restricted to get-togethers for religious purposes), if you can find others in your city or town. You can find out someone’s country and/or city of residence by looking at their Facebook page, or other social networking website profiles (you might have to friend them first depending on their privacy settings). Or else you can ask them by contacting them – but at least introduce yourself before attempting this. Maybe a discussion could be set up on the Facebook wall where people can tell each other where they’re from (you shouldn’t give direct street addresses – a country or city is enough initially). There’s a map in the docs section of the Facebook group where people can pin their approximate location. A thread could also be started on the forum, under “introductions”, perhaps. You only have to leave a post or comment if you wish to participate. Nobody will force you. There are those who wouldn’t ever want to meet up with someone they met online in real life for various reasons. That’s completely understandable. It’s entirely up to you.

Another good method of setting something up would be to use There’s all ready an event for a meetup in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. You could use the service to create a meetup in your area, too.

You’ll obviously need to settle on an agreed meeting place and time – this could be your house, or if you’re not yet that comfortable with the idea, rather try a public place; a coffee shop or some such. This is the recommended route to take, I would think.

There’s very little chance that all 3000 members are ever going to meet up anywhere, all at the same time. That would be chaotic – organizing such an event, the venue and all that. So these small group or one-on-one personal meetings are some nice alternatives. Who knows? You could make some new friends (you all have something in common all ready), or even something more than that.

With any sort of arrangement such as these, just remember to be cautious. I’m sure most, if not all of the ASMR group are nice, decent people (like the personality tests, and the like, carried out in the past would indicate), but just keep personal safety in mind. First meet in a public place. If you don’t like each other, then you don’t know where the other party(s) lives (and they don’t know where you reside either, hopefully), apart from being in the same city or country somewhere – and you don’t have to meet them again. If things go well, then perhaps try another meet, and get comfortable with the other person(s) before actually inviting them to your house.

If you try these meetings out, then make sure to tell us about it on Facebook or one one of our network sites, like the forum. We want to know how things went!

Monday, April 23, 2012

New ASMR Poll: Is there a Negative ASMR?

I came across an interesting if not controversial topic on the ASMR forum a while back, and I’ve since seen it crop up on the Facebook group and Reddit among other places. I think it deserves some attention: is there such a thing as a negative or an “anti-ASMR”?

As has been suggested, there’s nothing in the acronym (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) that suggests that ASMR is accompanied only by positive sensations. Some claim to have had experiences where ASMR was so intense that it actually felt bad; it hurt. Most experiencers out there will tell you that their personal experiences with ASMR have been pleasurable, but there’s a small but seemingly growing number of contributors to the theory that there may well exist a negative form of ASMR, or who consider ASMR to be wholly negative as far as their personal experiences with it go.

I’ve even come across comments where some people surprisingly dislike possessing ASMR, maybe because it is painful or annoying. Some go as far as labelling it as a disease.

So I thought it would be interesting to present this to the community and see what all of you think.

And the options for the poll are:

a) ASMR is accompanied by positive sensations and emotions only – you completely discount the theory that a negative or anti-ASMR exists. You also might think that people who claim it does exist are referring to an entirely different condition or phenomenon instead of ASMR.

b) ASMR is wholly negative in the sensations and emotions it produces – at least for you, you experience nothing positive from ASMR at all. Note that this refers to the physical and emotional products of ASMR that you experience personally.

c) There is a positive and a negative form of ASMR – you have either personally experienced both positive and negative forms of ASMR, or you accept that it may well be a possibility for an anti-ASMR to exist.

So that’s it. You all have 90 days (approximately 3 months) to vote. The poll is on the sidebar to the right, a little ways down. Happy voting!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

ASMR Poll Results: Can you Learn to Experience ASMR

Well, it’s that time again. The poll I ran for 3 months is now closed. The question posed to you all was “can you learn to experience ASMR?”. There were three possible answers: “Yes, it’s possible to initially not possess it, and develop ASMR”; “Everyone has it. It’s therefore only possible to realise that one has it”;
and “It’s not possible. You’re either born with it or you aren’t”.

In total there were 46 votes. The least amount of votes, 7 (15%), went to option A, saying that it’s possible to develop ASMR even if one doesn’t initially have it. The second highest number of votes, 17 (36%), went to option B, saying that everybody possesses ASMR and we all either realise we have it as a naturally occurring bodily function of sorts, or we don’t realise it. The latter would essentially be non-experiencers. And the highest number of votes, 22 (47%), goes to option C, where voters believe that it’s not possible to develop ASMR at any point in life after birth. You either have it or you don’t.

So option B and C’s results were rather close, suggesting that maybe we’re beginning to see after time that more people have this than we thought, and maybe it isn’t so rare. Maybe it isn’t rare at all, and indeed is possessed by most, if not all people.

Food for thought.

Thanks to all who cast their votes! I’ll have the next poll up soon.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy ASMR Day, First Radio Broadcast Details

First off, happy International ASMR Day! It’s become the norm to drop the “international” bit seeing as this is a given – experiencers live all around the world!

ASMR Day began on Monday, April 9, 2012 at 12:00 AM GMT, and will continue on until 12:00 AM on Tuesday, April 10, 2012. The time differences hindered the ASMR Radio part of the event a bit, which had its first official broadcast to tie in with the event. There were also some technical issues on the main site as well as some difficulties experienced by people trying to listen in live (browser complications, etc.). Despite this, at one point, according to the ASMR Radio Facebook group, reportedly 200 people were able to tune in via the streaming service on the main website and iTunes, so that’s quite remarkable actually!

For those who missed the live broadcast, I’ve learned that podcasts will be made available for you over at IlseTheWaterdrops’s YouTube channel. Some are still holding out for downloadable mp3s which can even be played while offline as we all know, but the availability of these in future has yet to be confirmed.

Nevertheless, once again, happy ASMR Day, and thanks to all who were involved by either joining the event, participating on any of the Facebook groups we have and discussing it, and not to mention those who organised the event and the Radio broadcast. I’m sure we’ll all look forward to seeing more live broadcasts in future!

Monday, March 26, 2012

The ASMR Atlanta Event

Last week on the Facebook group wall I saw mention of a Meetup event that had been created: The Atlanta Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response event. This event was created by Roz, a community member, for residents or people who live near the city of Atlanta, Georgia, USA to meet up and I would suppose go for coffee, chat to each other, that sort of thing.

I tweeted about it and posted it on our Facebook page a few days ago, but I’ve only just had the time now to put together a little write-up here on the blog.

It’s a closed event so only those who register and join the group can actually see most of what’s going on. A bit of basic information is displayed in the sidebar.  Members who join are referred to as “euphorians”, which I kind of like, to be honest. So much so that I’ve added it to our ASMR glossary of terms!

So if you’re interested, and think you can make it to a meetup event sometime, then head over to the page, sign up and get to know the others! Otherwise, just sign up and get to know the others anyway!

ASMR Radio now up, First Broadcast on International ASMR Day

Earlier this year I remember there being talk of an ASMR radio or multimedia project, which stemmed off of conversation revolving around the idea for an ASMR podcast, which Ryan expressed some interest in working on. I covered this on the blog a while back.

It’s been quiet for some time, but just last week a new Facebook group was created specifically for ASMR Radio, and the official website was unveiled, too. It turns out that Whispering Weaver, an ASMR community member, has been working on all this in secret for some time. Whispering Weaver also has his own YouTube channel dedicated to ASMR triggering/whisper videos.

Slowly more and more people are joining the Facebook group, which is open to the public, and more people are also registering over at the official site which has a forum among other areas to explore. So far there are hosts who have decided to collaborate and contribute to the live broadcasts – in fact anyone can submit material they’ve created and it may well appear live on air. The first official broadcast will coincide with the newly created International ASMR day, which falls on the 9th of April, 2012. So make sure to tune in if you can. I’m sure an mp3 download will be made available for those who miss the show.

An mp3 demonstration of what to expect was actually uploaded recently. This recording was provided by Whispering Willow. Have a listen!

The topic of funding was the one major concern that was brought up when the subject of a radio broadcast was first mentioned. ASMR Radio is paid for by the hosts, out of their own pockets, but the project is also sponsored by advertisers, and does accept donations from listeners, and those otherwise interested. All the funds collected will go in to keeping the project running.

This is all so sudden and exciting, and will really garner a lot more interest in ASMR from the public. Thanks to Whispering Weaver for setting this up and to the hosts and everyone else who has or will contribute to ASMR Radio!

Monday, March 12, 2012

First International ASMR Day Announced

On Facebook I was notified of an event that was recently created by an experiencer. It’s called International ASMR Day and it’s set for Monday, April 9, 2012. The time is set for 12:00 AM until 3:00 AM – not sure if this is an error or if it’s a time that’s been carefully allocated so that everybody all over the globe can join in. Over here where I am it would be about dawn when it starts. I’m not usually up that early!

Right now it’s in the planning stages and on the wall there’s just talk of what could be done as far as celebrations go – that and there’s a graphic that supporters are encouraged to use on their profiles to show their support. As you can imagine there’s also some optimistic ideas for next year, even involving bringing Oprah out of retirement!

There are two or three YouTube videos for you all to watch that might explain what the event is all about and what the people behind it hope to achieve. You can view those here (I've also added them to the community videos playlist on my YouTube channel):

The event is public, and so anybody can see it and join the event – so you can join straight away and invite your friends to do so as well. I’ve posted about it on the Facebook page, and the Facebook group in addition to this blog post. And it’ll also likely crop up on YouTube, Twitter and tumblr.

There’s only really one concern of mine, and that is that it’s a public event, so you have to decide whether you’re comfortable with that. If you find you can’t live with that, it’s quite near Hug Your Brain day, which is on April 24th, just more than two weeks later. This is a closed event celebrated by the ASMR group on Facebook, which first ran in 2010 and again in 2011 (but in a less official capacity), and can only be seen and joined by members. Everyone is sent a mass invite. We even have a logo for this year’s event!

So we have two days to look forward to in April! Thanks go to the organiser of the event, MsAutumnRed and everyone else involved. We hope to see this event succeed!

Update: The event now has a Facebook Page and a Twitter profile. There are also several people who make YouTube announcements related to the event. You can find out who they are by visiting our Facebook group or following the sources mentioned above.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

ASMR Facebook Group has new Moderators!

While we’re trying to keep the incident that led to this decision quiet, or at least be very scant with the details, I am going to announce that the Facebook group has new moderators. Some have been appointed, some have volunteered, and others were elected by the group – a poll was run with several names to vote for. At the end the winner ended up becoming a mod. Congratulations, Shaun! And also to our other moderators, Ryan and Mary!

The runner up on the poll was also offered a spot, but politely declined. We understand it’s a lot of responsibility and quite a bit of time goes in to it, so we respect that person’s decision.

So that brings the total number of admins on the group to 5 (including me), which makes less work for Envelope who up until now has been trying to manage everything there on her own. This means that in the event of spam or a troll attack, it can be dealt with quickly, with several moderators doing the rounds in different time zones, which is handy when one mod has to sleep, because another one has the night watch… or day watch where they are, I suppose.

I would like to take the opportunity to say that we may also be looking to recruit new moderators to fill positions over at the ASMR forum soon. So if you perhaps didn’t get a look in as far the Facebook group goes, you might be able to nab a spot there. More on that later though, perhaps. And we may go the same route of appointing, accepting volunteers and elected candidates.

So if you haven’t yet, get over to the group and say hello to the new moderators if you wish to!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

UNF is now on

After seeing how many experiencers were on tumblr, I thought it was about time that ASMR Research & Support had a presence on the rising social networking site. It makes sense seeing as we’re on Facebook (a page and a group), Twitter, YouTube and there’s even a very large community on Reddit – and the more exposure we get the better. At first I debated whether or not I should go ahead and do it, seeing as I have so much other stuff going on as regards this entire project, and even outside it, but in the end decided to take the plunge.

You can find me over at tumblr, here. Note that the URL and tumblelog name are subject to change, but I’ll give you all notice if that happens, of course.

Right now I’m still getting used to the website and its tools, and so on. It’s not as advanced as say Blogger or Wordpress (not that I’ve used the latter one yet). It’s quite basic – but it is the place to be nowadays for casual blogging, as it seems to be competing against the likes of Twitter, the microblogging service that’s been around for a bit longer. I’m also still trying to figure out what to use it for, what content to put on there. I know I have plenty of unpublished blog posts that might fit nicely on there. So far I have a page with links to all the other main ASMR presences online.

Anyway, if you happen to visit the blog, you can follow me if you like. The site seems to combine elements of Formspring as well in the form of a questions feature, so perhaps if enough interest is garnered I’ll enable it and you can ask me questions or chat if we happen to be online at the same time.

I’m excited, and looking forward to seeing you there! Hope it turns out to be worth the while.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It’s the Second Anniversary of The Unnamed Feeling!

On Facebook a while back, Ryan said he couldn’t believe how far the ASMR group had come. And Envelope replied, saying that it would indeed be two years of existence this month for the group, having been formed in February 2010. Not only that, but February also marks the second anniversary of this blog.

I’m pretty sure I’ve been through it before in various places, but here goes again: the year was 2009, and it was about May when I used Google to search for a term similar to what many others have – something like “tingling head sensation”. I ended up at some forum thread over at Steadyhealth, which had been started as far back as a year or two prior. Terms such as AIHO and AIE were made here. There were also two main people I became slightly acquainted with: Ryan and Envelope, funnily enough – especially the latter individual.

I thought to myself at this point: I should really start a blog or a website about this sometime – and then promptly left it alone for the rest of that year.

It was only in early 2010 when I revisited that thread that I saw there were plans to start up a Facebook group, that I really summoned the energy to go ahead and start this blog. Then after posting here for a few months, and having had comments left on my blog by Envelope and being invited to join her Facebook group, in June 2010 I was contacted again by email and invited to come aboard the ASMR Research team along with, at the the time, Ryan, Domagoj, Adam, Michela, Chaz, and Envelope.

While the team has changed over the last while, the blog is still here, and I still post weekly updates on what’s going on within the community and around it, as well as my own theories, tingle triggers, observations, directories, and of course polls for you to vote on!

It’s been a pleasure so far to have done all I have for the community, helping maintain most if not all of the network sites in some capacity, and getting things going behind the scenes – often to the detriment of some of my other projects outside of ASMR, which I’ve more often that not had to put on the backburner. I’m really hoping that this year we can really make some progress as far as funding and research goes for this project. It needs to happen, and with enough effort and persistence, we should be able to make it happen.

As always, thanks go to the community for participating on all the social networking presences we have like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit, and for coming over here every now and again to read what I have to say.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Beta Version of an ASMR App has been Released!

Type B ASMR experiencers may be in for a treat.

At one point not too long ago on Reddit I saw someone ask if there would be any interest in an ASMR app for use on select smartphones and tablets. It seems as though there must have been a positive enough response, seeing as the person who asked originally went ahead and started developing one.

This week on Reddit there was another topic brought up supposedly by the same individual who claimed that a beta version of the app would be released soon. He then asked participants on the subreddit to comment and list their favourite sound triggers, some of which would be included in the app. So far requests include the likes of whispering sounds (obviously!), scratching, and tapping fingernails, among several others.

Android robotThen surprisingly in the same week, the app was released! It’s the beta version (v 1.0) and it’s called ASMR EXTREME Relaxation. It weighs in at only 5.6 MB but is only available for devices running Android 1.6 and up. The best part is it’s completely free! So far the beta features sound effects of the following: 3D haircut; nail tapping; cutting paper; white noise; hair brushing; scratching; wood scraping; and pink noise.

So if you haven’t all ready, get over to the Android marketplace and get a hold of this cool little app, try it out, and be sure to tell us what it’s like!

Thanks go to hyperbytex for developing the app.

Update: hyberbytex seems to be a very fast worker, because a full version of this app is all ready available!

Once again it’s hosted over at the Android marketplace. This version differs from the demo or beta version mentioned above in the following ways: you can reportedly make “4 million different ASMR experiences with 22 sound triggers”, and this is a paid-for app. It’s 13 MB in weight this time around. There’s been no confirmation thus far despite some demand whether this app will ever be supported by other operating systems.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Be Aware of Select ASMR Presences Online

It’s come to my attention that there may well exist some “unofficial” ASMR websites or locations on the web – one of the known ones is a Facebook presence claiming to be an official representation, and it is indeed NOT affiliated with ASMR Research and Support in any “official” capacity. Another is a Facebook page named “ASMR” and was started up by a well-meaning community member who may have been unaware of the all ready existing Facebook page. As you may well know, the official ASMR Research and Support Facebook page is here. And our Facebook group is here (closed so you’ll have to join).
When in doubt, check the listing of network sites in the sidebar here on the blog, or in the Hotspots page. If a website’s URL isn’t listed there, use caution. You can always contact me or one of the other research team members for further information.

While we can’t stop anyone from creating their own Facebook profiles, groups, or pages, or any other sites dedicated to ASMR, we just wish to politely ask the creators of these presences on the web that they not intentionally mislead people who are looking for the more established websites and presences online – and by this I’m referring to sites linked to ASMR Research and Support. I’m specifically taking issue here with individuals who are not part of our research team or even the community who might take, without permission, names; logos; graphics, information and other such things associated with Research and Support. And the last thing we want is for anybody to end up being mislead or scammed.

We’re aware of other pages and groups on Facebook and thankfully to date most if not all of them seem harmless. If you wish to join these groups, feel free to do so, but be sure to take in to account privacy issues. One of these groups for example is open and not closed to the public, so anything you post on it could very well end up being available for others to see. Decide whether you’re okay with this before posting anything personal.

We’re doing our best to communicate our concerns with the creators of these web presences, and I thought it best to just make the community aware of the fact.

Thank you.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

ASMR Multimedia Projects Planned, Podcast Soon

Recently we’ve seen a renewed interest from a former team member, Ryan. Ryan founded the precursor to the ASMR group on the web years ago which is known as SoS, or Society of Sensationalists – a Yahoo Group which still exists to this day.

He was heavily involved in the community up until some time in 2010 when he took a leave of absence to focus on other projects like his budding music career. But different from the occasional wall post in the past, Ryan is now seeking to be apart of the team and community on a more regular basis again, and has been reinstated.

The subject of a radio broadcast was brought up on the Facebook Group, and among those interested was Ryan. Because of his musical background, he no doubt has some technical knowledge in operating the equipment and software necessary to accomplish this. But the only thing holding him back at this point in time is the cost of setting up a radio station. Subscriptions differ, and allow for varying hours of air time depending on the subscription.

What followed in the discussion was a rather impressive solution brought up by one or two community members. It was suggested that the community could pitch in and co-fund the project. Seeing as it’ll benefit the entire community, it would seem an ethical route to take.

I first read of co-funding or community funding years ago when Gabe Newell of Valve Corporation (known for the Half-Life video game series among others) suggested a bold concept – if people wanted to see a particular project get off the ground, developed, and released to the public, particularly if it’s a new intellectual property, they should be willing to fund the development of it. I know there are several ideas swimming around on the ASMR Facebook group alone, but the question always remains the same: who will end up funding it? It ends up being the biggest obstacle. And I’m going to touch on this subject again sometime soon.

We may well have a separate Facebook page for our future ASMR-themed multimedia projects, because there’s also talk of setting up an ASMR TV channel, but those who would accomplish this are planning on using YouTube to do it for now. Apparently it’s not hard to do, and of course YouTube is free.

Mind that this is all in the very early stages; merely just talk for now. But like one member of the group quoted: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

So you might just see these projects realised sooner or later. Soon, Ryan will hopefully have a podcast up and running, which I suggested he do in order to gain some experience and practice for when he actually runs a live radio broadcast, so look out for that in the mean time. I will of course have a write up and a link here on the blog when it’s available.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

ASMR Movie Scene Directory

This is a collection of scenes from movies, TV series, and the like that act as triggers for experiencers. If you have any suggestions for scenes that provoke a reaction in you, be sure to leave a comment. Make sure to include the name of the film as well as a brief description of the scene in question, including the names of actors involved. If you can, also include extra details such as the time that elapses during the film before the scene occurs (e.g. 13:31).

Also, if you have any information for a scene all ready in the directory that is missing, such as actors that star in it and the like, then also feel free to comment.

3rd Rock From The Sun S5 E? “Title?” (2000) – “Baking with Margaret scene” with Kristen Johnston
American Psycho (2000) – “Morning routine” with Christian Bale
Avatar (2009) – (NMI) Encore
Battlestar Galactica (2003) – mini-series; opening scene
Blackadder S1 E4 - “Spanish Infanta” (1983) – “Blue stone of Galveston scene” with Tim McInnerny; “Earl of Doncaster dress up scene” with Tony Robinson
Black Swan (2010) – “breaking in pointe shoes scene” with Natalie Portman
Bladerunner (1982) – “Deckard first meets Rachel and Tyrell scene” with Harrison Ford
Because of Winn Dixie (2005) – “Butterfly guitar scene” with Dave Matthews
Becoming Jane (2007) – Deleted Scenes Part 1
Before Sunrise (1995) – “palm reading scene”
Being John Malkovich (1999) – “ordering from catalogue scene” with John Malkovich
Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992) – “Absinthe scene” with Gary Oldman, Winona Ryder; “Hypnosis scene” with Anthony Hopkins, Winona Ryder
Children of Men (2006) – “Cease fire scene” with Clive Owen
Cleo 5 to 7 (1962) – (NMI*)
Close Encounters Of The Third Kind (1977) – “Air traffic control scene” (NMI)
Colour it Clean (1966) – (NMI)
Contact (1997) – “Wormhole scene” with Jodie Foster
Death Becomes Her (1992) – “Magic potion scenes” with Meryl Streep
Deliverance (1972) – “Banjo duel scene”
Dexter (2006 – ) – “Morning routine scene” with Michael C. Hall
Doctor Who - “Christmas edition” (2011) – “tree energy absorbing scene”
Edward Scissorhands (1990) – NMI with Johnny Depp
Faces in the Crowd (2011) – (NMI)
Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004) – Intro piece
Fantastic Mr Fox (2009) – (NMI)
Father Ted S? E? (1995 – 1998) – “Ghost story scene” with Ardal O’Hanlan
Fight Club (1999) – “Tyler chewing snacks on phone scene” with Edward Norton
Full Metal Panic (1998 - ) – “Haircut scene” (NMI)
Ghost Hunters (2002 – ) – various scenes
Ghost Hunters International (2006 – ) - various scenes
Ghost Town (2008) – “Hospital scene” with Ricky Gervais, Kristen Wiig
Gigantic (2011) – (NMI) with Zooey Deschanel
Gummo (1997) - (NMI)
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001) – “The Ollivander's Wand Shop scene” with Daniel Radcliffe
Hook (1991) – “There you are Peter scene” with Robin Williams
Inglourious Basterds (2009) – “If the shoe fits scene” with Christopher Waltz, Diane Kruger
I, Robot (2004) – “Robot arm scene” with Will Smith and Bridget Moynahan
James May on the Moon (2007) – “U-2 spy plane scene” with James May
Jurassic Park (1993) – “Dr. Malcolm's Chaos Theory” with Geoff Goldblum
Karate Kid (1984) – “Bonsai tree cutting scene” with Noriyuki "Pat" Morita, Ralph Macchio
Kill Bill (2003) – “The story of Pai Mei by the fireside scene” with David Carradine
Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (2004) – “Meeting Esteban Vihaio scene” with Michael Parks
Lemony Snicket’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events (2004) – “Stephano scene” with Jim Carrey
Lie To Me (2009 – 2011) – “Intro scene”
Lost in Translation (2003)
Love, Actually (2003) “Gift wrap scene” with Rowan Atkinson
Mad Men S4 E4 "The Rejected" (2010) – “beginning of the focus group scene”
Matilda (1996) – “large math problem scene” with
Meet the Fockers (2006) – “Ear massage scene” with Barbara Streisand
Monty Python And The Holy Grail (1975) – “Women in castle scene” with Michael Palin
Monty Python: The Life of Brian (1979) – “Crucifixion? Good. scene” with Michael Palin
Mouse Hunt (1997) – (NMI) with Christopher Walken
Mr Bean S1 E2 – “The Return of Mr Bean" (1990) – “Christmas shopping scene”
Mr Bean S1 E7 – “Merry Christmas Mr Bean” (1992) – “Christmas cracker scene”
Mr Bean S1 E10 – “Do it yourself Mr Bean” (1993) – “New Years preparation scene”
My Family S8 E4 - “Wax job” (2007) – “Soldier painting scene” with Robert Lindsey
Mythbusters E76 (2007) – “Hypnosis scene” with Grant Imohara
No Country For Old Men (2007) – “Final speech scene” with Tommy Lee Jones
Parks and Recreation S2 E9 “The Camel” (2009) – “Ron's Shoe Shine scene” with Nick Offerman
Pleasantville (1998) – “Make up scene” with Tobey Maguire
Prey (2007) – “How I met your father scene” with Bridget Moynahan
Pulp Fiction (1994) – “Captain Koons scene” with Christopher Walken
Rev S1 E4 - “The One Show” (2010) – “Talking to God scene” with Tom Hollander
RoboCop II (1990) – “Sunblock 5000 scene” with Fabiana Udenio
Rowan Atkinson Live (1992) – “Indian waiter scene” with Rowan Atkinson
Salad Fingers (2004) – (NMI)
Seinfeld S2 E8 “The Heart Attack” (1991) – “The Holistic Healer scene” with Michael Richards, Jason Alexander
Sherlock (BBC series) S? E? (2011) – “I've made you coffee scene” (NMI)
Sherlock Holmes (2009) – “Fight simulation scene” with Robert Downey .Jnr
Sherlock Holmes 2: Game of Shadows (2011) – “Marksman breathing scene”
Sit and be Fit (1987 – ) – (NMI)
Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991) – “Rebooting scene” (deleted scene) with Arnold Schwarzenegger 
The Artist (2011) – “Tap Dancing to the Top scene”
The Big Lebowski (1998) – (NMI) “Money exchange scene” with Phillip Seymour Hoffman
The English Patient (1996) – Opening titles
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2011) – (NMI) paper flipping and research noises (multiple)
The Island (2005) – “Psych evaluation scene” with Ewan McGregor and Sean Bean
The Legend of Bagger Vance (1998) – (NMI) with Will Smith
The Matrix (1999) – “Interrogation scene” with Keanu Reeves and Hugo Weaving; “slop scene” (NMI); “Agent Smith and Cypher scene” with Hugo Weaving
The Mirror – (NMI)
The New World – (NMI)
The Outlaw Josey Wales (1976) – “Lone Watie scene”
The Parent Trap (1998) – “Desk scene” with Lindsey Lohan
The Princess Bride (1987) – “Count Rugen using ‘The Machine’ on Wesley” with Christopher Guest
The Shining (1980) – “Bathroom scene” with Jack Nicholson
The Thin Red Line (1998) – (NMI)
The Village (2004) – (NMI)
The Wire (2002) S1 E4 – “Murder scene with cursing only” with Wendell Pierce and Dominic West 
ThunderCats (1985 - 1989) – Intro
Tootsie (1982) – “Bedroom scene” with Dustin Hoffman, Jessica Lange
Top Gear S10 E2 (2007) – “Stig listens to hypnosis track” with Ben Collins
Toy Story 2 (1999) – “Fixing Woody scene”
Vanilla Sky (2001) – (NMI)
Western Spaghetti (2009) – (NMI)
When Harry Met Sally (1989) – “Restaurant Orgasm Scene” with Billy Crystal, Meg Ryan
Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory (1996) – “intro scene”
Wings of Desire (1987) – “Library scene”; various scenes

If you liked this list, then also check out a similar topic on the ASMR subreddit, or visit the scene directory playlist over at the UNF YouTube channel. Thanks.

Last updated on Tuesday, the 10th of April, 2012

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

ASMR YouTube and Soothetube Contests up and Running

I originally saw this on Facebook and tweeted about it – but the details were scant at the time. Now the contest is getting out of the planning stage, and I seem to be a bit more clued up as to what’s going on.
Lauren, an experiencer in the community, who has her own YouTube channel, and celebrated 1000 subscriptions the other day, decided to start up her own ASMR trigger video contest. All one has to do to enter is make their own trigger video and upload it to YouTube and submit it to her to somehow – perhaps by YT message. A prize will be given to two winners – one female and one male. The respective prizes are a Jewelmint bracelet and the other a handmade Winter hat (not so useful to me seeing as it’s Summer, and boiling hot here at the moment). The winner will be determined randomly.

I’d put a link to Lauren’s YouTube channel but unfortunately these types of channels have been subject to a lot of abuse as of late. So if you’re a member of the Facebook group, search the wall (use the search feature and type “contest” or “competition”) a bit, and you should find the details there.

Update: There’s a video that’s been uploaded to tinglesanonymous’ channel which explains the rules of the competition. So it looks like this contest is in full swing.

Update #2: This competition is closed as of 5 March, 2012. Winners will be announced on the channel it took place on.

Speaking of which, Soothetube, renowned within the whisper video community, is having its own contest, which I was notified of via YouTube. Here you also submit your own video and the winner will have their video featured on for a whole month. Soothetube reportedly has over 3000 daily visitors, so the winner will receive rewards in the form of highly sought after traffic – which will most likely lead to subscriptions to the winner’s YouTube channel and from there traffic to your own website if you have a link on your YouTube profile.

Check for the rules of the contest.

It’s great to see some initiative like this taken by the community. Good luck to all who enter and thanks go to Lauren and Soothetube for setting up their respective contests!

Update: It turns out there’s yet another contest running on YouTube, this time over at asmrVids. The person in charge of the channel reached a 500 subscription milestone, and decided to set the competition up to celebrate. To enter all you have to do is visit this particular video and leave a comment. Two people will be chosen, and asmrVids will then do a custom video just for the winners. The contest is only open until early February, so get there quickly!

Update #2: This contest should be closed by now.
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These are just mini-updates that I was too lazy or busy to make a post for. They also list changes or additions that have been made to the blog, for interest's sake and to follow how the blog is developing.

- Enabled mobile layout for blog.

- Updated hotspots page.

- Work in progress on new page.

Full list here.

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