Monday, December 5, 2011

PSA: YouTube Playlist Issues

I’ve tweeted about the situation on Twitter – the other day, and about a month or so ago, too. I’ve decided to go more in depth here for those who follow the blog.

There’s a nasty YouTube bug, where videos in playlists disappear all of a sudden. A while back I lost 20-30 videos out of the recommended videos playlist. Just recently though I lost many more – about a third of the entire playlist if not more. I was doing routine cleaning up and moving of videos to other ASMR playlists. I clicked “save” and got an error message, reading: “Invalid request”. I clicked save again, and after the page loaded, I was stuck with less than 100 videos in the playlist, when I had over 150 just minutes earlier. I only moved less than 10 videos to other playlists.

This is the second time this has happened in the last month or two. I’ve reported this bug both times. It seems that others experience issues such as this, too. YouTube or Google needs to get this fixed ASAP. It’s most annoying. I was so bloody cross, especially the second time it occurred.

So all that work collecting recommended links and then adding them to playlists all went to waste.

But perhaps all is not lost. I have the history feature on YouTube which lets me see which videos I’ve seen lately. I’d have to go about visiting the links and adding them all over again. I also mentioned that I collect links to the YouTube trigger videos – I have a good habit of copying and pasting them in to a note-taking extension for my browser. So I can also do it that way – but it would be harder to see which video is which, I think.

For future use, to prevent this sort of thing having such a catastrophic effect on the channel, I’ve set up a backup playlist, which is unavailable for public viewing (private). So all trigger videos that I add to any playlist will also be added to this playlist in case the worst happens: I have another disappearing act on one of my playlists. I should have done this months ago. I meant to do it after the first time I came across this nasty bug.

That’s why it pays to have separate playlists and not just one big one. I learnt this the hard way. It just seems to happen with said playlist though, so I might have to start another big one and abandon this one. I’ll something out. I’ve actually added several new ASMR playlists based on theme just lately.

Sorry for the inconvenience it might have caused any of you. I’ll gradually try and re-add the videos that were lost.

1 comment:

  1. i have my own youtube playlist set up... but i can never completely fall asleep because in the back of my head, i keep thinking that i need to shut the computer at some point.

    i wish there was a sleep timer feature. i wonder if ipads or other mobile devices have that.


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