Monday, December 19, 2011

Have a look at some ASMR Logo Designs

In the last month or two on the ASMR Facebook group there’s been a discussion or two related to ASMR logos. We had one conversation talking about which existing ASMR logos people liked the most. We have the first circle that Jenn came up with, then the revised one that is most commonly used, and we have the UNF World design that I made, using a public domain image of the earth as a base.

I proposed that perhaps we should have a competition of sorts where people can submit their own logos that they’ve designed and we can choose the best looking ones to be exhibited on various network sites, such as this one.

The other conversation which was brought up talked about different products that we could have that sport an ASMR logo of sorts. So more and more logos started being submitted by two or three people in the group.

We had at least one member of the community who happens to be into graphic design, and volunteered to showcase some designs. As of right now I’ve seen some scribbles or doodles of these designs, which may or may not be improved upon and made in to professional looking logos. Another member has also contributed some great looking logos. If you’re a member of the group on Facebook you can view these in the pictures section. She’s also very nicely given me permission to show off the designs here on the blog too.

"spraypaint" graphic"tropical" graphic"continent" graphic

                              Click on the pictures for bigger versions

I don’t know how the community would react to having logos, or perhaps popular community phrases put on mugs, T-shirts and so on. I’d personally like the idea of having some business cards that have an ASMR logo on. There’s no doubt it would make for increased traffic and membership – which just keeps gaining and gaining as we speak. But I was promised I wouldn’t ever have to hand out flyers!

There’s one nice idea on the group related to T-shirts – having ASMR phrases in a sort of code that would be recognisable to other experiencers and those who are familiar with the design, but would be practically indecipherable to most other people.

For now the design, production and distribution of any ASMR products is merely just talk. If anyone out there wishes to go ahead and make some, then they can go ahead – we can’t really stop you. But I don’t think it’s really a priority for the research team as such, for the time being anyway. Be sure to post photos of any creations, though!

I tried to get in to the T-shirt designing business years ago when I was a teenager, but it didn’t ever really get anywhere, to be honest. I had a design, and looked in to the cost of buying T-shirts, printing or applying logos, and then having to sell them. But the idea just faded. Years later I found out from others’ experiences that it’s an extremely hard industry to break in to – fashion. But at least we all ready have the market, with over 2000 members on the Facebook group, and even other experiencers and non-experiencers that support us, who aren’t on Facebook.

Do you want to see, and would you like to own ASMR-branded products? Nothing is set in stone here, mind. We’re just discussing the subject for now. Chime in, in the comments below on this hugely interesting subject.

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  1. For an official image that defines the feeling, I like the image that I see on all of the ASMR websites with the ball/circle that has all of the circles spilling around it like a fountain. It is on this page on the right-hand column. The image looks like what ASMR feels like. I would use that or a variant of it, perhaps with some sort of trancey, luminous colors and the letters ASMR hidden on it.


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