Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New ASMR Poll: ASMR Death

It’s time for the new poll to be put up. No suggestions were posted anywhere, so I’ve been combing through the network websites for ideas, and came across something rather good as a topic for this poll.

Has your ASMR ever disappeared?

It’s a subject often brought up within the community. Most of us know that with age especially, ASMR tends to fade and events become less frequent and/or intense. But a related matter that strikes fear in to the heart of any asmer is the complete and utter shutdown of ASMR – when you can no longer experience for whatever reason. This might be due to overexposure to triggers, whatever they may be; psychological factors; medication, or some other reason altogether.

So the options for the poll are as follows:

Yes, I currently don’t experience.

Recently you stopped experiencing, and currently there’s no response to any sort of trigger that might have worked at an earlier date.

I haven’t experienced in a long while.

You stopped experiencing months or years ago, and it hasn’t come back yet, or worse yet: you fear it won’t return at all.

It left me in the past, but came back eventually.

You stopped experiencing at some point but after a period of time ASMR returned, and you resumed experiencing.

I haven’t had this happen yet/at all.

Luckily you haven’t had ASMR disappear on you… yet. And perhaps you dread the day that it may come.

Quite a touchy subject, perhaps. You’ll find the new poll on the sidebar as usual. It should stay open until January sometime so you all have a nice long amount of time to vote. Enjoy!


  1. Hey, is the forum down? I got an error when I tried going there.

  2. Yes, it seems to be. I tweeted about it being down the other day, but it's still down, which is odd. I'll contact Jenn and have a word.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  3. So how many people have ASMR?

  4. Hi there,

    I've been getting ASMR my whole life, but only recently realized what it is. And I realized a good friend of mine gets them too.

    One interested thing we both have in common, is that we both have "Occipital buns", a small protrusion at the back of the skull bone (occipital bone). Does anyone else have both ASMR and the occipital bun? Maybe the two are related!


    1. I DO! I never thought that could be connected!

  5. As soon as I came to know that there actually is something like ASMR, it has stopped altogether. I watched some videos named 'asmr' without knowing what it is and they triggered my tingles intensely. But now, watching the same videos doesn't help at all! Why did this happen? Did I subconsciously develop a resistance to it after I learnt that ASMR isn't my own, personal, secret feeling?


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