Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Check Out This Blog: ASMR Videos

Posted on the Facebook group wall the other day was a link to a new ASMR dedicated blog. It’s called ASMR Videos and it covers what I have been thinking about for some time. It’s a blog that has small reviews of trigger video clips, as well as audio clips without video, too. Basically in each post there’s an embedded YouTube video with a little write up. I’ve done this in the past on this blog, as well.

The blog was started in July this year.

Seeing as it’s a dedicated website, I’ve added it to the ASMR Network. Links to network sites can be found on this blog’s (the one you’re reading now) sidebar as well as the Hotspots section under “Pages”.

The ASMR Videos blog was created and is maintained using Blogger, but is hosted on a separate domain to BlogSpot. This makes it the second - one of only 2 websites - that is hosted on a user-owned/paid domain, so far.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Mobile Layout for UNF Activated

New Mobile CellPhone Infos
I noticed a while back in Blogger that you can activate a mobile layout. I’ve ignored this feature for a while, but recently, after viewing the statistics for the blog and seeing how many people (around 15% in the last month) view the content of the blog on an iPhone or another handheld device, I decided to enable the mobile layout. It’s very easy to set up and I chose a theme that complements the existing web layout nicely; simple yet functional.

So, like I was saying when I posted on the ASMR Facebook page a little while back: try it out and see if you like it. It’s easy enough to switch back to the web layout if you want. There should be an option to do so below the current post you’re reading.

You can post feedback on this newly unveiled feature in the comments, or email me if you like.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New ASMR Poll: ASMR Death

It’s time for the new poll to be put up. No suggestions were posted anywhere, so I’ve been combing through the network websites for ideas, and came across something rather good as a topic for this poll.

Has your ASMR ever disappeared?

It’s a subject often brought up within the community. Most of us know that with age especially, ASMR tends to fade and events become less frequent and/or intense. But a related matter that strikes fear in to the heart of any asmer is the complete and utter shutdown of ASMR – when you can no longer experience for whatever reason. This might be due to overexposure to triggers, whatever they may be; psychological factors; medication, or some other reason altogether.

So the options for the poll are as follows:

Yes, I currently don’t experience.

Recently you stopped experiencing, and currently there’s no response to any sort of trigger that might have worked at an earlier date.

I haven’t experienced in a long while.

You stopped experiencing months or years ago, and it hasn’t come back yet, or worse yet: you fear it won’t return at all.

It left me in the past, but came back eventually.

You stopped experiencing at some point but after a period of time ASMR returned, and you resumed experiencing.

I haven’t had this happen yet/at all.

Luckily you haven’t had ASMR disappear on you… yet. And perhaps you dread the day that it may come.

Quite a touchy subject, perhaps. You’ll find the new poll on the sidebar as usual. It should stay open until January sometime so you all have a nice long amount of time to vote. Enjoy!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

ASMR Poll Results: Do You get ASMR From Digital Media?

It’s time for the current ASMR Poll to close, after 3 months. You’ve all had a nice long time to cast your vote. So, the question was: “Do you get ASMR from digital media?”

Let’s dissect the results.

Out of 30 voters, 10 (33%) said that they always got ASMR from watching recommended digital media. This includes YouTube videos, sound clips, TV shows, radio; everything.

A slightly higher percentage of people claim they only get ASMR from digital media sometimes. 13 individuals (43%) voted for this option. This means that recommended video and audio triggers won’t always do the trick for whatever reason.

2 people (6%) said they only get it from certain digital media. So only video triggers, or only audio triggers. It’s like Tora in the interview on The Buzz last month claimed: “I’m not a voice person”, and “it’s visual for me” in response to questions asked by Afentra, one of the hosts of the segment.

And a few people -a sixth of all respondents (5 people, or 16%)- claimed to not experience at all while watching or listening to any sort of digital media. Only real, personal experiences trigger ASMR in these individuals, perhaps making it harder for them to experience. But it’s a hell of a motivator to get out of the house, I suppose!

So those are the results. Stay tuned for the next poll, which should be up and running and ready for you to vote on in the next few days, hopefully! On Twitter I asked for  suggestions for the new poll, so send them in by next week, or else… I’ll have to make one up again.

Thanks to all who voted!

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