Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Listen out for an ASMR-Orientated Radio Broadcast Soon

I was over at the ASMR Reddit (or subreddit, whatever), and came across an interesting entry. Somebody, known only as “dannyboi965” (Dannyboi on the show), is looking to do a radio interview (don’t people do podcasts nowadays?), and they’re looking for someone, preferably an asmer, to come on the show (either in person or via phone – not sure on the details).

Some excerpts from the thread:
“I learned of ASMR from a recent thread, and I happen to work for a radio station KRBZ Kansas City, I'd love to have one of you on to talk about ASMR. Takers?”
“I do not experience this, and am extremely jealous of the AIHO. What are some things that give you the feeling?”
“wanna chat with us tomorrow?” (in response to another poster)
“you can! You free tomorrow? Email me! I pmed you” (in response to another poster)
“We love you too! ASMR tomorrow at 0830 [here] (”
The person who replied and said he or she would volunteer, goes by the name “Tora_Tora” on Reddit.
The community over there, even though they were asked to do an interview, and at least one agreed, were quick to point the original poster in the direction of the Facebook group, and dropped Envelope’s name, too, as a possible interview candidate, or volunteer.

I’ve had a feeling for some time that this would happen eventually, and personally I don’t think I would volunteer for a radio interview either, myself! Maybe a written one. But in any case, it seems to be that the buzz (no pun intended) around ASMR is growing. It’s spreading all over the place online, and now even elsewhere, offline!

If anyone out there still has a radio, and happens to listen to KRBZ today, or ever, make sure you tune in, because there might be a segment on ASMR, if all this is anything to go by. It’s at 08:30 AM (CST, or CDT) in the morning, in Kansas City, Missouri according to what I read above.

Otherwise you could try and listen online (or download the mp3 – ah, technology!) at the official website for the show:

Update: The mp3 is up on one of the blogs at The Buzz (direct link is the bottom one):


  1. Sigh, I guess we can't expect much better from a radio show than snickering, insisting on calling it "head orgasms" and talking about "getting off." Thanks for posting the link, though!

  2. You're absolutely right. That's the same feeling I got while listening to it. I was a bit embarrassed to be honest.

  3. They called him a freak at the end. Wow. I know there was a lot of joking around and whatnot, and these hosts are probably really nice people - but they seemed kinda rude to me. Sounded like the one being interviewed didn't know whether he should be insulted or not.


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