Monday, August 1, 2011

Change of Address to HubPages Article

This last month I read of some news that might concern our group a bit. Google introduced some sort of new algorithm for search engines called Panda a while ago (version 2 more recently), which basically put, helps weeds out all the good, original content out there on the web, from the rubbish spam and low quality content. This gives real writers or a webmasters a chance rather than giving everything to people who focus on SEO (search engine optimisation) and “abuse” the system, in a way.

So HubPages, a website that I write on, found a way to overcome this restructuring. They now require all writers to have subdomains – this way everyone on the site will be ranked, or judged, separately by Google. Good writers will see an increase in traffic, while not-so-good writers will see no effect. This is nothing new really, seeing as Blogger/BlogSpot, for instance, has been doing this for years.

So now you might be wondering how this affects the ASMR community. Simply put, I have a hub, or article, on one of my HubPages profiles, and it’s dedicated to ASMR – one of the network sites (even though it’s just one page, really). Still, it’s one of the most popular in said network, and I’m not trying to brag by saying this – I’ve looked at the statistics, as well as the comments. Lots of asmers (and others) visit and comment on that hub.

So this new subdomain rule might change the address of that hub. Currently it’s at But by August 10th, 2011, all writers will have subdomains on HP, and so the URL will change to (not yet “active” as of publishing this on 08/01/11 – just acts as a redirect).

The first bit is my profile name on there – and yes I do somewhat regret it sometimes. But I can’t choose what my subdomain name will be, unfortunately. I can switch to using a subdomain right now if I wanted, but I thought I would warn all those within (and even outside) the community about the change first, in case you’re not aware of it. We have about a week and a half to go.

The decision to change to subdomains is final, and we have no say in it, really – it’s either accept it, or take your content and go elsewhere. HubPages has gradually been cracking down on low quality content and so on, on its site, and has introduced many new regulations and the like over the past year or so. Some writers may well leave – even the top authors, if they don’t like change too much. In fact, I was looking at the Quantcast statistics just the other day, and HubPages has in fact dropped from being in the top 50 sites in the US to somewhere outside the top 100. That’s Panda in action, probably, and the cause for all the concern.

I’ve all ready changed to a subdomain on my other HP profile to see what effect it would have. It might be a bit too early to compare as far as traffic statistics go, seeing as Google will have to index all of these “new” pages I suppose. It’s complicated perhaps, but I have a basic grasp of what’s going on. 

As always, you can leave your comments regarding the topic of this post at the bottom. If you’d like to share more about Panda or subdomains, that would be okay, too.

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