Thursday, April 14, 2011

ASMR Facebook Group hits 1000 Members!

I just tweeted about it the other day, saying that we were this close to 1000 members on the Facebook Group.

That was Tuesday.

On Wednesday, the total member count went from about 985 to over 1000! And here I am blogging about it today.

“Welcome to all the new members of the group! We've hit 1,000 members today!

I'd like to invite all new members to use the ASMR forum and website for further information and to discuss topics in greater depth: and Any discussion is welcome, and our group charter (under the Facebook Discussions tab above) outlines some very simple rules on tolerance and staying on topic within the group and site. Thanks for joining us in this experience!”

This is what Jenn, AKA Envelope Nomia (founder of the group), had to say about this milestone; posting the message on the ever popular Facebook Group wall. Speaking of which, like she says, we’re still looking for more participation on the official ASMR forum. I see that as of this week, still community members are posting in existing Facebook discussion threads, and starting new ones. I know that there are those who are likely new to the community, but we’ve been trying to stop this from occurring.

Old threads that used to exist on the Facebook group (and have since been deleted) were long ago migrated over to the ASMR forum and archived (by yours truly), and the discussion continued there. At some point, the threads that are still on Facebook, as well as newly created ones, will likely just be deleted.

We don’t mean to come across as being totalitarian or domineering, but think of it this way: there’s more privacy on the forum, and you can even use a nickname, whereas on Facebook you are encouraged to use your real one (although not all of us do!).

Anyway, I’d like to say that it’s amazing to see the group achieve this milestone. 1000 members… I didn’t ever think it would grow to be that big – and it’s surely not going to stop; it’ll grow even more, I think. Doing searches on the web the other day lead me to a plethora of new websites and discussion forums - which I’ve added to the “Hotspots” section in the sidebar, by the way.

Thanks to all for joining the group and participating on any one, or all of the network sites – whether it be this blog, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, or the forums. Let’s continue to grow!

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  1. I get this feeling every once in a while. It seemed to happen every since I was small child (around 7 or so) but the most vivid case that I remember having was at a Pre-SAT testing session when I was 13. A kid behind me was chewing gum and also had a childish lisp. It seemed to clear my mind in a way but I wasn't able to fully concentrate on my surroundings.


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