Sunday, April 24, 2011

It’s Hug Your Brain Day… Sort of

Last year when the Facebook Group was just two months in to its existence, an event was held online that was named Hug Your Brain Day. This took place on the 24th of April, 2010.

I didn’t attend it seeing as even though I’d heard of the Facebook Group at that time, I hadn’t yet joined.

So I thought, why not keep it alive and make it an annual ASMR-related holiday? You don’t actually have to go anywhere, physically. Wherever you are, you just take some time to relax and stimulate your sensillations – and you have to do it as long as possible, as many times as possible, throughout the day. It’s a Sunday this year, mercifully, so some of us might find it easier to do it on the day of rest.

And you can also talk about your experiences in doing this with the rest of the group online if you want – on the Facebook wall, or on the forums, or even on Twitter.

Watch your favourite trigger videos, listen to chill-inducing music, listen to the radio, or go through your own collection or personal triggers (like I will!), and just let go. Relax, and let those wonderful tingles just caress your entire body. Do this as much as possible for the entire day.

Just enjoy it. And if you all ready do this every day anyway… then do it anyway!

Monday, April 18, 2011

New ASMR Playlists Available on YouTube

Over the past two or three days I’ve been in my YouTube account sorting through the “Recommended Videos” playlist again. Guess why? It was nearing 200 videos again, and YouTube has this rather inefficient and unsatisfactory limit on the number of videos in a playlist.

After much consideration I decided, rather than start another huge playlist full of unsorted videos, that I would go another route – one which was suggested to me last year after the last sorting took place: start individual playlists based on the content of the videos.

Until the other day, we had just four playlists: the recommended playlist, along with “music”, “short films and trailers”, and the community playlist – which is gradually picking up in number.

So now, we have a total of about ten playlists or so, with titles ranging from “beauty”, which has a lot of those makeup tutorials and the like, to unboxings – the opening of packages, which usually have some sort of technological gizmo inside.

New ASMR playlistsThis has reduced the number of unsorted videos in the big playlist by quite a bit, and you now have several playlists to play around with. Videos that appear in these playlists are recommended by you - the community - when you post them on the ASMR Facebook Group wall, or in the official forum’s trigger video links thread (by the way, I also worked on this thread too, merging it with several other smaller threads with links posted in them, recently).

I don’t personally go around looking for videos all the time, but I do add the ones you recommend to these playlists, and I subscribe to channels which you all recommend as well. Generally I only favourite a limited number of videos from a single user. If two or three videos from a user are recommended, I will subscribe to that channel, and then try to not add any more of their videos to the playlists. This will prevent the playlists from growing too large and having to sort them over and over again every few months.

Anyway, more playlists might be added at a later date - and in the meantime, you may continue to post your suggestions, recommendations and so on, as usual.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

ASMR Facebook Group hits 1000 Members!

I just tweeted about it the other day, saying that we were this close to 1000 members on the Facebook Group.

That was Tuesday.

On Wednesday, the total member count went from about 985 to over 1000! And here I am blogging about it today.

“Welcome to all the new members of the group! We've hit 1,000 members today!

I'd like to invite all new members to use the ASMR forum and website for further information and to discuss topics in greater depth: and Any discussion is welcome, and our group charter (under the Facebook Discussions tab above) outlines some very simple rules on tolerance and staying on topic within the group and site. Thanks for joining us in this experience!”

This is what Jenn, AKA Envelope Nomia (founder of the group), had to say about this milestone; posting the message on the ever popular Facebook Group wall. Speaking of which, like she says, we’re still looking for more participation on the official ASMR forum. I see that as of this week, still community members are posting in existing Facebook discussion threads, and starting new ones. I know that there are those who are likely new to the community, but we’ve been trying to stop this from occurring.

Old threads that used to exist on the Facebook group (and have since been deleted) were long ago migrated over to the ASMR forum and archived (by yours truly), and the discussion continued there. At some point, the threads that are still on Facebook, as well as newly created ones, will likely just be deleted.

We don’t mean to come across as being totalitarian or domineering, but think of it this way: there’s more privacy on the forum, and you can even use a nickname, whereas on Facebook you are encouraged to use your real one (although not all of us do!).

Anyway, I’d like to say that it’s amazing to see the group achieve this milestone. 1000 members… I didn’t ever think it would grow to be that big – and it’s surely not going to stop; it’ll grow even more, I think. Doing searches on the web the other day lead me to a plethora of new websites and discussion forums - which I’ve added to the “Hotspots” section in the sidebar, by the way.

Thanks to all for joining the group and participating on any one, or all of the network sites – whether it be this blog, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, or the forums. Let’s continue to grow!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Andrew Johnson Website Updates, New Hypnosis Sample

I blogged about Andrew Johnson and his fantastic hypnosis MP3s at one stage late last year, and how I love listening to the free samples on his site, which were recommended to me by a community member.

I just wanted to post more about that here today. It looks as though his entire website has been revamped, and he also has a new free hypnosis sample to give away!

It’s called “Power Nap”, and you can listen to it here. You can also use a decent flash-grabbing program to download the MP3 if you wish. It’s free anyway.

Unfortunately, most of the old free samples have been taken down, with only “Free Deep Relaxation” remaining. But I have all of them, minus “Social Phobia”, so I suppose I could upload them at some point for you all, seeing as they’re not available on the main website anymore. I’d have to check the legality of that first, probably. I’m thinking it wouldn’t really be allowed, so not too sure what to do.
Anyway, perhaps this isn’t the typical sort of post that would appear on this blog, but I just thought some of you might be interested in this sort of thing. I mean, you’re getting a free hypnosis sample, c’mon!

Monday, April 4, 2011

New Poll: ASMR and Chills: the Same Phenomenon?

So the old poll’s results were published the other day. Now it’s time for the new poll, and the topic this time I think is quite fitting: Is ASMR and chills the same phenomenon?

This has been a topic of conversation that has arisen over the past while, with some discussion over it, and I thought it would make for an excellent, interesting poll.

So what are the options in this poll?

Yes, they are the same thing.

Vote for this if you are positively certain that ASMR and chills/frisson are indeed the same thing.

It’s possible that they might be related in some way.

This is if you think that there might be some subtle differences, but the effects that both phenomena have on the body are similar – perhaps with different chemical releases in the brain and such, as well as other external, physical “symptoms”, like Goosebumps. So in other words, they’re different, but in some ways… similar; perhaps connected in some fashion.

No, they are different things.

This is if you are positive that the two things are not the same. You’re not quite sure why, but there it is.

No, chills relates to music only.

Most of the studies out there based on chills, or frisson, have focused on music. This has led some to believe that frisson is associated only with music, and not ASMR. Some of the chief triggers for ASMR include stimulating the senses: sound, sight, touch, and even in some cases, smell; it doesn’t always, or ever, involve music.


Please note that I reserve the right to change the poll options if needs be. Each person may only vote once. Poll ends on the 4th of July, 2011.

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