Monday, March 21, 2011

Tingle Triggers: The Cleveland Show

Excuse the rather poor quality... of the screencap, not the show. I am not a big fan of cartoons, I’ll be honest. I stopped watching them about the same time that I stopped going to primary school, and went off to high school. I think that’s when you stop doing a lot of things.

But I do watch the more adult-themed cartoons, because the sense of humour portrayed in them appeals to me. As for the childish cartoons, they were funny many years ago, but I just don’t find them funny now. My brother is a different story. He is obsessed with cartoons and anime and all that, and he’s much older than I am. That I can’t figure out.

Anyway, the shows I do watch include The Simpsons, South Park, and more recently, The Cleveland Show. The Cleveland show is a spin-off of Family Guy – an adult cartoon which some love and others hate, reason being that they consider it intellectually inferior to the likes of South Park.

But I often find myself watching The Cleveland Show, and for more than one reason, which I’m sure you’re going to pick up any second now. Sometimes when I listen to Cleveland’s son, Cleveland Brown Jnr, speak, I often get that familiar tingling feeling. It has something to do with his soft-spoken, funny sounding voice, and maybe even his naive, innocent demeanour – in a more empathetic approach - I’m sure some of you know what I’m speaking of.

Other characters I often find myself getting a reaction from include the female bear, Arianna (Tim’s wife), and also Cleveland Brown’s father, LeVar "Freight Train" Brown. He appeared in the somewhat lewd episode where he ended up having relations with Auntie Momma (who ended up being a transvestite).

Why do I watch this stuff?

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  1. Anime rocks in given some people ASMR because we like the cool sense of expression of anime that many of us just "get" and often with characters that we can relate to in our own lives, and also many action anime shows feature action scenes that are just "awesome." Cartoons (esp. classic cartoons like Looney Tunes and, for me, the classic Nicktoons like Rocko's Modern Life) are so ridiculous, that when you just think about the absurdity of their "looney" antics, it tickles you inside and it's funny (again, to some people). Animation seems to be a good medium of expressions that trigger ASMR for some people, particularly since a lot of ASMR went into the animation (if you look at most animators in the studio creating an animation, esp. like Pixar and Disney animators, you'll see how much they LOVE their jobs, and it often shows in the care they put into the work).

    When we're children, we love to relate and to be inspired by "awesome" things, and we love to be laugh by the odd-comfortable absurdity that animation often delivers. Plus, animation for some reason is just comfortable to watch. Plus, personally, I find a cleverness in some of these cartoons and anime that send chills up my spine and rush my brain with "braingasm," esp. with Pixar animated features, where they are often packed with cleverness that appeals to both children and adults alike (like Toy Story). In fact, I think I know more adults who like Toy Story than children, just because of their cleverness and the trilogy's constant touching on our nostalgia (also another thing that can trigger ASMR--a vivid childhood memory that you long for--at least, in my experience). I think adult cartoons feature a lot of the same features that make the cartoons aimed at children so amusing, except that they usually feature humor and themes aimed directly at adults. I watch Family Guy and Cleveland Show and Robot Chicken, and I can tell you that even with their adult-themed animations, creators Seth MacFarland and Seth Green are clearly fans of other animation, including cartoons not directly aimed at adults (plus, I just know from interviews that they are). They may not watch them much anymore, but practically any animator has the likes of Looney Tunes in their animator's DNA.

    I personally find these to be good reasons why I, like your brother, love cartoons and anime--in my experience, they provide "that unnamed feeling" for me (ASMR). That, and the fact that really love animation and I'm an animator myself. I guess to some folk, ASMR stands for "Animation Sensory Meridian Response." Just my opinion, though.


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