Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Community Update: An ASMR Explosion

Just lately, in the last week or two, there’s been a surge in new membership all over the board. Practically every network website has experienced it. There’s been over a hundred or more new people who’ve joined the Facebook Group; I’ve had plenty of new subscriptions on the YouTube channel; there’s been tons more traffic coming though to my HubPages article, and this blog, too.

There’s been renewed interest in this phenomenon - and there’s likely one reason why this has all happened: Reddit.

A while back, a community member submitted some links on the social bookmarking website, Reddit, and a massive amount of interest took place. People have been searching more and more for ASMR resources and the like, and even an opinion column was written after a writer for the Daily Nebraskan found out about ASMR on the website.

To tell the the truth, and to quote myself in a statement I issued earlier in a comment on the blog, I kind of dreaded the day that news would spread onto these social networking sites. I’ll say this much: I tend to avoid places such as Digg like the plague, seeing as it’s seemingly full of trolls for the most part. And trolling can be responsible for large influxes of traffic, as the team discussed at one stage.

The response on Reddit however was mainly positive, but there were a few of trolling/flaming attempts, likely from non-experiencers and definitely non-supporters. Constructive criticism and differences of opinion I can handle, but personal attacks and the like just baffle me for the most part. They have nothing of actual value to express, I suppose.

In the end, it’s necessary for the group to expand. You never know – there might be some decent people on these sites after all. Up until now, there have been hundreds of people within our community, and after being discovered on Reddit, I expect many more to join up, whether it’s on Facebook, or on the forums.
As of the time of writing, it’s all slowed down a bit, but I expect it’s more of a calm before the storm. It’ll probably pick up again somewhere soon.


1 comment:

  1. i wouldn't go to reddit, i once went there and it gave me 3 viruses.


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