Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Theory: ASMR Helps with Headaches and Migraines

I remember once, last year during one of our team meetings, I mentioned that I had a headache. Domagoj suggested, rather tongue in cheek I suppose, that I should use ASMR to get rid of it.

But I think it might well work.

The other night I had a hell of a headache. And it turned out it wasn’t really a headache. It was a migraine, right over my right eye – and these are much worse. I took a couple of Panados (which is kind of like a Painkiller or Aspirin – I’m not sure if they’re sold elsewhere on planet Earth), but I still had it quite badly.

I took to switching the lights off, because of the photosensitivity that usually accompanies a migraine (for me anyway), and at one point I actually went and sat in the bathroom, because I felt quite nauseous, and I was prepared for the worst.

Then after that I lay on my bed in the dark for a while, but it didn’t get much better. So after returning to my study and sitting at my workstation, I knew that I needed to attack this thing actively. So I went in to my private collection of tingle triggers, resorting to my hypnosis samples. As I sat there for a while, closing my eyes, I can honestly say that I started to feel better. The tingles, as expected, were more intense, almost as though my brain sensed that I needed an increase in chemical release in the body.

It could well have been the Panados that had kicked in and finally started to work, but in any case, if ever I get one of those terrible migraines again, I know exactly what to do! Even if it doesn’t get rid of the migraine, it did help me to just sit there and relax, as opposed to fidgeting; moving around, due to the intense pain I was feeling.

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  1. I use this as a form of pain relief all the time. It helps with headaches, discomfort associated with fever, and almost anything else. I have a collection of videos that I know are triggers for me. What's odd is that sometimes I am far more susceptible to the feeling than others, but I also use it all the time just to relax or to help me sleep. I've been searching the internet for a while for others who experience this, but I never knew what to search for. I'm so glad I finally found other people that experience this as well.


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