Monday, January 17, 2011

We Need Some More Intentional Trigger Videos

I brought this up on the blog a while back – sometime last year, I believe, in December. And in this post I wish to expand upon this issue a bit.

Up until now, for the last few months, the UNF YouTube Channel and its ASMR playlist has been around for everyone in the community to enjoy. This playlist contains mainly incidental trigger videos. What this means is that they are videos made by people across the globe, on varying topics, which may or may not trigger an ASMR event in people susceptible to it (AKA asmers).

But what we don’t have, as has been brought to my attention recently (and I’ve noticed this for some time myself) is that we don’t have many intentional trigger videos yet, if any at all, apart perhaps from one or two. Still, incidental trigger videos outnumber intentional trigger videos by about 99% to date.

So what I’m trying to ask here is that in addition to the community recommending videos on YouTube for the existing playlist, could we think about making some of our own videos and uploading them too? It’s not a critical situation, but if anyone has made a video, or has plans of making one, then please don’t hesitate to upload it to an account and then tell us about it. I’ve also thought created separate playlist for member-created videos that are meant to trigger ASMR.

They don’t have to be videos. They could be sound clips as well, by the way. To my knowledge you can still work some way to upload these to YouTube. You just wouldn’t have any picture, is all. Or you might have a picture while the sound plays, but no video.

So what you’ll need to make video or sound clips is fairly straightforward:

- A camera. This can be a cellphone camera, or a webcam, or you could use a compact or proper digital camera too. Whatever is available will work. it just needs to be able to capture videos. I’m not sure if anyone in the community experiences ASMR from just pictures. I haven’t heard of any for now!

- A recorder. Most digital cameras that I know of can capture audio too, by switching the shooting modes from picture to video. But if you don’t want to shoot video, and just want audio, then you could try a recorder of some sorts. I personally know that my Smartphone has both a camera as well as an audio or sound recorder. You get MP3 players that have this feature too.

- A workstation of some sort. Whether you upload the clip from your PC, laptop, or mobile, you somehow need to get it from your memory card or hard drive onto the web, preferably YouTube. I say this because the UNF Channel is on this website, and I feel that it would be unnecessary for the ASMR network to spread itself too thin over too many websites – for the time being anyway. If you are for some reason unable to do this, then just upload it somewhere else and notify me of it’s location. In fact, do this regardless of where you put it. A link on the Facebook Group wall, or something, should be fine.

I don’t yet know of a website similar to YouTube which would deal with audio clips. So if you can make the audio clip into a format which will be acceptable on YouTube, then please do this. Otherwise, upload it somewhere, and leave a link on one of the network sites for us to find it.

I might also chip in some time with my own cameras and recorders, but for the moment I thought it would be great to reach out the the community on this matter.

Thanks, and have fun!


  1. I've only just found this website - Amazing! I'm a 24 year old male and have been wondering what the hell this is for years. I love it. I also get it from instructional type of videos, or when someone is explaining something to me.

    I've noted one other way of getting it to happen (in my experience, and I haven't checked the rest of the site yet to see if anyone else feels the same) is when someone asks you a lot of repetitive questions, or reads out some contractual blurb. So for example, getting a quote for Life Insurance or Home insurance over the phone turns into an absolute joy. Honestly, hearing myself say that makes me feel like a nut, haha, but it's true. Sometimes I'm too relaxed to even say "Yes" or "No" to the questions. Excellent. I've struggled to find any videos where they ask such simple, straight forward yes or no questions on the internet though, and I have been trying!

  2. Hi,

    I have started to make videos entirely for triggering ASMR. The address of the channel is:

    I will be uploading a lot more videos in the coming months so please feel free to drop by, and any suggestions or comments are welcomed.



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