Thursday, January 27, 2011

The UNF YouTube Channel Reaches 200 Videos!

Okay, so I wasn’t going to post about this here. But it is a milestone, and probably deserves some recognition.

The good news is that the UNF YouTube Channel finally reached 200 videos. The bad news is that 200 videos is the limit per playlist, as is enforced by YouTube. So, I could have started a new playlist, but what I did, was I created two new ones. I then went through all the recommended videos that have been added since June last year, and then added specific trigger videos to those new playlists.

In other words, instead of having  all trigger videos in one playlist, I’ve now got four playlists. One is the big playlist, which consists of how-to videos and the like; then there’s the community videos, which all ready has a few in the playlist; there’s the new music playlist, which consists of all music videos and the like which have been recommended by the community (99% of them by Mr. Adam Wilson!); finally there’s the trailers and short films playlist, which is pretty self-explanatory.

I’ve really wanted to do this for some time, but it was only just the other day when I received this message telling me that I’d reached my limit for the playlist, where I actually had the motivation to go and do all this.

This way, the main playlist has been reduced to ±150 videos for now, which gives us some more time to keep adding videos of that nature before it becomes full again. At this juncture, I will either have to group some videos into new playlists, or just start a part II playlist so to speak (if that makes sense).

But in any case, complications aside, there are now over 200 videos on the UNF Channel.

Thanks to all who posted their recommendations on Facebook, the forums, this blog, or even sent me emails and private messages with links to their favourite trigger videos.


  1. What's the point of having a music video channel? Or a trailer channel? Those get in the way. It would make more sense to split channels up into unwrappings/whispers/doctors/massages/etc.

  2. I made a music playlist, because music videos and songs (that trigger ASMR) are popular on the Facebook group. Trailers and short videos, not as much, but they're still there.

    As for the suggestions on other playlists, I've thought about this, but it would take some time sorting through all the videos and categorizing them. But I will likely have to do this some time to prevent reaching my limit in a playlist again.

    I'll see what I can do.


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