Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tingle Triggers: Sign Language

For years now there’s been something that I’ve experienced every now and again, and it happens predominantly when I watch TV. There are programs that sometimes have features intended for the disabled out there – mainly the hearing impaired.

There is one show on local TV called DTV. I assume this stands for Deaf TV (no offense intended), and has programming dedicated to those who do not have the gift (and in some cases are fortunate enough!) of hearing.

But another common program would be the news. On occasion, on certain news channel like ETV (a local channel here in SA), you’ll have the new anchor reading a bulletin, and in the bottom corner you’ll see a person carrying out some sign language to accompany it. I find while listening to the news anchor and watching this man (sometimes a woman), I usually do get a case of ASMR.

              385px-Sign_language_A.svg 390px-Sign_language_S.svg 466px-Sign_language_M.svg 261px-Sign_language_R.svg

                This stands for “ASMR” in fingerspelling (ASL). Pictures courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

So I realised here that out of all the trigger videos recommended by the community, barely any of them have sign language. And this seems to work for me, so I set out on YouTube to find some sign language videos. They’re not all that hard to find, and I mainly came across some instructional sign language clips, which show you how to position your hands for letters of the alphabet and numbers too. If you watch any, be sure to recommend them if they work for you!

So, do you ever watch programming for the hearing impaired, or sign language, just for the rewards you experience internally, or not?

I wonder if there are any deaf people out there who experience this phenomenon we know as ASMR. If sound can’t possibly work as a trigger, then sight, touch, or smell must, surely. Contact the group, or me personally, if you have something to share on this matter.

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  1. Speaking of this, I get tingles for almost any show when I turn on that DV (described video) mode that some TVs have.

    Its a mode for blind people (who have TVs?, that must be why there's braille on the bathroom doors at Blockbuster) where it narrates everything that's happening on the screen.
    I found the out about this mode in a funny way. I sat on the remote one night while a little intoxicated and you could imagine why I began to trip out lol.


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