Thursday, January 6, 2011

New UNF Poll up: Do You Believe ASMR is Hereditary?

This, like the previous post, has to do with a theory that is quite commonly supported within the community, with several members accounts telling of multiple family members having been blessed with this gift we know as ASMR.

This could well fall under medical and/or scientific theories as pertaining to the last poll, and I thought that because of the link it would be interesting to feature it here. I was going to put up a post about the possibility of ASMR being hereditary at one point, but I hit a bit of a wall. Yes, I had accounts from a few people out there on the matter, but I wanted more people to actually chime in, so here it is: the new poll.

The options in the poll will be as follows:

Yes, my parent/sibling/child has it, as do I.

If you father or mother reports having the same sort of tingling sensation then you should probably vote for this option in the poll. The same goes if your siblings, as in brothers or sisters, has it, of your child has it. The only real way to find out whether they have it or not, it ask… unfortunately. Or else you could direct them to one of the network sites such as the Facebook Group. Even if they don’t personally experience it, who knows? You might gain a supporter!

Even if you are a non-experiencer but support the group, you could vote here if one of your family has it. In fact, non-experiencers may vote in any category. Go on, I encourage you to do so! You are welcome.

No, nobody else in my family has it.

If nobody else in your family that you know of (perhaps after asking them) has it, then you might be inclined to vote here. Don’t be ashamed of it or anything. After talking to some of my family members, I’m quite convinced that I’m alone in experiencing this as far as my family goes. But that doesn’t mean to say that I will necessarily vote here.

Perhaps; it’s possible.

Whether your family has it or not, you might vote for this option if you believe that people who do have family who experience it may well be genuine, and you think that ASMR may well be hereditary, as in it’s possible for it to pass from one generation to the next.

No, I don’t support this theory.

This is if you do not support the theory of ASMR being hereditary. You could even vote here if you believe that all people in fact have it on some level or another, and so the theory of it being heredity is in fact redundant, seeing as it’s akin to most people having the use of their senses, namely sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. Perhaps those who claim not to experience it just have not realised it or become aware of it like others have.

So that’s it. Get voting! The poll is on the sidebar somewhere. You’re only allowed one vote for a poll, just as a reminder.

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