Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tingle Triggers: Adam Sandler Skits

Adam Sandler 6821 To most, Adam Sandler is Hollywood’s funny guy. In addition to being a somewhat amusing actor, who sometimes takes more serious roles, he’s also what some would call a great businessman who produces his own films as well as starring in them (it’s either him or his best friend, Rob Schneider).

But Adam is multi-talented: he’s also a musician, and on top of that he’s made some comedy sound samples, some of which are hilarious, and included them on his music CDs.

One memorable one in particular was the skit called “The Hypnotist” off of 1996’s “What The Hell Happened To Me?”, when Adam, starring as Gary Phelps, a man trying to kick a smoking habit he’d had since a child, went to a hypnotherapist (or hypnotist as referred to in the recording), named Dr. Stuart, who had a problem with extreme flatulence. As he was trying to relax Gary and carry on with the session, he would start to let rip – often blaming it on the new leather couch, Gary, or trying in vain to disguise the sounds with coughing or speaking louder.

But besides this, Dr. Stuart has a rather deep, soothing voice – characteristic of a good hypnotherapist. This character was played by Kevin Nealon, a Saturday Night Live mainstay for years during the eighties and nineties. He stars as Doug in Weeds nowadays.

If you can control your laughter, you might be able to feel a tingle stage or two when listening to Nealon speaking. I swear when I listen to this track I can almost smell what’s going on! That might be a bit distracting, but anyway.


  1. Nice post.

    I have this album and this track always gives me the tingle to.

    I never realized that the hypnotist is Doug from Weeds, but it does make sense now. :)

  2. Yeah he was. I always got confused between Kevin Nealon and Henry Winkler for some reason! Kevin does look a bit like a younger version of the Fonz... sort of.

  3. Weird, I just found this website and I've been having this for a while. The first I remember was being young lying on a doctors table and him about to check my heard beat. No idea why.

    I found that "The Hypnotist" on youtube and I got the pre-feeling (which is like a sort of pressure on my head that feels like it should be happening but doesn't, probably because I'm not in the mood or something weird).

    Another weird thing I've noticed is that when I'm having that tingly feeling, any sounds that have a usual reaction seem to feel real, as if my brain is making them real. I can't really explain that.

    Email me if you have any clue about that.


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