Thursday, December 30, 2010

Primary Run of First ASMR Video Trial Coming to an End

ASMR Research & Support has been running the first video experiment for nearly the past two months or so, and we received plenty of volunteers who watched the video and answered the questions that followed. Thanks for pitching in by the way, those that did!

Now the first video trial will be closing, sort of, today (December 30th), with the results of it being compiled. After this the primary run of the second trial will commence sometime next month, probably.

You can still sign up for the research effort over at the Research & Support website and take part in the first video trial – which I’ve learned that even though the primary run has closed, will remain open for those who haven’t yet participated. So it’s not closing permanently, but the results of the trial so far will be compiled and the second trial will take place soon after. Hope you understand all that. Those who have all ready done the first trial will just head on to the next one.

Speaking of which, I’m probably not at liberty to talk about this at length, but for a spell, I might be adding more duties to my my list when it comes to work for the research team. One of those duties is now a position in the Experimental Research & Oversight Division, which Jenn has pretty much taken care of by herself up until now. Jenn will be busy for the next while and so I’ll be temporarily taking over the processing of applications for the video trials. My colleague, Domagoj, might also lend a hand.

Also remember the ASMR forums are there with volunteer forums opened for those registered on the website. Here you can read about the latest news that’s going on concerning the trials, as well as communicate with other volunteers and forum members too.

Once again, thank you for you participation in these video experiments. The more people that do them the better, as we can really assemble some proper data and have one more credible research item for the team’s portfolio which we can eventually one day use to approach a scientific or social studies body for a possible research grant.

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