Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tingle Triggers: Andrew Johnson’s Hypnosis MP3s

The other day I received a comment on one of the posts here on the blog, with a link to a website. The person who commented said that whatever it was on the website worked for him or her as an ASMR trigger.

I naturally followed the link, and was directed to a page where there were several free MP3 hypnosis samples for download. Fearing the worst (still a bit sceptical of hypnosis – not that it doesn’t work, but worried about hidden messages and the like!) I downloaded all of them to my HD, and set up a playlist, before listening.

These hypnosis samples were made by Andrew Johnson. Upon looking around the site, I learned that Andrew is a “Relaxation Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, EFT therapist and Reiki Teacher”, with more than 15 years experience in one on one and group therapy sessions - much like a counsellor would do, so I was lead to believe after being told this by a psychologist in the past.

There are several free small MP3s as well as one big MP3, which is half the size of a regular one you’d pay for. I’ve listened to these, and I must admit that Andrew has a very soothing voice, with a Scottish accent. One wouldn’t think that this might have any effect – but upon thinking back, I have had ASMR events in the past triggered by Scottish accents. These MP3s deal with “Deep Relaxation” (reportedly the best selling medical app on iTunes in the UK), “Heal Your Body Visualisation”, “Confidence”, “Smoking”, “Success” and “Weight” (you ought to give this last one a listen – it relies a lot on repetition, and made me giggle a bit, admittedly).

Overall, they’re not bad, and worth a download, seeing as they’re mostly under 2 or 3 MB, except for the one big free download, which is closer to 18 MB. The music in the background is wonderful too. “Deep Relaxation” has music as well as sound effects of waves. Just mind the one labelled “Social Phobia” – this one seems to be a broken link at the moment.

If you want more after listening to these great free samples, then you can also purchase the larger, full version ones by visiting Andrew Johnson’s hypnosis MP3 store. Make a positive change in your life.

Andrew’s hypnosis MP3s are also available off of Amazon and iTunes for purchase.

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