Thursday, November 4, 2010

Possible Similarities Between Face Melting and ASMR

I’ve done one or two posts so far on this blog about ASMR and music. We all have different triggers, particularly those of us who are Type B experiencers.

But interestingly, people who identify themselves as predominantly Type A, who don’t need any external influences to trigger ASMR, tend to get some effect from music at times, which would fall under Type B triggers, seeing as it’s an external influence – meaning “out there”, rather than “in here” – to put it bluntly.
I wasn’t sure if I ever really experienced this, unless it was actually lyrics from a song, where the person was talking or singing, that triggered it for me. For me, speech is a common Type B trigger.

But as of late, I’ve come to think that something that heavy metal and rock fans, and maybe fans of other genres, will know all too well may be an ASMR event. This term is known as “face melting”.

I’ve made it no secret that I enjoy listening to heavy metal music and people usually use the term when they describe a guitar solo; one that is particularly good – although it could be used for other instruments, perhaps.

Anyway, I’ve been listening to my collection a lot lately, and I’ve noticed that one solo that seems to trigger it off for me recently is one in the song “Black Magic” by Slayer. It’s an old classic from back in the 80’s , and when I listen to that solo, it does seem to create that tingling sensation just for a brief while, on top of the head, and the sides. Other times when I hear some great solos, it will send a shiver up or down my spine. That’s how I usually judge whether a guitar solo, or song in general is any good. The last bit of the song by Slayer called “Tormentor” is an example of this. Other times my eyes water!

Anyway, this led me to think that this face-melting thing that people talk about could well be a brief episode of ASMR, or it could be one of the things experienced. I’m not sure, but the feeling for me is similar, for sure. I find when I anticipate the part when a solo or otherwise exceptional part of a song is about to begin, that I start to get it, and it builds up while it’s happening to it’s climax.

It wouldn’t be a surprise, seeing as people have made up other names for ASMR instead of using the same old acronyms (and vowels!) all the time. Some have terms such as “hairgasms” or “braingasms”. Face-melting could just be one of several, or perhaps many that describe this feeling which for some time seems to have no widely known name.

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  1. Andrew Johnson's hypnosis works for me. I'm primarily type B.


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