Monday, November 29, 2010

ASMR Facebook Group Reaches 500 Members!

The Facebook ASMR Group has now reached 500 members (it’s currently at 502 at the time of writing)! It was only a few months ago that I recall it was 400. And when I last checked earlier in November, it was at just over 450. Couple this with the number of people joining the forums. It’s over 120 now.

The numbers for the network sites certainly have been jumping up over the past while now. And the Facebook group isn’t even a year old yet either! I imagine it’s just going to get better and bigger as time goes, until eventually there are thousands of us. I mean, across the world there must be many more people out there.

Hell, I know for a fact that there are even people in the group who support ASMR, but don’t experience it themselves, so that means that theoretically anyone could join if they wanted to.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tingle Triggers: Andrew Johnson’s Hypnosis MP3s

The other day I received a comment on one of the posts here on the blog, with a link to a website. The person who commented said that whatever it was on the website worked for him or her as an ASMR trigger.

I naturally followed the link, and was directed to a page where there were several free MP3 hypnosis samples for download. Fearing the worst (still a bit sceptical of hypnosis – not that it doesn’t work, but worried about hidden messages and the like!) I downloaded all of them to my HD, and set up a playlist, before listening.

These hypnosis samples were made by Andrew Johnson. Upon looking around the site, I learned that Andrew is a “Relaxation Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, EFT therapist and Reiki Teacher”, with more than 15 years experience in one on one and group therapy sessions - much like a counsellor would do, so I was lead to believe after being told this by a psychologist in the past.

There are several free small MP3s as well as one big MP3, which is half the size of a regular one you’d pay for. I’ve listened to these, and I must admit that Andrew has a very soothing voice, with a Scottish accent. One wouldn’t think that this might have any effect – but upon thinking back, I have had ASMR events in the past triggered by Scottish accents. These MP3s deal with “Deep Relaxation” (reportedly the best selling medical app on iTunes in the UK), “Heal Your Body Visualisation”, “Confidence”, “Smoking”, “Success” and “Weight” (you ought to give this last one a listen – it relies a lot on repetition, and made me giggle a bit, admittedly).

Overall, they’re not bad, and worth a download, seeing as they’re mostly under 2 or 3 MB, except for the one big free download, which is closer to 18 MB. The music in the background is wonderful too. “Deep Relaxation” has music as well as sound effects of waves. Just mind the one labelled “Social Phobia” – this one seems to be a broken link at the moment.

If you want more after listening to these great free samples, then you can also purchase the larger, full version ones by visiting Andrew Johnson’s hypnosis MP3 store. Make a positive change in your life.

Andrew’s hypnosis MP3s are also available off of Amazon and iTunes for purchase.

Monday, November 22, 2010

New Hungarian ASMR Blog Up and Running

I had another comment on the blog to moderate the other day. It’s not uncommon for some to include links to resources and sites of interest in their comments, and this time I noticed something quite interesting.

There’s now a new blog dedicated to ASMR, and it was created seemingly especially for Hungarian users. You can visit it here. From what I can see, there’s at least one post or page up so far along with all the other Wordpress elements you’d expect on the sidebar. The post has links to most of the ASMR network sites, including this site and my HubPages article. Others naturally include the Facebook group and the Research & Support website and forums.

It’s like I was saying the other day, it’s great if we can get the message out there in other languages. If I didn’t say that at some point, then I’m saying it here! Most of the other network sites, if not all of them are in English. So if your mother tongue, or home language, isn’t covered here by using the Translation tool (and I don’t think Hungarian is), then you may head over there if you wish. Although you might want to use Google Translate on that site if Hungarian isn’t your first language!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

ASMR Forum Reaches 100 Members!

The ASMR forum was started nearly four months ago, near the end of July 2010. It was slow going at times, and even though most of the community hasn’t yet joined the site and set up an account, I am pleased to see that all ready, there are 100 members as of just recently! This and there are all ready over 300 posts, too.

In fact, I was surprised to see that a third of the total posts on the forum are mine! Granted, there were several threads that I posted that were moved from the ASMR Group Facebook discussion threads in their entirety, as well as from the Yahoo SOS Group. The FB threads are slowly being deleted one by one, and all discussions will take place on the official site from now on.

I still see people starting new threads on Facebook. I’ll continue to move these to the ASMR forums and put a link to the migrated threads for some time, until the discussion threads on FB are completely shut down. You may obviously continue to post on the Facebook Group wall, but if you can help it, please don’t start any new discussions there. Thank you.

By the way, if a thread is migrated to the ASMR forum and you don’t want your full name on Facebook printed, then just send me a PM on the forums.

So if you haven’t all ready, make sure to go over to the ASMR Research& Support site and sign up. It’s free, and the forums have much more to offer in the way of functionality and so on. For one, you can edit and delete posts, unlike on FB. And the privacy features are more flexible and under your control, without all the T&C’s of Facebook. And you don’t have to use your real name if you don’t want to.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

ASMR and Video Games: Black & White

There was an old video game which was released nearly ten years ago, which was heavily hyped, and promised to be the next big thing: Black & White.

It was developed by Lionhead Studios, headed up by Peter Molyneux. It was classed as a “God Game”, similar in genre to The Sims, but in the most literal way, seeing as you really did play as a God, and the world in front of you was your playground. Your ultimate aim was to progress from land to land and spread your influence – making people believe in you over other Gods.

Now, on to why I’m mentioning this title here. There were two characters that assisted you through the game if you wished them to, and they acted as your conscience. Of of them was good, and one was evil. Yin and Yang. Black and White. They’re often referred to as advisors too.


                                                  Image courtesy Lionhead Studios

White was an old, bald man who somewhat resembled the traditional image of Father Time or a Greek philosopher, with his white toga and long snowy beard which reached down to his sandals – which you couldn’t see as he was usually sitting on a cloud; quaint.

In contrast, Black looked like the typical image of an imp or Satyr, with sharp claws, pinkish skin, and not to mention an ugly mug which complimented his pot belly. And he looked as though he might have had breasts too.

When he and his evil friend cropped up from time to time during the game to help, sometimes White in particular would trigger off an episode of ASMR for me. They often would help with a hint here and there, but usually came across as irritating and often had a habit of pointing out the obvious.

                                                Watch the advisors in action

Monday, November 15, 2010

Tingle Triggers: MadTV

I’ve been a long time fan of MAD magazine. I don’t care who knows it! Some people are embarrassed to read it in front of others. Now there’s a show that started airing on our local television channel, SABC 2, a while back, called MadTV. I’ve read that apart from licensing the MAD logo, the show doesn't have much to do with the magazine – although it did have pictures of Alfred E. Neumann, the famous mascot on the show at one stage many years ago.

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoy staying up to watch this in the early hours of the morning, and I’ve found that at times I also enjoy a bit of ASMR to go with it. There’s one comedienne on the show who appeared years ago named Mo Collins, or Maureen "Mo" Ann Collins. I find that she is probably most likely to elicit an event. She’s well known for playing several roles, doing impressions of famous characters such as Jenny Jones. When she did an impression of her, I found myself getting a hit – probably something to do with her mannerisms and rather soft spoken manner.

It also doesn’t hurt that Mo was rather oddly attractive years ago. Should I have said that just now?
I’ve learned that the show may or may not be brought back for another season. It’s interesting watching episodes from the past, and witnessing actors who were small at the time, but which have grown to become more prominent. I even saw the guy who plays Howard Wolowitz, Simon Helberg, in The Big Bang Theory, at one stage on the show.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

YouTube ASMR Channel Playlist Reaches 100 Videos!

UNFearth7 I first set up the UNF YouTube channel back in June, about four months ago if not a little more. In that time I’ve been combing the forums and other websites discussing ASMR to stock up on videos which I’ve added to the ASMR channel. I’ve also favourited a few of my own too.
The channel has had a few hundred hits, and has now reached 100 videos! That’s not too shabby for only a few months since its inception. I also now have a list of subscriptions to accounts which are most commonly referred to that tend to deal with trigger videos. I’ve also got several people subscribing to my channel too.

I’ll obviously keep updating the channel as I go along. If I find any YouTube vids posted on the FB group wall, you can bet that it’ll be added to the playlist soon thereafter.
The team is discussing making our own videos that are actually “meant” to stimulate ASMR sometime in the future. But for now, I’ve mainly just been adding recommended videos that tend to trigger it off, which have been made by people all over the world on YouTube. We’re also using these recommended vids for the video trials too.

If you happen to make your own video, whether it’s about ASMR, or has content that triggers it off, then by all means, leave it on the FB group wall, in the forums, or post it here on the blog, like you’ve been doing all along.

By the way, I’d also be interested in sound clips too, or podcasts. These are among some of the best triggers for me. In fact I’m looking for a site similar to YouTube that deals in sound clips, but I want the same sort of functionality that YouTube offers, without having to download the file, and so on. Tell me if you know of one, by the way.

Anyway, here’s to another 100 videos! I know there are plenty out there - likely thousands.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Announcement Regarding the UNF Channel on YouTube

Okay, so the YouTube UNF Channel with its ASMR playlist has become more and more popular since its launch in June this year. In fact, it’s nearly at 100 favourited videos, and has had hundreds of views. There’s also more than 20 subscribers.

This is what I wanted to post about here. You are more than welcome to subscribe to my channel as well as the channels that I subscribe too. But don’t be too offended if I don’t subscribe to yours. This could be for more than one reason. I only check the email account attached to my YouTube account every other day – not every day. So I usually find subscription notices from YouTube in my inbox all the time that have come in when I wasn’t looking.

I also do sometimes check the person’s channel to see what’s going on. If that person has a channel that has content that is relative to ASMR in some way, then I’ll consider subscribing. Otherwise, what I’ll do from now on when someone subscribes to my channel, is just friend them. I find that this will at least provide a way for me to keep my subscription list related to ASMR without hurting anyone’s feelings. :)

See the happy face? SMILE! Why so serious? Okay, that line is old now…

I just needed to say that here. So if you happen to subscribe to my channel, then I’ll likely just add you as a friend at some point given time, and then you can confirm the friend request. Or you could friend me and I’ll be more than happy to return the favour. You can subscribe and friend me – why not do that?

Okay, so you get the idea, and no hard feelings, okay?

I’ll probably go through my list of existing subscribers at some point and friend them too. By the way, is there way that you can group subscriptions, so that I can keep the ones that are ASMR-related in one group, with the others in other groups?

I should look in to that…

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Possible Similarities Between Face Melting and ASMR

I’ve done one or two posts so far on this blog about ASMR and music. We all have different triggers, particularly those of us who are Type B experiencers.

But interestingly, people who identify themselves as predominantly Type A, who don’t need any external influences to trigger ASMR, tend to get some effect from music at times, which would fall under Type B triggers, seeing as it’s an external influence – meaning “out there”, rather than “in here” – to put it bluntly.
I wasn’t sure if I ever really experienced this, unless it was actually lyrics from a song, where the person was talking or singing, that triggered it for me. For me, speech is a common Type B trigger.

But as of late, I’ve come to think that something that heavy metal and rock fans, and maybe fans of other genres, will know all too well may be an ASMR event. This term is known as “face melting”.

I’ve made it no secret that I enjoy listening to heavy metal music and people usually use the term when they describe a guitar solo; one that is particularly good – although it could be used for other instruments, perhaps.

Anyway, I’ve been listening to my collection a lot lately, and I’ve noticed that one solo that seems to trigger it off for me recently is one in the song “Black Magic” by Slayer. It’s an old classic from back in the 80’s , and when I listen to that solo, it does seem to create that tingling sensation just for a brief while, on top of the head, and the sides. Other times when I hear some great solos, it will send a shiver up or down my spine. That’s how I usually judge whether a guitar solo, or song in general is any good. The last bit of the song by Slayer called “Tormentor” is an example of this. Other times my eyes water!

Anyway, this led me to think that this face-melting thing that people talk about could well be a brief episode of ASMR, or it could be one of the things experienced. I’m not sure, but the feeling for me is similar, for sure. I find when I anticipate the part when a solo or otherwise exceptional part of a song is about to begin, that I start to get it, and it builds up while it’s happening to it’s climax.

It wouldn’t be a surprise, seeing as people have made up other names for ASMR instead of using the same old acronyms (and vowels!) all the time. Some have terms such as “hairgasms” or “braingasms”. Face-melting could just be one of several, or perhaps many that describe this feeling which for some time seems to have no widely known name.

Monday, November 1, 2010

What is an ASMR Outreach Agent?

Okay, so you might know by now that I am a member of the ASMR Research Team. I also have the title of Outreach Agent.

So what is an Outreach Agent and what does he or she do exactly?

Outreach means to reach out; to be involved within the community. There are Outreach Agents on several continents as of right now.  Domagoj is the OA for Europe, Torsten is the OA for Australia/Oceania, and I am the OA for Africa. At one stage we had an OA for the Eastern United States, but unfortunately he left the team.

As time progresses, hopefully other continents will receive their own Outreach Agents, and from there maybe even individual countries will have their own.

But seeing as the community is entirely online right now, one might argue that the locations of where Outreach Agents are situated doesn’t really matter. This might be true, but there are advantages to having people from all over the world representing the community and network. For one, those who are fluent in more than one language can communicate with people who speak the same language.

I for one can speak English (which is my mother tongue or home language), as well as Afrikaans (which is similar to Dutch or German). This means in addition to this I also have limited understanding of these other languages because of the similarities between them.

Dom is fluent in English and German, and I’m assuming Croatian and/or Serbian, seeing as he’s from that part of the world, from what he’s told us.

So anyhow, it hasn’t come to communicating in other languages for now, but it could be a possibility in the future. It might even prompt us to learn other languages. It’s been an interest of mine to learn German or Italian. Something European, maybe even French or Spanish – the “big two”.

Not every one who experiences ASMR speaks English anyway, even though it’s an international language. For this reason, I’ve put a translation tool on the blog which will assist in drawing people from abroad in. A large focus at present is on America, Canada, and England at the moment – and these are largely English speaking territories.

As for our online duties, we basically comb the web for threads on forums and websites, blogs, and so on, looking for interested parties who might join the community. Even though the community is getting larger, it’s still got a long way to go yet.

Once we find a forum, we check to see if they’ve been able find anything on ASMR, and if not, then we will network, by leaving comments with links back to a network site, or sending private messages, etc. We’re encouraged to participate within the community as well as bringing in fresh blood from the outside. Think of it as Public Relations.

Other duties performed by an Outreach Agent could include having a blog like I do. I also have a YouTube channel, as well as Twitter and Facebook accounts. Social networking is a must basically.

Outreach Agents, in addition to participating in the forums, also having moderator permissions. For instance, I imported threads from FB and the SOS Yahoo group into the forums. Anybody can do this though. But I also have the ability to delete posts, lock threads, ban repeated offenders who break the forum rules, and so on.

So, this has given you an idea of what an Outreach Agent does within the ASMR network and community. If you’re interested in representing a continent, country, or area of sorts, then contact us, or leave a comment here with your details.

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