Thursday, October 7, 2010

Theory: ASMR Could be a form of Slight Hypnosis

Hypnotic-spiral I read an interesting theory while combing the usual areas for things to post about as regards ASMR recently.

ASMR is believed by this person, whoever it was, to be a light form of hypnosis. He or she went on to say that the symptoms we experience while in the throes of an event are similar to that of hypnosis.

Both are triggered by a sound, voice or object, and that it relaxes us and we go into a light form of hypnosis – or the beginning stages of a hypnotic state.
“I have a theory on this "feeling". I believe what we are experience is the same feeling one experiences during hypnosis. The symptoms are pretty much the same and it's usually triggered by an event in which we concentrate heavily upon. It's the same idea in order to hypnotize a person using a voice or object. Some kind of sound or event relaxes our mind and we fall into a pseudo hypnotic state. We don't want to move since the state goes away. We are not in a full hypnotic state, but merely the beginning stages.
I’ve read up a little bit about hypnosis in the past. Basically its a state of consciousness where a person loses the ability to act voluntarily, and becomes susceptible to suggestion, and this state is achieved by fiddling with a person’s brain waves, and slowing them down. At an alert stage, our brains experience beta waves, but there are also alpha, theta, and delta waves.

So we might actually have tapped into an ability to self-hypnotise ourselves. It’s not impossible for it to happen. I’ve heard that the person who allegedly assassinated Robert Kennedy was under the influence of self-hypnosis. In fact, they say that all forms of hypnosis are in fact self-hypnosis. Sometimes it’s just someone guiding you.

Don’t get any ideas now! Although it might be something to test out. Maybe people who experience ASMR are more susceptible to being hypnotised.


  1. wow. only ONE of my friends in the past has expressed understanding when i brought up the sensation. he calls it "the brain tingles." anyways, thanks for starting this blog! pretty cool to know it's a real phenomena.

  2. I believe that all those who experience this phenomenon have the genetic trait of high sensitivity, which has been studied and documented by Dr. Elaine Aron. You can check out my website for more info:

    I am also a clinical hypnotist and believe that those of us who are highly sensitive have a greater tendency to go into trance more easily throughout the day...and this phenomenon is related to that experience and to our highly sensitive nervous systems...which allow us to be great advisers, counselors, artists, entrepreneurs, inventors, etc.

    Thanks for all your info! I would love to add to it and help promote understanding of this trait.


    Ane Axford


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