Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tingle Triggers: Game Shows

Game Shows and reality TV shows are major mainstay on television programming. It’s been this way for how many decades now.

Now most reality TV shows irritate me, and the same can be said for game shows. But there is at least one program that I occasionally watch over here that has intrigued me for some time.

It’s called Game Time, and it usually comes on in the early hours of the morning. I sometimes watch it while reading through my news feeds, or writing articles for my various blogs and so on.

The show has mainly British hosts, male and female, and there are a variety of different games - most of which revolve around spot the difference in the pictures, or other games about words or names.


For some time I couldn’t really figure out why it was that I was so drawn to the TV when I saw this program on, and why I would insist on watching it to its conclusion. But later I realised it was actually because it triggered my Type B ASMR. I wasn’t as clued up about it, or adept at sensing it as I am now, probably.

You see, it’s a combination of the host of the show talking, and then pausing while the camera zooms in on the board where the game is. It’s silence for a while, until the host speaks again, perhaps giving a clue, or saying, “Oh, I don’t know what it could be!”, or something idiotic like that.

The music in the background also, sometimes when it’s slow and atmospheric, lends itself to maintaining the sensation.

But as soon as the show picks up and the host starts talking louder and getting more excited, it kills it for me. When people start phoning in and giving the (usually wrong) answers, it also does nothing but make the tingling go away.

It’s definitely at the times when it’s slow, sedate, and calm, and when the host is just talking softly. I find I used to sit there for hours just watching and listening.

I personally don’t like the ethics of these types of shows seeing as they’re really doing little more than stealing your money, while dragging the show out for as long as possible, baiting viewers to call in or SMS and likely making a lot more money than they’re giving out.


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