Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Poll: Which ASMR Theories do you Support?

So, the results for the previous poll were published in a post recently.

There’s all ready another poll up. This time it’s related to theories regarding ASMR, or whatever you like to call it. It’s a topic of debate, and something that’s come up quite often. I all ready know what some of you will vote for. :)

So I’ll go through a few choices that will appear, and then you can get straight to voting.

Spiritual theories – this includes theories that revolve around Kundalini, Chakra, or other things. Spiritual may be a synonym for religious in the dictionary, but I assure you there are differences. Spiritual folk may not have a religion at all. These types might sometimes be described as being “new age folk”.

Religious theories – this is for those who believe it is a divine gift from whichever God you worship, or is in some way related to your beliefs. I’ll not be judgmental in this regard. Whatever faith will do.

Psychic/Paranormal – what this means is that you prefer theories that claim to be linked to the mind and the unexplained. These include theories on a sixth sense, clairvoyance, maybe even the supernatural, like being able to sense the presence of spirits or ghosts.

Scientific/medical theories – this means you support science as regards ASMR rather than the above categories, and believe there must be a scientific or medical reason for why this sensation we experience occurs.

So that’s the run down. I think I’ve about covered the main four groups. There may be others, and for that there will most certainly be an “Other” option in the poll, so that you can vote for that if you don’t support any of the above ones. Perhaps you can leave a comment here or somewhere on the blog, or send me an email explaining your stance, or bring it up in the forums too.

The poll will be somewhere on the sidebar to the right. I like it to be in a permanent place so that people can see it more easily. This poll will run for three months, until the 31st of December.

So get voting!

1 comment:

  1. it can't be sensing ghosts, for the fact that there are people who can trigger asmr on command. I happen to be one of those people. so if someone can trigger it on command rather than have it triggered by certain ghosts, it really can't be a psychic thing.

    video's trigger it too, so it really doesn't make sense as a psychic thing. the other three make sense though


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