Tuesday, September 7, 2010

ASMR Could Help with Insomnia and Other Sleep Problems

A girl sleep in running bus I’m undergoing self-inflicted tests at the moment, right now.

Let me explain. I’ve often said that ASMR helps relax me. It more often than not takes the edge off; calms me down.
Well, just lately – this past month – I haven’t been sleeping so well. I’ve had trouble going to sleep, and I’ve had trouble sleeping more than a few hours before waking up at dawn or even before that time. Then I usually go back to sleep when the alarm goes off and end up oversleeping.

So I decided that I would start reading before bed. In addition to this I also listened to the radio. Usually at the time I go to bed there isn’t much on, but on occasion there will be a good chat show or something on which allows me to have a mild “hit” before bed.

But by doing these tests, I’ll be trying to isolate things to see what actually is causing me to go to sleep quicker than usual and allowing me to sleep through most of the night.

After all, it could be the reading of the books that’s doing it. I currently like reading this book called “A Treasury of Memorable Quotations”, seeing as I like to use quotes quite often, especially in my articles online. Okay, so it’s not a novel, but before that I was reading Dan Brown’s “Angels & Demons”.

It could also be the fact that on some nights I had taken a Panado, which is basically what Americans would call a “painkiller”, except this one contains paracetemol. This drug is supposed to relieve pain, but also causes drowsiness, and induces sleep. However they take a while to work, and I reckon that I took one perhaps ten or fifteen minutes before going to sleep, and so I doubt it would work that quickly. I sometimes get headaches, you see.

And last but not least, and the one I’m hoping for here, it could be the ASMR. I’ll have to try either listening to the radio or my own personal collection of tingle triggers for different lengths of time to see whether it has any effect. In the end, I want to try and establish whether ASMR can cause drowsiness and relaxation – something I have always believed in personally – and if it can help those with insomnia get a decent night’s sleep. I won’t delve into what can cause insomnia (you can see my article on that here), but it can just all be in the mind, and perhaps with some relaxation techniques, you can overcome it slowly.

In fact, a member on the team, Domagoj, says he’s an insomniac, and that even trying a session of ASMR doesn’t seem to work for him. On the flipside, there are members of the group at large who have been diagnosed with narcolepsy – a condition which involves people falling asleep at times; not being able to keep themselves awake. This can happen at inopportune times, as you can imagine. Some reckon that the two – ASMR and narcolepsy - are linked in some way; that maybe the tingling sensations are a symptom of the condition.

Perhaps they fall asleep from too much ASMR?  Can that be a bad thing?

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  1. I experience "the tingles" regularly, and I am a person with Narcolepsy. I would also like to add that, ironically enough, many of us with Narcolepsy also suffer from insomnia...


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