Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Poll: Which ASMR Theories do you Support?

So, the results for the previous poll were published in a post recently.

There’s all ready another poll up. This time it’s related to theories regarding ASMR, or whatever you like to call it. It’s a topic of debate, and something that’s come up quite often. I all ready know what some of you will vote for. :)

So I’ll go through a few choices that will appear, and then you can get straight to voting.

Spiritual theories – this includes theories that revolve around Kundalini, Chakra, or other things. Spiritual may be a synonym for religious in the dictionary, but I assure you there are differences. Spiritual folk may not have a religion at all. These types might sometimes be described as being “new age folk”.

Religious theories – this is for those who believe it is a divine gift from whichever God you worship, or is in some way related to your beliefs. I’ll not be judgmental in this regard. Whatever faith will do.

Psychic/Paranormal – what this means is that you prefer theories that claim to be linked to the mind and the unexplained. These include theories on a sixth sense, clairvoyance, maybe even the supernatural, like being able to sense the presence of spirits or ghosts.

Scientific/medical theories – this means you support science as regards ASMR rather than the above categories, and believe there must be a scientific or medical reason for why this sensation we experience occurs.

So that’s the run down. I think I’ve about covered the main four groups. There may be others, and for that there will most certainly be an “Other” option in the poll, so that you can vote for that if you don’t support any of the above ones. Perhaps you can leave a comment here or somewhere on the blog, or send me an email explaining your stance, or bring it up in the forums too.

The poll will be somewhere on the sidebar to the right. I like it to be in a permanent place so that people can see it more easily. This poll will run for three months, until the 31st of December.

So get voting!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Latest Poll Results: Are you Type A ASMR or Type B?

Okay, well it’s been three or four months, and now is the time to give out the results.Voting on the existing poll is closed.

Over twenty people voted on the poll, which exists on the sidebar. Sorry if you didn’t see it. I’ll give clearer directions, perhaps with a diagram next time. :)

So the options were:

A) Type A – don’t need an external trigger .
B) Type B – Need an external trigger, such as sounds.
C) Both.
D) Neither.

Out of 24 people, 3 (12%) voted Type A; 13 (54%) voted Type B; and the remaining 8 (33%) voted “both”.

Luckily nobody voted for neither, then. It’s okay if someone reading this blog doesn’t experience the sensillations we do though. If you support us, then you’re okay, and most welcome to participate within the community. There are those we’d rather not have trolling on the subject, but fortunately we don’t get that much if at all on any of the network sites – mainly on outside forums on the web.

Anyway, from the poll results I can obviously conclude that most poll voters are Type B ASMR experiencers – needing an external trigger like sounds or videos. Those who experience both come second, and exclusively Type As are less common. But this is out of 24 people, not the entire community, anyway.

Stay tuned for the next poll, which should be up soon, once I figure out what the topic will be!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Jenn’s Birthday Today

I know something you might not! A certain member of the ASMR Research team is having a birthday today.
Jenn, otherwise known as Envelope Nomia, the creator of the ASMR Facebook Group and ASMR Research & Support Site, turns 31 today.

I noticed that by looking at her Facebook page, which she’s updated a lot recently, that her date of birth is September 24, 1979. I also got an alert in my email seeing I’m a friend of hers on FB. Sorry J, didn’t mean to stalk! ;)

So anyway, stop by her Facebook page or drop in at the forums and wish her a happy birthday!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

ASMR and Video Games: Part III

As I’ve mentioned before, I play the odd PC game from time to time. I wouldn’t label myself as a hardcore gamer – I’m not one of those World of WarCraft people, for sure.

Anyway, while playing a game every now and again, I’ll come across a character’s voice or sound that might well trigger off an ASMR hit. I decided that I would post about it seeing as among the groups of people that experience ASMR, gamers are included.

Another example of this is Fallout 3. The series has always been known for its rich characters and story, and this one, although made by a different developer in Bethesda, rather than Black Isle Studios.

There are a couple of characters in the game that set it off for me, and they’re both located in one of the early destinations in the game: Megaton. The town is easily distinguished by its shacks that circle the town centre, mainly built from airplane fuselage, which has a massive atomic bomb planted in a crater, that failed to go off when it fell many years ago.


                                                  Image courtesy of Flickr

The first time I got a hit was when I stumbled upon the priest, Confessor Cromwell, who was standing, oddly, in the radioactive water next to the bomb, preaching to anybody who would listen. He belonged to the “Church of the Children of Atom” – and they worshiped this atomic bomb, strangely. You can talk to this priest and he’s very interesting if a bit long winded and odd. He makes a lot of extended metaphors as regards atomic bombs and radiation and so on. Probably from standing in that water…

The second character is up a level and located in the Craterside Supply store. Her name is Moira. Red-headed, possibly of Irish decent, she is one of the main NPCs (non-playable characters) in the game and often sends the player character on dangerous and often nonsensical missions in order to get information to write her book, called The Wasteland Survival Guide.

Listening to her often reminds me of another character – Candy, Alan’s one time girlfriend in Two and a Half Men. She also bears a striking resemblance to this woman, and this lead me to think it was indeed the same actress doing the voice. I have thus far not found out whether this is true or not. But it certainly sounds (and looks) like it. I would purposely make her repeat sentences in game to get my ASMR going.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tingle Triggers: Game Shows

Game Shows and reality TV shows are major mainstay on television programming. It’s been this way for how many decades now.

Now most reality TV shows irritate me, and the same can be said for game shows. But there is at least one program that I occasionally watch over here that has intrigued me for some time.

It’s called Game Time, and it usually comes on in the early hours of the morning. I sometimes watch it while reading through my news feeds, or writing articles for my various blogs and so on.

The show has mainly British hosts, male and female, and there are a variety of different games - most of which revolve around spot the difference in the pictures, or other games about words or names.


For some time I couldn’t really figure out why it was that I was so drawn to the TV when I saw this program on, and why I would insist on watching it to its conclusion. But later I realised it was actually because it triggered my Type B ASMR. I wasn’t as clued up about it, or adept at sensing it as I am now, probably.

You see, it’s a combination of the host of the show talking, and then pausing while the camera zooms in on the board where the game is. It’s silence for a while, until the host speaks again, perhaps giving a clue, or saying, “Oh, I don’t know what it could be!”, or something idiotic like that.

The music in the background also, sometimes when it’s slow and atmospheric, lends itself to maintaining the sensation.

But as soon as the show picks up and the host starts talking louder and getting more excited, it kills it for me. When people start phoning in and giving the (usually wrong) answers, it also does nothing but make the tingling go away.

It’s definitely at the times when it’s slow, sedate, and calm, and when the host is just talking softly. I find I used to sit there for hours just watching and listening.

I personally don’t like the ethics of these types of shows seeing as they’re really doing little more than stealing your money, while dragging the show out for as long as possible, baiting viewers to call in or SMS and likely making a lot more money than they’re giving out.


Monday, September 13, 2010

Video Experiments to Take Place, Volunteers Needed

It’s September, and things are about to get busy. We’ve been talking about it for months, and now the time is here. Envelope has got everything set up on her site and is excited about features that most of us on the team don’t really understand. She’s an IT sort of girl, you see. :)

Anyway, what this means is that the duties of team members like Michela will really come around now, and she can get stuck in. She’s been on hold for some time now.

So what am I on about? We are now ready to begin with our planned video experiments. What this involves basically, is showing a video to bunch of people, and then once they’ve seen it, we’ll ask them to answer questions regarding the video clip. This will no doubt be geared more towards Type B experiencers, but we’ll need more than just one type here.

That’s where you, the community, come in. We need volunteers for this research, and in several different groups too. There will have to be Type A experiencers, Type B experiencers, people who have both types, and non-ASMR experiencers used as a control group.

I can promise that you don’t have to be nervous at all. The team members, including myself, will likely also be participating in these experiments and surveys too. It’ll just be like on the forums or Facebook, where you all post links to YouTube videos and everyone else watches them and comments on them. Practically the same thing except you’ll have surveys, or questionnaires, to fill in afterward.



So please, if you have some time to spare and would like to help out, then check out the links to this subject on the ASMR site and forums. There should be a form (shown in diagram above) for you to fill out under the “Research” tab on the main site.

There’s spaces for you to fill out your name, email, and whether you are Type A or Type B, both, or neither. Submit this in the appropriate category. There’s a drop down box which has different options. You’ll be volunteering for the Video Trials. There are options for helping with research too, if you’re interested.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Chaz Leaves the Team

Sad news in this quick team update. It was a short while ago that Ryan left the ASMR research team.
Then we gained a new one in Torsten rather quickly, who now acts as the Outreach Agent for Australia. By the way, spare a thought for Torsten, as he lost a close friend recently.

The bad news is that Chaz , the Outreach Agent for the Eastern United States, has left the team this month.
Chaz has other commitments, among those, being a single father, and came to the conclusion with the team’s full understanding that he must attend to this and his other obligations – therefore deciding to leave the team for now. As with Ryan, if ever he has the time in the future, he is welcome  back. He has been demoted from Officer status within the group, but is still welcome to participate as a member.

We are still very interested in looking for new team members, so if you’re interested, then like I say, you can leave a comment here with your details (URL, Facebook page, email, etc.) and visit the community service page for more information.Otherwise, contact me via email or visit the forums. Chances are if you leave a message somewhere saying you’re interested, we’ll be listening in (or reading anyway). We all ready have a few candidates we’re considering.

If you have the time, are reasonably web savvy, and perhaps have medical/and or scientific knowledge, then you could fill in the positions such as an Outreach Agent for a particular region, or an Advisory role.
Soon, we will be launching video experiments, and so in addition to needing some new team members, we also need volunteers for these tests.

More on this in the next post!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

ASMR Could Help with Insomnia and Other Sleep Problems

A girl sleep in running bus I’m undergoing self-inflicted tests at the moment, right now.

Let me explain. I’ve often said that ASMR helps relax me. It more often than not takes the edge off; calms me down.
Well, just lately – this past month – I haven’t been sleeping so well. I’ve had trouble going to sleep, and I’ve had trouble sleeping more than a few hours before waking up at dawn or even before that time. Then I usually go back to sleep when the alarm goes off and end up oversleeping.

So I decided that I would start reading before bed. In addition to this I also listened to the radio. Usually at the time I go to bed there isn’t much on, but on occasion there will be a good chat show or something on which allows me to have a mild “hit” before bed.

But by doing these tests, I’ll be trying to isolate things to see what actually is causing me to go to sleep quicker than usual and allowing me to sleep through most of the night.

After all, it could be the reading of the books that’s doing it. I currently like reading this book called “A Treasury of Memorable Quotations”, seeing as I like to use quotes quite often, especially in my articles online. Okay, so it’s not a novel, but before that I was reading Dan Brown’s “Angels & Demons”.

It could also be the fact that on some nights I had taken a Panado, which is basically what Americans would call a “painkiller”, except this one contains paracetemol. This drug is supposed to relieve pain, but also causes drowsiness, and induces sleep. However they take a while to work, and I reckon that I took one perhaps ten or fifteen minutes before going to sleep, and so I doubt it would work that quickly. I sometimes get headaches, you see.

And last but not least, and the one I’m hoping for here, it could be the ASMR. I’ll have to try either listening to the radio or my own personal collection of tingle triggers for different lengths of time to see whether it has any effect. In the end, I want to try and establish whether ASMR can cause drowsiness and relaxation – something I have always believed in personally – and if it can help those with insomnia get a decent night’s sleep. I won’t delve into what can cause insomnia (you can see my article on that here), but it can just all be in the mind, and perhaps with some relaxation techniques, you can overcome it slowly.

In fact, a member on the team, Domagoj, says he’s an insomniac, and that even trying a session of ASMR doesn’t seem to work for him. On the flipside, there are members of the group at large who have been diagnosed with narcolepsy – a condition which involves people falling asleep at times; not being able to keep themselves awake. This can happen at inopportune times, as you can imagine. Some reckon that the two – ASMR and narcolepsy - are linked in some way; that maybe the tingling sensations are a symptom of the condition.

Perhaps they fall asleep from too much ASMR?  Can that be a bad thing?

Friday, September 3, 2010

New Translation Tool on the Blog [Site Update]

I was just thinking the other day while working on another post that this blog needs a translation tool.

I’ve had plans to do it for some time now, but couldn’t settle on a widget to use.

I now have a widget that’s recommended by others and I’ve put it at the bottom of the blog. It has flags and so on that identify which languages are supported. When you click on one of them, the page is translated into that particular language. I think it will work better than the other translation tools out there which only translate the portions of text you specify, and would mean more work for the reader.

So if you’re a reader from Europe or Asia, then rest assured that your language is likely supported here. There are a few, including the likes of Spanish, French, and German, as well as Chinese, among others. Those are some of the major languages on the planet.

This could serve to draw in more readership, as I all ready see some traffic from said countries, although mainly it’s still from North America and England.

In the future I might consider switching to another widget if more supported languages are needed.

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- Updated hotspots page.

- Work in progress on new page.

Full list here.

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