Wednesday, August 11, 2010

ASMR Type B Sound and Video Trigger Tips

Okay, so for those of use who experience Type B ASMR chiefly, we often find video and sounds trigger the ASMR sensation that we crave.

But not all sounds and videos work for everyone. We all have our preferences and we have different triggers. I’ve found that clips that work for some people don’t necessarily work for me, and vice versa.

And there was a post over on the ASMR Group on Facebook in the discussion board where none other than Michela, a member of the core ASMR team, realised one of the secrets to triggering ASMR from listening to and watching video clips that one might get off the internet or on TV, the radio, etc.

So I’ve decided to put here my tips from experience on how to get the most out of your Type B triggers, like how to get the sensation started and how to keep it going for as long as possible.

First off, I said that Michela discovered a secret to getting a sensation from a sound or video clip posted online by someone.

- That would be headphones, earphones, or a headset. This will probably help create or intensify the feeling if you’re having trouble setting it off by listening through your speakers. Likewise, if a headset doesn’t help trigger it, or it gets stale, then try switching to the speakers instead.

- Also, triggers such as sounds and videos only seem to last so long before one builds up a tolerance level or becomes bored of the same sample all the time. There are various tricks to get the most out of your existing playlist.

- Try listening to the clip over and over on a loop, if it doesn’t work the first time or several tries. Some music tracks you’ll instantly like, whereas others it takes a while for you to appreciate a track, before it grows on you.

- Close your eyes and just focus on the sound or speech. It’s like the old belief that blind people’s remaining senses work better. Don’t know if that’s true - I doubt it - but try it anyway. Try and eliminate any distractions and noises. Preferably you want it to be quiet, but this depends from person to person.

- Pay attention to certain sounds or the way the person speaks in a sample. Look out for gasps of air (always works for me), licking of the lips, and other speech habits or perhaps impediments like a lisp. If you study a sample you might discover what it is about it that works for you, and maybe others too. And you can apply this in future with what to listen and look for, as your brain associates that particular trigger with ASMR.

- Adversely, don’t focus on the clip too much. Maybe just listen it without focusing on it wondering why it’s not working. It’s like of you try to sleep and you’re too hung up about sleeping and so on, then you’ll lie awake for hours.

- Try and alter the volume of the clip. You might need it louder to really pick up on the details in the sound or video sample. Others say that whispering often triggers the sensation, so you could either just get a sample of someone whispering of talking very softly, or else turn the volume down. Eventually you might find a sweet spot, like tuning a radio. Sometimes just a bit of fiddling will make a not so clear frequency into a better one.

- With speakers, you can try and alter the position of your head and ears while listening. Move your head nearer the speakers, or further away, tilt your head in different directions. Or you can move the speakers instead.

- Stroke your skin or massage your scalp. I’ve talked about this before and I’ve noticed how others have tried the same. If you stroke your arm or something, or run your fingers through your hair, it might act as a boost to an existing sensation.

- Give the sample a break. If it does wear off after a while from watching or listening to it repeatedly, then give it a break. It’s kind of like music. Your favourite track gets listened to over and over again on a loop until you’re just about sick of it. Then when you stop listening to it a for a while and come back to it later on, you find that you want to listen to it again as your appreciation for that track comes back it seems.

- These tips might help you, and they might not. These are just things I’ve experimented with. I don’t always get new clips, whether it’s audio or video, so it pays sometimes to get the most of out the samples I all ready have.

Of course, if you manage to surf the net and find trigger samples all the time, then go ahead.

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