Saturday, August 28, 2010

Get the new Unnamed Feeling Widget!

Recently I went about creating widgets for my various projects on the web as I heard it was a good way to get even more exposure.

So using Widgetbox, I made a widget for this blog, UNF. I’ve got it in the sidebar so you can have a look. You can also find it listed at Widgetbox.

I went for a basic look. No images or anything. Just a list of the most recent posts on the blog. You might be able to customise it to best fit your blog or website, if you have one.

There’s a button at the bottom of the widget, or blidget as they call it, which will allow you to get the code to install it in your own blog, or MySpace page and so on. There’s quite a few supported platforms. So if you feel like supporting the blog or the community, then by all means feel free to use it.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Member on The Team: Torsten Wiedemann

As I posted about the other day, Ryan Perez - the former Public Relations guy on the team - has left to take care of other obligations.

But with the loss of one team member, we have gained a new one. I was given the all clear to post about this just the other day. It’s been an internal matter for a little while that we wanted to keep within the team.

Torsten Wiedemann is the new Outreach Agent for Australia, who has started threads of much debate on both the Society of Sensationalists and Facebook forums, which were both about serotonin and its possible involvement with the ASMR phenomenon. Both of these threads have been imported to the ASMR forums by the way.

Like I said, Torsten lives in Australia - in Mullumbimby, New South Wales - but has a German name, by the looks of it. As Envelope found out, when searching for him on the net, it turns out that there’s a German rugby player with the same name, apparently.

This isn’t our Torsten though, seeing as he is an ethnobotanical researcher who runs the Wandjina Gardens in Australia. Judging by his FB page, he’s in his forties – making him the oldest team member to date.

Anyway, that’s a bit of background on Torsten. Welcome to the team!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

ASMR Facebook Group Turns 1/2 a Year Old This Week

ASMRgraphic It’s quite a milestone, as I read on the group’s wall. Envelope posted that this week the group is sixth months old, and has 300 members to date, across the entire globe.

The Facebook group was started back in February this year, and is one of the most active sites and communities within the ASMR Network. My blog was started at about the same time.

Envelope even sent out invites the other day on Facebook to an event called the Six Month Marker, which will take place tomorrow, on Wednesday. The time was said to be 9 PM to 11 PM, but whether that’s my time or hers, I don’t know. Likely mine, seeing as if she has it at 9 PM over in New York, it’ll be 3 AM over here! It’s hell having to deal with these different time zones.

Anyway, it’s an online thing so there’s no pressure to attend. Just drop by the Facebook group and leave a comment or something. Although I heard that you can have a virtual toast or drink on FB.

Just a reminder that soon the FB threads will be locked or taken down completely. I imported most of the discussion threads from the group to the ASMR forums. The reason being that we want a more centralised community, which will be over on the ASMR Research and Support site from now on.

Here’s to another six months, and then we’ll reach our one year anniversary!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Breaks in Events Could Lead to More Intense ASMR

For the past while, especially this year, I’ve been more proactive in triggering ASMR events. I keep a personal library of sound and video clips that in the past triggered it for me.

Other times I watch the TV or listen to the radio, to particular shows. Sometimes I get lucky and other times it’s just not happening as much. No… I’m talking about something else. Get that image out of your head, please!

But just lately I haven’t really been listening to the radio much, or watching those specific TV segments, like infomercials, as often.

But the other evening I lay down and put on my earphones, and listened to the radio for half an hour. After not having experienced any tingling for days, for nearly the entire time, I had one of the most intense sessions I’ve had in a long while.

This led me to think that maybe, like a lot of things, ASMR in moderation isn’t such a bad idea. Perhaps after a break, when I finally do experience, it’s more intense. I also found that I was less particular or picky about what actually triggered an occurrence for me. Voices on the radio and TV that wouldn’t usually set it off started to do just that.

I should really get back into the habit of triggering it. Since I wrote this it’s been another few days. I just haven’t been sticking to my usual routine. I think it’s because I’ve been sick for a while (again), and tired too.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

UNF: The 50th Post

Okay so it’s a bit of a cheat, but I thought that anybody who stumbled across the blog would like to know that it’s reached 50 posts on The Unnamed Feeling!

Plus the blog is also over six months old now, and will likely keep going for some time after this.

As of now I all ready have enough posts in draft and scheduled for the next two or three months at least. It must be over 20 posts by now, and I usually post two or three times a week.

So anyway – it’s a bit of a milestone for me, and reason enough to celebrate… internally, at least.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

News: Facebook Forums Relocating

Until recently, for the past few months, the ASMR Group on Facebook was the main place for everything ASMR-related.

The ASMR Research& Support website was started in June with the forums becoming active in late July.

I’ve gone to great pains this month to move all the active forums on Facebook and SoS, or Society of Sensationalists to the new forums, either merging them with existing threads or starting new ones. This was at the request of Envelope, or Jenn, who needed help with things.

Ryan, the creator of the Yahoo Group, has given us permission to do so. But whether he decides to keep the group going is up to him seeing as he started it back in 2008.

In truth it wasn’t that hard. Just a bit of copy and pasting. But I was glad when it was over!

Soon the current FB discussion forums will be locked down or completely deleted, with a redirecting URL put in place for each thread. This will direct you to the new version of the thread over on the official ASMR site. Why we’re doing this is to get all of the community in one place, and to encourage participation on these forums, which is seeing more registering, but not much active posting apart from a few people. But it’s getting better.

The Facebook page along with the wall will remain, but any future discussions and so on will take place at ASMR R&S.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

ASMR Type B Sound and Video Trigger Tips

Okay, so for those of use who experience Type B ASMR chiefly, we often find video and sounds trigger the ASMR sensation that we crave.

But not all sounds and videos work for everyone. We all have our preferences and we have different triggers. I’ve found that clips that work for some people don’t necessarily work for me, and vice versa.

And there was a post over on the ASMR Group on Facebook in the discussion board where none other than Michela, a member of the core ASMR team, realised one of the secrets to triggering ASMR from listening to and watching video clips that one might get off the internet or on TV, the radio, etc.

So I’ve decided to put here my tips from experience on how to get the most out of your Type B triggers, like how to get the sensation started and how to keep it going for as long as possible.

First off, I said that Michela discovered a secret to getting a sensation from a sound or video clip posted online by someone.

- That would be headphones, earphones, or a headset. This will probably help create or intensify the feeling if you’re having trouble setting it off by listening through your speakers. Likewise, if a headset doesn’t help trigger it, or it gets stale, then try switching to the speakers instead.

- Also, triggers such as sounds and videos only seem to last so long before one builds up a tolerance level or becomes bored of the same sample all the time. There are various tricks to get the most out of your existing playlist.

- Try listening to the clip over and over on a loop, if it doesn’t work the first time or several tries. Some music tracks you’ll instantly like, whereas others it takes a while for you to appreciate a track, before it grows on you.

- Close your eyes and just focus on the sound or speech. It’s like the old belief that blind people’s remaining senses work better. Don’t know if that’s true - I doubt it - but try it anyway. Try and eliminate any distractions and noises. Preferably you want it to be quiet, but this depends from person to person.

- Pay attention to certain sounds or the way the person speaks in a sample. Look out for gasps of air (always works for me), licking of the lips, and other speech habits or perhaps impediments like a lisp. If you study a sample you might discover what it is about it that works for you, and maybe others too. And you can apply this in future with what to listen and look for, as your brain associates that particular trigger with ASMR.

- Adversely, don’t focus on the clip too much. Maybe just listen it without focusing on it wondering why it’s not working. It’s like of you try to sleep and you’re too hung up about sleeping and so on, then you’ll lie awake for hours.

- Try and alter the volume of the clip. You might need it louder to really pick up on the details in the sound or video sample. Others say that whispering often triggers the sensation, so you could either just get a sample of someone whispering of talking very softly, or else turn the volume down. Eventually you might find a sweet spot, like tuning a radio. Sometimes just a bit of fiddling will make a not so clear frequency into a better one.

- With speakers, you can try and alter the position of your head and ears while listening. Move your head nearer the speakers, or further away, tilt your head in different directions. Or you can move the speakers instead.

- Stroke your skin or massage your scalp. I’ve talked about this before and I’ve noticed how others have tried the same. If you stroke your arm or something, or run your fingers through your hair, it might act as a boost to an existing sensation.

- Give the sample a break. If it does wear off after a while from watching or listening to it repeatedly, then give it a break. It’s kind of like music. Your favourite track gets listened to over and over again on a loop until you’re just about sick of it. Then when you stop listening to it a for a while and come back to it later on, you find that you want to listen to it again as your appreciation for that track comes back it seems.

- These tips might help you, and they might not. These are just things I’ve experimented with. I don’t always get new clips, whether it’s audio or video, so it pays sometimes to get the most of out the samples I all ready have.

Of course, if you manage to surf the net and find trigger samples all the time, then go ahead.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ryan Leaves the ASMR Team

We got some sorta-bad news over the weekend. Ryan, the Public Relations officer within the ASMR team, has left.

Ryan states he has too many commitments such as a new job where he works full time, as well as taking care of his budding music career. For this reason he’s voluntarily left the team for the time being. He wasn’t fired or anything dramatic like that.
“I feel bad for not being involved with this anymore. It seems I have more on my plate then I can handle. I'm resigning from the group as an officer. I’ve yet to contribute anything to you guys and there is probably someone else who could do more for you all. =/ ASMR is an awesome experience/sensation and ill always love getting it, I’ve just been finding it extremely difficult to involve myself more. You all are great & I have much love for everyone. ~Ryan~”
I first spotted Ryan years ago on the legendary forums where he said he was going to start a Yahoo Group which eventually became known as SOS, or Society of Sensationalists – not “soz”, which is one of Adam’s catchphrases. He was later approached by Envelope who founded the ASMR Group on Facebook, and was incorporated into the existing team.

Ryan will no doubt still participate within the community from time to time as I see him on Facebook all the time talking about his job and how many hours he has to work!

Good luck Ryan in your future endeavours, and if you decide at some point to come back and resume your position, well, the team says that the door is always open.

Friday, August 6, 2010

The Link Between Empathy and ASMR

I’ve read posts on various forums and so on that talk about how emotional response can cause an ASMR event. They talked about how from personal experience, when they felt empathy for someone or something, or when it was felt by someone else they could sense it, and that started it off.

I didn’t think that this occurred with me… until the other night.

I was watching TV, and saw a retrospective of an athlete’s career. How he rose from being just another name to being a champion. You know those sorts of of montages they show reflecting on someone’s greatest moments and achievements.

It’s something that guys know all too well, and it’s one moment that it’s okay for a man to cry – so they say; when the sport’s on, and something like this occurs. To us it’s a thing of beauty that not many women understand – and yet they’re supposed to be the sensitive, emotional ones. Go figure.

But instead of bringing a tear to my eye, this TV segment started to give me the head tingles as I watched. It was almost as though I was sharing the elation that this man experienced, and revelled in the sensations that were going wild, as I got that familiar tingling on my scalp and down my back.

It was then that I knew what those posters on the forums and so on had been talking about. It is some sort of empathy from watching a person fight and struggle up through the ranks. And it also helps a lot to hear the commentators go wild as they celebrate alongside, just going mad, shouting things like “I don’t believe it! He’s done it! He’s the new champion!” until they go hoarse and red in the face. You get the idea, I think.

And the great thing about this empathy-inspired ASMR, is that I can trigger it just by thinking about it, by thinking back to it and just playing it out in my mind. And this is great for exercising my Type A ASMR which I’ve been developing more and more over time. Type A means you don’t need an external source for it to trigger ASMR, whereas Type B you do - like watching TV or listening to the radio. I’m a bit of both.

So this is actually quite a breakthrough for me as I understand now, and I do experience it. I didn’t think I had any empathy for people, but maybe sometimes I do – perhaps when it’s someone who deserves it when a good thing happens.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tingle Trigger Video: Trine 2 E3 Debut

I recently bought the latest issue of NAG magazine. It’s a local gaming and technology magazine here in South Africa.

It comes with a Cover DVD that has some stuff on it – usually a lot of trailers and videos, of which there were many this month seeing as there was a major event in Los Angeles, California last month referred to as E3, or Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Among some of the 140 odd videos was an E3 debut trailer for a game called Trine 2. Listening to the narrator at the beginning triggers off an ASMR episode. It wasn’t that strong to be honest, but it happened nonetheless.

I managed to get a YouTube video of it, which I’ve embedded here and added to the ASMR playlist on the UNF YouTube channel.

By the way, Trine was quite a good little game, and I played the demo a while back. So Trine 2 might be one to look out for. It’s a very cute and colourful title in amongst the usual crop of drab, dimly lit games out today.

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