Saturday, July 10, 2010

ASMR Research and Support Looking for More Team Members

I got a message on Facebook the other day where Team Organiser, Envelope, says it’s time for some expansion as regards the core team within the ASMR group.

Currently, in addition to Envelope, the founder of the ASMR Group on Facebook, and Webmistress of ASMR Research& Support, we have:

Adam – Chronicler
Ryan – Public Relations, and founder of Society of Sensationalists 
Michela – Research and Oversight
Chaz – Outreach Agent for Eastern United States
Domagoj – Outreach Agent for Europe
Andrew (Me) – Outreach Agent for Africa, and webmaster of this site/blog, UNF.

As for the expansion, Envelope says that she will be doing her bit in order to find some new team members, including putting a poll up over on Facebook, as well as contacting specific members of the group personally and so on.

I said I would make a post here for my effort.

We need outreach agents for England, and East and West Canada. Apparently a number of experiencers reside in these locations. Other locations include the Western United States, Australia, and Asia.

I also added in South America and Central America too, and joked with Envelope about Antarctica! If anyone does live there, having this sensation will be among one of the last things on their minds.

In addition to the outreach positions, we need some advisors, specifically specialising in areas such as Neuroscience, General Medicine, and Psychology.

What will your tasks be? Well, besides being an active participating member of the group and team, outreach agents, like myself, usually comb the internet looking for forums or websites that contain people talking about things ASMR related, and contact those potential experiencers who may be interested in learning more, and possibly joining the group. You can do other things, such as run a blog or website, like I do, and contribute to the ASMR Network and community as a whole.

The role of advisors hasn’t been discussed in detail within the team, but I’m going out on a limb, and saying that they will likely have some medical knowledge of sorts, and may well be involved in the necessary professions - such as a doctor, surgeon, or psychologist; perhaps even a scientist of sorts.

Any interested parties may leave a comment here on this post or on the blog somewhere (I’ll find it, don’t worry). Please leave your website or e-mail or something, so I can get back to you. There have been instances where those who leave anonymous comments have been of interest to the group, and we had nearly no way of finding out who it was. You can also e-mail me.

Otherwise, you can contact Envelope at , and while you’re at it and haven’t joined all ready, visit the ASMR Group on Facebook too.

Thanks for reading, and hope to hear from you on this matter.

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